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through (adj., adv.) trooid: The sun is beginning to break through - Ta'n ghrian goaill toshiaght dy vrishey trooid. JJK idiom; (ny) hrooid

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break through gleashaght er oai

bring through (v.) cur lesh ny hrooid

come through (v.) cheet ny hrooid, cheet trooid; cheet stiagh ny hrooid

drive through imman ny hrooid

fall through (v.) tuittym ny hrooid

follow through (v.) eiyrt er

get through (v.) geddyn ny hrooid

go through (v.) goll ny hrooid

look through (v.) jeeaghyn ny hrooid

pass through (v.) goll ny hrooid

pierce through (v.) thiolley trooid

plough through (v.) traaue ny hrooid

pull through (v.) slaanaghey: He will pull through alright - Slaanee eh kiart dy liooar. DF idiom

put through (v.) cur trooid

race through (v.) raipey trooid

read through (v.) lhaih trooid

run through (v.) roie trooid; roight

scrape through (v.) goll trooid

see through (v.) fakin ny hrooid

shine through soilshean ny hrooid

soak through (v.) soo ny hrooid

through anger ass ferg

through her (ny) trooid; ny-hrooid: there shall no strangers pass through her any more - cha jed joarreeyn arragh ny-hrooid Bible

through him (ny) hrooid; (emph.) (ny) hrooidsyn: which shall be blessed through him - vees er nyn mannaghey ny hrooidsyn Bible

through me my hrooid

through others fo-my-cheilley; kione y cheilley

through them nyn drooid; ny-hrooid oc: no oppressor shall pass through them any more - cha jig tranlaasagh erbee ny-hrooid oc arragh Bible

through you dty hrooid

wet through fliugh baiht; fliugh ny hrooid

worming through (v.) keylaghey roish ny hrooid

pigs went through it (the) Hie ny mucyn ny hrooid

through the day feie'n laa

through the earth trooid y theihll: walk to and fro through the earth - shooyl-jee noon as noal trooid y theihll Bible

through the night fud ny hoie

goll trooid scrape through, undergo; go through, pass through: As myr v'ad goll trooid ny ard-valjyn livrey ad daue ny oardaghyn dy reayll, va sarit liorish ny ostyllyn as y chanstyr va ec Jerusalem. Bible

trooid1 (=Ir. tríd) 1 advance, approach, come, through her; 2 during; 3 from, per, through, via a: leeid mee eh trooid ooilley cheer Chanaan Bible

idleness (n.) lag-laueys, lhiastid, litcheraght, litcherys, soaillaght, meerioose; mee-rioose: and through idleness of the hands the house droppeth through - as trooid mee-rioose ny laueyn tan faarn shilley trooid y chlea Bible

witchcrafts (npl.) oalyssyn: that selleth nations through her whoredoms, and families through her witchcrafts - ta creck ashoonyn lesh e maarderys, as lughtyn-thie liorish ny oalyssyn eck Bible

ass ferg through anger

cur trooid put through

goll ny hrooid (of cheque) clearance; go through, pass through: Myr ta ny geayghyn-cassee ayns y jiass goll ny hrooid; shen myr te cheet veih'n aasagh veih cheer atchimagh. Bible

hrooid (ny) through him; through: ver oo ushtey dou son argid, dy voddym giu: cha jem ny-hrooid, agh rish my chosh Bible; throughout

lhaih trooid read through

ny-hrooid through her

ny-hrooid oc through them

raipey trooid race through

thiolley trooid pierce through

trooid2 (ny) through her

fakin ny hrooid see through

geddyn ny hrooid get through

gleashaght er oai (f.) break through

imman ny hrooid drive through

jeeaghyn ny hrooid look through

soo ny hrooid soak through

traaue ny hrooid plough through

tuittym ny hrooid fall through

cheet stiagh ny hrooid come through

cur lesh ny hrooid bring through

fliugh baiht wet through, wringing wet

keylaghey roish ny hrooid worming through

cheet ny hrooid come through: Foddee oo cheet ny hrooid Bible; protruding

dty hrooid through you: Dty hrooid's ver mayd nyn noidyn fo-chosh Bible

fliugh ny hrooid sopping wet, wet through: V'eh fliugh ny hrooid. DF

nyn drooid through them: nagh jed unnane nyn drooid. Bible

roie trooid rattle off; run through: Ta'n awin roie trooid y lheeannee. DF

bill2 (n.) (proposed law) billey: To race a bill through the Keys - Billey y raipey trooid yn Kiare as Feed. DF idiom

common people (n.) theay: And if any one of the common people sin through ignorance - As my ta fer erbee jehn theay er duittym ayns peccah trooid marrannys Bible

doorway (n.) dorrys: He had to stoop to go through the doorway - Begin da croymmey dy gholl trooid yn dorrys. DF idiom

foreseeing (v.) fakin ro-laue: And the scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the heathen through faith - As y scriptyr fakin ro-laue dy jinnagh Jee seyrey ny Ashoonee trooid credjue Bible; roie-akinagh

gaze (v.) lheeartaghey; goaill yindys: charge the break through unto the Lord to gaze, - cur currym er y pobble, nagh brish ad stiagh er y Chiarn dy ghoaill yindys Bible

hunger (n.) accrys; accyrys: Hunger breaks through stone walls - Brishee accyrys trooid boallaghyn cloaie. JJK idiom; accryssyd; accragh

I can foddym: I can do all things through Christ - Foddym dy chooilley nhee y yannoo trooid Creest Bible; oddym: My punishment is greater than I can bear - Ta my cherraghey ny strimmey na oddym gymmyrkey Bible

ignorance (n.) almorys: Through ignorance - Ass almorys. DF idiom; almoraght, anoayllys, dellidys, drogh-ynsagh, meehushtey, neufys, neuhoiggaltys, mee-hushtey; marrannys

illness (n.) aslaynt: Absent through illness - Assaaragh lesh aslaynt. DF idiom; asslaynt; chingys: This illness weakens me very much - Ta'n chingys shoh jannoo mee feer faase. JJK idiom

I wot strooys: I wot that through ignorance ye did it, - strooys dy nee trooid meehushtey Bible

meadow (n.) lheeannee, lheannee: The river flows through the meadow - Ta'n awin roie trooid y lheeannee. DF idiom; traaghan

mistress of witchcrafts (n.) buitch vooar ny buitchyn: the mistress of witchcrafts, that selleth nations through her whoredoms - buitch vooar ny buitchyn, ta creck ashoonyn lesh e maarderys Bible

newspaper (n.) pabyr-naight: I heard it through a newspaper - Hooar mee fys er ayns pabyr naight. DF idiom

of a needle (gen.) snaidey: It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle - Te ny sassey da camel goll trooid croae snaidey Bible

on horseback er mooin cabbyl: and brought him on horseback through the street of the city - as hug eh lesh eh er mooin chabbyl trooid straidyn yn ard-valley Bible

oppressor (n.) chenjagh; tranlaasagh: and no oppressor shall pass through them any more - as cha jig tranlaasagh erbee ny-hrooid oc arragh Bible

pipes (npl.) feddanyn; lhiggaghyn; piobyn: Running pipes through a wall - Cur piobyn trooid boalley. DF idiom

secretary (n.) fer-screeuee; screeudeyr: I am putting you through to the secretary - Ta mee dy dty chur hug yn screeudeyr. DF idiom; scrudeyr: Acting as secretary - Jannoo obbyr y scrudeyr. DF idiom

shiver bibbernee: A shiver went through me - Ren mee bibbernee. DF idiom It sent a shiver down my spine - Hug eh bibbernee ayns my ghreeym. DF idiom; craa; scolb; speiltey

stone (n.) clagh: A rolling stone gathers no moss - Cha nel clagh rolley chaglym keynnagh erbee. JJK idiom; liack, goayl; (v.) claghey, cur clagh er; (gen.) cloaie: Hunger breaks through stone walls - Brishee accyrys trooid boallaghyn cloaie. JJK idiom

sword (n.) cliwe: He ran a sword through him - Hug eh cliwe ny hrooid. DF idiom

walked shooillit; shooylt; hooyl; hooill; huill: And Abner and his men walked all that night through - As huill Abner as e gheiney fud-ny-hoie shen Bible

walls (npl.) boallaghyn: Hunger breaks through stone walls - Brishee accyrys trooid boallaghyn cloaie. JJK idiom

we shall be beemayd: we shall be saved from wrath through him bee mayd er nyn sauail voish jymmoose ny hrooidsyn Bible

yard (n.) close; cooyrt: He has passed through the yard - T'eh er n'gholl trooid yn chooyrt. JJK idiom; stundayrt: The lace is worth half-a-crown a yard - Ta'n laatchey feeagh lieh-chrooin yn stundayrt. JJK idiom

cheet trooid protrude, come through, recover: Son tra dreamal cheet trooid ymmodee kiarail Bible

eiyrt er attend on, chase, emulate, ensue, follow through, pursue, put it into practice, result, shadow, stalk, tail: dy eiyrt er ny cliaghtaghyn oc Bible

feie'n laa all day, through the day: Ta seshoonyn cadjin goll y chummal bunnys feie'n laa as fud ny hoie ayns y chamyr lhionney vooar. Carn

fo-my-cheilley subverting: nagh streeu ad mysh focklyn nagh vel gys veg yn ymmyd, agh dy choyrt sleih fo-my-cheilley Bible; through others

fud ny hoie all night, overnight, through the night: As dreggyr Simon as dooyrt eh rish, Vainshter, ta shin er hooilleil fud ny hoie Bible

Hie ny mucyn ny hrooid It went by the board; (the) pigs went through it

hrooidsyn through him: jean-jee ooilley ayns ennym y Chiarn Yeesey, coyrt booise da Jee dy jarroo yn Ayr ny hrooidsyn. Bible

kione y cheilley 1 mixed together, through others, together: hug eh lesh mysh keead punt dy vyrrh as dy aloes kione y cheilley.; 2 wits end a: Dooinney ta ec kione y cheilley cha nel eh ec kione y credjue. EF

my hrooid through me: Chur ee e sooillyn my hrooid. DF na ligg dausyn ta dy tdy hyrrys ve er nan nayraghy troyms o hiarn iih Eisrael. Psalm1610

roight impaled, run through: myr coamrey ny merriu ta roight trooid lesh y chliwe Bible; thrust

slaanaghey indemnification, indemnify, integrate, integration, pull through, recover, recovery, recuperation, sanative, heal, healing, make whole: laanee eh adsyn va feme slaanaghey Bible

soilshean ny hrooid shine through: Bee shiu unnane jeh uinnagyn glen Yee dy vod yn gloyr echey soilshean ny hrooid. EF

trooid y theihll through the earth: shooyl noon as noal trooid y theihll Bible

abideth (v.) fuirriaghtyn: He that abideth in this city shall die by the sword - Eshyn ta fuirriaghtynsyn ard-valley shoh, yiow eh baase lesh y chliwe Bible; surranse: all that abideth not the fire ye shall make go through the water - ooilley nagh vel surranse yn aile, ver shiu er dy gholl trooid yn ushtey Bible; fuirriaght: he abideth at Jerusalem - teh fuirriaght ec Jerusalem Bible; er-mayrn: thou hast laid the foundation of the earth, and it abideth - tou er hoiaghey undin ny hooirey, as te er-mayrn Bible; tannaghtyn: but the earth abideth for ever - agh tan thalloo tannaghtyn veih sheeloghe gys sheeloghe Bible

arise (v.) troggal: If there arise among you a prophet, or a dreamer of dreams - My nee phadeyr [foalsey] ny branlaader ashlishyn troggal ny mast' eu Bible; irrys: when wilt thou arise out of thy sleep? - cuin irrys, oo ass dty chadley? Bible; girree: Let my father arise - Lhig da mayr girree Bible; (impv) trog ort: Arise, walk through the land - Trog ort, shooyll trooid y cheer Bible; trog-jee: arise, go again unto the man -trog-jee erriu, gow-jee reesht gys y dooinney Bible; irree: Arise, be gone - Irree, as immee royd Bible

break (n.) aash, barney, doarlish, straih, traa cloie, traa seyr; chentyn; (v.) cur fo haart, chraghey, smoashal; (impv) brish; (to); (dy) vrishey: The sun is beginning to break through - Ta'n ghrian goaill toshiaght dy vrishey trooid. JJK idiom; vrish; brishey: I must be up by break of day - Shegin dou ve er my chosh ec brishey'n laa. JJK idiom

merchandise (n.) cooid: She perceiveth that her merchandise is good - Tee fakin dy vel yn chooid eck vondeishagh Bible; cooid hraghtee; kionneeaght, margeeaght; marchanys; marchantys: but thou shalt not sell her at all for money, thou shalt not make merchandise of her - agh cha greck oo ee eddyr son argid; ny jannoo marchantys jee Bible; merchantys: And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you - As trooid saynt nee ad lesh goan cluicagh jannoo merchantys jiu Bible

shall stir gleayshee: through his riches he shall stir up all against the realm of Grecia - trooid e verchys, gleayshee eh seose ooilley noi reeriaght Ghrecia Bible; greinnee: he shall stir up jealousy like a man of war - greinnee eh seose e ghunnallys myr dooinney-caggee Bible

spirit annym; annymoilid; bun as bree: The spirit of this law - Bun as bree yn slattys shoh. DF idiom; creeoilid; inchyn; liggar; rught; scaan: Raise a spirit - Scaan y voostey. DF idiom; spyrryd: The spirit that breathes through his work - Yn spyrryd ta ry-akin 'syn obbyr echey. DF idiom

stoop cleayney; croym-lhinganys; croymmey: He had to stoop to go through the doorway - Begin da croymmey dy gholl trooid yn dorrys. DF idiom; cruittys; lhoobey; imlaghey; injillaghey: I wouldn't stoop to that - Cha jinnin ginjillaghey mee hene da shen. DF idiom


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