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time am, em; earish, emshyr, emshir, lhing, tammylt; traa: Time is short: Eternity is long - S'giare traa: S'foddey beaynid. JJK idiom; keayrt: I'll stay longer next time - Tanneeym ny sodjey yn keayrt sniessey. JJK idiom; (v.) towse

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all time derrey nish

all-time record recortys derrey nish

apparent time (n.) traa baghtal

breakfast time (n.) traa anjeealagh

Christmas time (n.) Traa Nollick

church time (n.) traa shirveish

common time traa cadjin

convenient time (n.) caays

elapsed time (n.) traa hie shaghey

festival time (n.) traa feailley

gain time (v.) cosney traa

geological time (n.) traa creg-oaylleeagh

holiday time (n.) imbagh seyrey

local time (n.) traa ny greiney, traa ynnydagh

longer time (n.) traa sodjey

long time foddey dy hraa

mark time (v.) bwoalley yn traa

night time (n.) oie: At night time - Ec yn oie. DF idiom

past time (n.) traa hie shaghey

prayer time (n.) traa padjeragh

question time (n.) traa-feysht

real time (n.) ec y traa

reaping time (n.) traa beayney, traa buinney

sailing time (n.) traa shiaullee

second time (n.) nah cheayrt: And the angel of the Lord called unto Abraham out of heaven the second time - As deïe ainle y Chiarn da Abraham veih niau, yn nah cheayrt Bible

shearing time (n.) traa lommyrt

short time (n.) fhyt, gerrid, traa giare; tammylt beg: For a short time - Rish tammylt beg. DF idiom

sideral time traa rollageagh

sidereal time (n.) traa ny rollageyn

sowing time (n.) traa correy

spare time (n.) traa seyr

standard time (n.) traa cadjinit, traa meanagh

time allowance (n.) lowanse traa

time ball (n.) bluckan traa

time bargain bargane traa

time belt (n.) cryss hraa

time bomb (n.) bleaystan traa

time clause (n.) olt hraa

time enough traa dy liooar

time exposure (n.) traa-roostey

time fuse (n.) fioose traa

time lag (n.) anchaslys traa, eddyr-lhing

time limit (n.) cagliagh traa

time past (n.) join

time server (n.) fer faillee

time sheet (n.) duillag hraa

time signal (n.) cowrey traa

time switch (n.) slattag hraa

time trial (n.) eab traa

turnaround time (n.) traa-chyndaaee

waiting time (n.) traa-farkee

What time (interrog.) Cre'n oor; Cuin

winter time (of clock) traa geuree

at night time 'syn oie; ec yn oie

at that time eisht; ec y traa shen: Money was tight at that time - By jiark yn argid ec y traa shen. DF idiom

at the proper time ec y traa cooie

at this time nish

British Summer Time (n.) Traa Souree Goaldagh

European working time directive (n.) oardagh traa-obbree Oarpagh

flight of time immeeaght

for some time past rish tammylt

from that time veih'n traa shen; maghey shen: And it came to pass from that time forth - As haink eh gy-kione, maghey shen Bible; er-dyn shen: have not I told thee from that time, and have declared it? - nagh vel mee er n'insh dhyt er -dyn traa shen, as er n'ockley magh eh? Bible

from time immemorial er dy rieau

fullness of time (n.) immeeaght yn traa

in good time (adv.) dy traaoil: It was done in good time - V'eh jeant dy traaoil. DF idiom; ayns traa mie: I want to go home in good time - Shegin dou goll thie ayns traa mie. JJK idiom

in old timesy chenn traa

in the nick of time ayns caa; ec yn am

lodger for short time (n.) jiulean

many a time keayrt ny ghaa; (ny) keayrtyn; ymmodee keayrtyn; shimmey keayrt: many a time turned he his wrath away - shimmey keayrt hyndaa eh e chorree ersooyl Bible

on short time er paart-hraa

some time ago tammylt er dy henney

time for payment (n.) traa eeck

time of figs (n.) imbagh ny figgyn

time of harvest (n.) imbagh ny fouyr

time of separation (n.) traa-scarree

time of temptation (n.) earish miolagh

value of time ymmydoilid hraa

very short time (n.) thurrick; tootch; tootchey

time of tide ebb or flow (n.) shayll varrey

am (=Ir.) time

anchaslys traa time lag

bargane traa time bargain

bleaystan traa time bomb

bluckan traa time ball

caays convenience, convenient time

cagliagh traa time limit

cowrey traa time signal

cryss hraa (f.) time belt

duillag hraa (f.) time sheet

eab traa time trial

eddyr-lhing time lag

em ( time

fer faillee time server

fioose traa time fuse

imbagh seyrey holiday time

lowanse traa time allowance

olt hraa (f.) time clause

slattag hraa (f.) time switch

tootch very short time

traa anjeealagh breakfast time

traa baghtal apparent time

traa beayney reaping time

traa buinney reaping time

traa cadjin common time

traa cadjinit standard time

traa-chyndaaee turnaround time

traa creg-oaylleeagh geological time

traa-farkee waiting time

traa geuree (of clock) winter time

traa hie shaghey elapsed time, past time: Dooyrt eh dy vel yn Cheshaght Obbree ayns Nalbin yn cheshaght jeh'n traa hie shaghey. Carn

traa lommyrt shearing time

traa meanagh standard time

traa padjeragh prayer time

traa rollageagh sideral time

traa-roostey time exposure

traa shiaullee sailing time

traa shirveish church time

traa ynnydagh local time

fruit-time (n.) earish y vess

full-time (adj., adv.) lane-emshiragh

lose (v.) caill; coayl: if he lose one of them, doth not leave the ninety and nine in the widerness - as coayl unnane jeu nagh vel eh faagail yn chiare-feed as yn nuy jeig ayns yn aasagh Bible; (to); (dy) choayl: or have caused the owners thereof to lose their life - ny er chur orroosyn by-liesh ve dy choayl nyn mioys Bible; (to); (dy) choayll: A time to get, and a time to lose - Traa dy chosney, as traa dy choayll Bible

part-time (adj., adv.) paart-emshiragh

seed-time traa correy

sew1 (v.) fuailley; whaalley: Woe to the women that sew pillows to all armholes - Smerg da ny mraane ta whaalley pillaghyn [obbee] fo dagh uillin Bible; whaaley: A time to rend, and a time to sew - Traa dy rassey, as traa dy whaaley Bible

space-time (n.) spoar-hraa

time-honoured (adj.) ta rieau ayn

time-serving chengey lhiam lhiat

time-work (n.) obbyr rere ny hooryn

whole-time (adj.) lane-emshiragh

bwoalley yn traa mark time

earish y vess (f.) fruit-time

er-dyn shen from that time

er paart-hraa on short time

lane-emshiragh (=Ir. lánaimseartha) full-time, whole-time

paart-emshiragh (=Ir. páirtaimseartha) part-time

spoar-hraa space-time

ta rieau ayn time-honoured

traa ny greiney local time

traa ny rollageyn sidereal time

ymmydoilid hraa value of time

ayns caa in the nick of time

ec yn am in the nick of time

immeeaght yn traa fullness of time

oardagh traa-obbree Oarpagh European working time directive

obbyr rere ny hooryn (f.) time-work

recortys derrey nish (f.) all-time record

shayll varrey (f.) time of tide ebb or flow

thurrick (f.) moment, second, very short time

traa eeck usance, time for payment

traa feailley break up; festival time

Traa Souree Goaldagh British Summer Time

Cre'n oor What time: cha bee fys ayd cren oor hig-ym ort Bible

dy traaoil in good time, prompt: Dy eeck dy traaoil. DF; fortunely; promptly

ec y traa real time: Myr t'eh ec y traa t'ayn. DF

eisht (=Ir. ar éis de) at that time, then: Eisht vaggyr mee orroo Bible

emshyr (=Ir. aimsir) (f.) tense, time; weather, weather conditions: Ta emshyr aalin cheet veih'n twoaie Bible

nish (=Ir. anois) at this time, now: Nish er-y-fa shen, ny gow-jee aggle

tootchey second, very short time: Cha beeym tootchey. DF

traa (=Ir. tráth) pl. traaghyn duration, occasion, period, tempo, time: 'sy traa ta ry-heet Bible

at1 (prep.) ec: At what time did you get up? - Ec cre'n traa d'irree shiuish? JJK idiom

closing doonee: Closing time! - Traa doonee! DF idiom; jeigh; jerree; jerrey; jerrinagh; kione; dooney: It's a pity that the old family businesses are closing - S'bastagh dy vel ny shenn happyn lught thie dooney sheese. DF idiom

come2 (v.) (to); (dy) heet: But you'll have time enough to come and see my garden - Agh bee traa dy-liooar eu dy heet fakin my gharey. JJK idiom

crocus (n.) crocys; crocus: The crocuses have been in bloom for some time - Ta'n crocus er ve my vlaa rish tammylt JJK idiom

demands (npl.) aggyrtyssyn; currymyn: I have many demands on my time - Ta ymmodee currymyn orrym. DF idiom

drowse ceau saveeney: Drowse the time away - Yn traa y cheau saveeney. DF idiom

fullness (n.) laneid; immeeaght: In the fullness of time - Lesh immeeaght yn traa. DF idiom

generally (adv.) cadjinagh; dy chadjin: What time do you generally dine? - Cre'n traa ta shiu geddyn jinnair dy-cadjin? JJK idiom; dy cliaghtagh: He generally keeps good hours - T'eh dy-cliaghtagh cummal ooryn mie. JJK idiom

imposed (v.) currit er; kianlt er: imposed on them until the time of reformation - kianlt orroo derrey imbagh yn stayd noa Bible

in a distant country 'sy yughtee: Far in the remoteness of time and in a distant country - Foddey 'sy yoin 'sy yughtee DF idiom

it's te: It's time to go to bed - Te traa goll thie. JJK idiom

judgments (npl.) briwnyssyn: And the Lord commanded me at that time to teach you statutes and judgments - As hug y Chiarn currym orrym ec y traa shen, dy ynsaghey diu slattyssyn as briwnyssyn Bible

more1 lee; lhee; thooilliu, tooilliu; tooilley: I wish you had more time - Saillym dy beagh tooilley traa eu. JJK idiom; smoo, s'moo: More hurry less speed - Myr smoo siyr, smoo cumrail. DF idiom

most (yn) chooid smoo: They waste most of their time - T'ad jummal yn chooid smoo jeh'n traa oc. JJK idiom; moo; shlee; smoo: He who catches most will have most - Eshyn smoo hayrys smoo vees echey. JJK idiom

next (adj., adv.) by niessey; my-niessey; nah; sniessey: I'll stay longer next time - Tanneeym ny sodjey yn keayrt sniessey. JJK idiom;sy nah ynnyd

nine nuy: A stitch in time saves nine - Ta greim ayns traa cooie sauail nuy. JJK idiom

of supper shibberagh: And sent his servant at supper time - As hug eh magh e harvaant ec traa shibberagh Bible

pupil (n.) doltey; ynseydagh: I had been his pupil for a long time - Va mee er ve e ynseydagh rish foddey. JJK idiom; scoillar; schoillar: She has been a good pupil - T'ee er ve ny schoillar vie. JJK idiom

quick1 (adj.) bieau; tappee: To march in quick time - Dy ghleashagh dy tappee. DF idiom; bioal; gastey: He is quick on the uptake - T'eh gastey dy hoiggal reddyn. DF idiom

record jannoo recortys jeh; recortey; recortysey; (n.) recortys: All-time record - Recortys derrey nish. DF idiom; recort; claare

same (adj.) cheddin: At the same time - Ec y traa cheddin. DF idiom; keddin: The same sinner - Y peccah keddin. DF idiom

spare brash; ford; fordrail; goan; keyl; lhiggey lesh; lhome; spaarail, sparail: You've no time to spare, for it's very late - Cha nel traa erbee eu dy spaarail, son te feer anmagh. JJK idiom; tayrnit

stand without (v.) shassoo mooie: it is a time of much rain, and we are not able to stand without - tan emshyr feer fliugh, as cha vel shin abyl shassoo mooie Bible


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