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tight1 (adj.) chionn, neughiastyllagh, peajeogagh

tight2 (v.) (drunk) scoorit

tight3 (of money) goan; tiark

tight4 (as weave) gloo

tight5 (of breath) reenagh

Inexact matches:

Sit tight (intj) Nar irree

too tight (adj.) ro hionn

Nar irree (impv) Sit tight

air-tight (adj.) jeen noi aer

skin-tight (adj.) chionn rish y chrackan

steam-tight gaal-yeenagh

tight-fisted (adj.) cribbidjagh, peajeogagh

tight-fitting (adj.) chionn; coon

tight-laced (adj.) keyl-aignagh

tight-lipped (adj.) fastagh

cribbidjagh stingy, tight-fisted, tightfisted

gaal-yeenagh steam-tight

jeen noi aer air-tight

keyl-aignagh narrow-minded, strait-laced, tight-laced

reenagh stringy, toughish; (of breath) tight; tonic

chionn rish y chrackan skin-tight

neughiastyllagh careful with money, illiberal, mean, tight

scoorit 1 scoured: a: bee shen chammah scoorit, as strullit ayns ushtey. Bible; 2 (drunk) tight

at that time eisht; ec y traa shen: Money was tight at that time - By jiark yn argid ec y traa shen. DF idiom

tie1 cheet corrym, cloie corrym; cur eiystyr er; kiangley; maidjey kianglee; sniemmey; kiangle: Tie your shoes tight - Kiangle nyn mraagyn dy-chionn. JJK idiom

tightly (adv.) dy chionn: Tie your shoes tight - Kiangle nyn mraagyn dy-chionn. JJK idiom

chionn 1 austere, busy, extreme, fast, firm, firmly, hard-pressed, hardy, stiff, strait, stuck fast, taut, tense, tight, tight-fitting a: haink ad chionn orrym Bible; 2 (as penis) erect; 3 inflated; 4 speedy; 5 delicate

coon (=Ir. cĂșng) confined, narrow, narrow-minded, poky, strait, tight-fitting: hass eh ayns ynnyd coon Bible; incapacious

gloo (=Ir. dluth) 1 close, close-grained, close-set, close-textured, dense, fine-drawn, firm, jam, serried, side bar, warp a: Loshtee eh eisht yn garmad shen, edyr gloo ny innagh Bible; 2 (as fog, forest) thick; 3 (of hedge) thickset; 4 (as weave) tight

goan (=Ir. gann) (words) address; expression, utterance: as ny lhig daue coyrt geill da goan fardalagh. Bible; (speech) words; meagre, rare, scant, scarce, short, slender, spare, sparse: cha vel y vooinjer ynrick agh goan mastey cloan gheiney. Bible; (of hair) thin; (of money) tight

peajeogagh 1 cheese-paring, close-fisted, mean, measly, miserly, niggardly, parsimonious, pinching, tight, tight-fisted, close fisted, tightfisted a: Rheynn eh dy peajeogagh orroo eh. DF; 2 (with money) near

ro hionn overtight, too tight: My ver oo argid er eeasaght da veg jeh my phobble, ta fo boghtynid mayrt, cha jig oo ro hionn er, chamoo hroggys oo thack jeh. Bible

tiark few, rare, scanty, scarce, short, sparse, sporadic: Son shimmey t'er nyn eam, agh s'tiark t'er nyn reih. Bible; (of money) tight

fastagh (=Ir. foscadh) cautious in speech, grave, inarticulate, modest, mum, noncommittal, pensive, quiet, secretive, taciturn, tight-lipped, uncommunicative, unpretentious: Dy hannaghtyn fastagh mychione. DF


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