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three-feed sixty: Three-feed as jeih reeaghyn Bible

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sixty (n., adj.) sheyad, tree feed, three-feed

jeig (=Ir. deig) COMPARE yeig teen: three-feed as queig anmeenyn jeig. Bible

mooarey big: three-feed dy ard-valjyn mooarey lesh voallaghyn Bible; elder

peeshyn argid (f.) silver coins: hug ad da three-feed as jeih peeshyn argid Bible

baskadyn baskets: varr ad three-feed persoon as jeih, as hug ad ny king oc ayns baskadyn huggey gys Jezreel Bible

billey palm palm tree: ayns Elim va daa hibbyr jeig ushtey, as three-feed billey palm as jeih Bible

dunnal (=Ir. duiniúil) brave, daring, heroic, manful: kiare cheead three-feed as hoght dy gheiney dunnal Bible; fearless; bold; courageous: Bee-jee shiuish er-y-fa shen feer dunnal Bible; valiant: As Benaiah, mac Jehoiada, mac dy ghooinney dunnal, jeh Kabzeel Bible

erraghyn burdens: As va ec Solomon three-feed as jeih thousaneyn va gymmyrkey erraghyn, as kiare-feed thousane ry-hoi giarey fuygh ayns ny sleityn Bible

gagh ooilley all: Ta three-feed bleeaney er ngholl shaghey neayr's va 'Finn as Oshin" prentit as foddee nagh vel gagh ooilley lhaider er nakin yn daane. Coraa

Messiah Messiah: lurg three-feed shiaghtinyn as jees bee Messiah er ny yiarey jeh, Bible

persoonyn souls, persons: va ooilley ny persoonyn jeh thie Yacob haink gys Egypt, three-feed as jeih. Bible

harlot (n.) ben oainjyr: after the end of seventy years shall Tyre sing as an harlot - lurg kione three-feed as jeih bleeaney gow-ee Tyre arrane myr benoainjyr Bible; ben oainjyragh: Then went Samson to Gaza, and saw there an harlot - Eisht hie Samson gys Gaza, as honnick eh ayns shen ben oainjyragh Bible; co-lhiabbagh; streebagh: Should he deal with our sister as with an harlot? - Kys by-lhoys da dellal rish y chuyr ain, myr rish streebagh? Bible; strumpag: And, behold, there met him a woman with the attire of an harlot - As cur-my-ner haink ben ny whail ayns coamrey strumpag Bible

choud cheddin 1 so far: choud cheddin t'eh er hoiaghey nyn beccaghyn voin. Bible; 2 until: Cha vel mish gra rhyt, Choud as shiaght keayrtyn: agh choud as three-feed as jeih keayrtyn shiaght. Bible; 3 as long as: Goym arrane dan Chiarn choud as sbio mee Bible; 4 whilst a: Choud as ta nyn gloan freayll ayns cooinaghtyn ny altaryn eu Bible


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