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thie calmane columbarium, pigeon house

thie (=Ir. teach, Sc. taigh) pl. thieyn building, habitation, home, house, indoor, residence, residency: Cha der oo saynt da thie dty naboo CS; homeward; domestic

Inexact matches:

argid thie housekeeping

ayrn thie maisonette

ben thie (=Ir. beantighe) (f.) housekeeper, housewife, landlady, mistress

beoyn arrys-thie economic trend

brisheyder thie housebreaker

brishey thie housebreaking

caillin thie domestic female, housemaid

calmane thie homer pigeon

carraneyn thie (f.) bedroom slippers, carpet slippers

chellvane thie interphone

coamreyder thie home handyman

coamrey thie dishabille

cochionneeaght thie (f.) home trade

cooid thie household goods

cooishyn thie household affairs

Cooyl Thie Behind the House

costys thie household expenses

cremeyder thie armchair critic

cubbyl thie roof-coupling, rooftree

cullee thie (f.) (for women) undress

eayn thie meg

enmys thie home address: Bishaghey staydys y Ghaelg myr shoh: yn oik postagh dy chur niart da polasee nee shickyraghey dy bee post as enmys thie Gaelgagh currit 'sy traa cheddin as post Baarlagh Dhoor

fer thie family man, goodman, householder, housekeeper: TA ririyght neau kasly rish duyne ta na er tei, gha magh gy moghey ayns y voghrey dy ayle obriin gys y garr phieny. PB1610; landlord

Fow thie (impv) Get home; reach home: Trog ort ayns traa mie, as ny bee yn er s'jerree, agh fow thie fegooish lhiggey shaghey. Apoc

gammanyn thie parlour games

giense thie at home

Glenneyderyn Thie Household Cleaners

gollan thie house martin

Greienyn Thie Domestic Appliances

grunt thie building plot

guiy thie domestic goose

gyn thie homeless: Bee cooinaght mie ec olteynyn jeh Sleih gyn Thie er chebbal dy gheddyn nyn toilchin voish yn Chionooyrtys lurg jannoo cuirrey kiaull daue kionfenish chiaghteryn voish cheeraghyn yn Co-unnanys Ghoal Carn

jantaght thie house agency

jantys thie home produce

jeeneyder thie roofer, tiler

jeh lught-thie of the family

kione thie 1 householder, paterfamilias a: t'ou er lhottey kione thie ny mee-chrauee Bible; 2 roof: veih dorrys thie Eliashib, eer gys kione thie Eliashib Bible

laaragh thie building plot

lane thie houseful, house full: Ny share ta greme chirrym (dy arran) as fea lesh, na lane thie dy yien mie, lesh anvea. Bible

laue-lhee thie house surgeon

lhiettalys thie house arrest

lhune thie home-brewed ale

lught thie pl. lughtyn-thie family, household, household members: Haink e lught-thie dys Sostyn tammylt beg ny s'anmey ayns bleeantyn ny feedyn. Carn

lus thie (f.) leek

maarliagh thie housebreaker

meoir thie chief butler, major domo

moddey thie house dog

mullagh thie housetop, roof: myr glassyragh er mullagh thie Bible

preaban thie ground plot

raiseyder thie wisteria

Reill Thie Home Rule

scape lught-thie escutcheon

seyirsnys thie (f.) joinery

seyr thie joiner

sheck thie counter-cheque

shellan thie honey bee

shellooder thie householder

Shenn Thie Old House

shenn thie hovel, shanty: By vie lhieu cummal ayn, as t'ad kionnaghey shenn thie nagh vod Bretnee fordrail jannoo ass y noa. Carn

Shirveishyn Thie (f.) Home Utilities

spooilley thie housebreaking

sthoo thie contents

stoo thie furniture: Paart dy phrash cheumooie, stoo-thie Habitat cheusthie, as shoh dhyt peesh dy fo valjaghys Sostnagh mastey yn Celtiaghys. Carn

taggloo thie-oast pub talk

Thalloo Thie House Land

thie aaght boarding house, lodging house: Ta paart dy vuill nish raad oddys oo gynsaghey Albinish ayns thie-aaght ta sour as taitnyssagh dy-liooar. Carn

thie aash home of rest, rest house

thie agglish parsonage, vicarage

Thie Ain (Yn) Our Home: Beamyn yn thie ain jeh cedar, as ny jeaystyn juys. Bible

Thie Albinagh Scottish House

Thie Alpagh Alpine Cottage

thie apag monkey house

thie argid bank

thie armyn armoury

thie arrey guard house, watch house

thie arroo granary

Thie Austeyn Costain's House

Thie Aym (Yn) My Home

thie baaish house of mourning

thie baanrit asylum, bedlam, lunatic asylum, madhouse: V'eh currit fo currym y thie baanrit. DF

thie baatey boathouse

thie babban doll's house

thie baghee dwelling

thie bainney dairy

thie balley homestead

Thie Bane White House: Hie mee gys y thie-oast "Thie Bane" er yn oie roish my daag shin Mannin. Dhoor

thie barrantys trust house

thie bee café, chop house, cook shop, restaurant: Dinsh eh dou dy row kiaull ennagh ayns thie bee 'sy çherrin sniessey. Dhoor

thie beg COMPARE thie-veg little house: T'eh baghey ayns thie beg fo'n valley. JJK; lavatory, loo

thie billagh tree house

thie boandyrys nursing home

thie boulleraght bowling alley

thie braghey malt house

thie buitchoorys abattoir, shambles, slaughter house

thie bun-ry-skyn bear garden

thie bwoaillee shearing hut

thie caffee coffee bar

thie caih bolting house

thie cairt cart house, cart shed

thie cartee tannery

thie chaghteraght embassy

thie chaglee meeting house

Thie Chatreeney Catherine's House

thie cheerey country house, country seat, grange, villa

thie chellvane telephone exchange

Thie Chirrym Dry House

Thie Claddee Marsh House

Thie Cloaie Stone House

thie cloie playhouse, theatre: Va'n thie cloie er ve er aile. JJK

thie club club house

thie cluig belfry

thie coadee asylum

thie coadey mental hospital

thie coagyrey galley

thie coagyrys cookhouse

thie coigee weaving shed

thie coirrey boiler house

thie colhiabbee seraglio

thie combaase binnacle

thie commee restaurant

thie conning rabbit hutch

thie cooinaghtyn memorial house

thie cooinnee mint

thie coonree exchange bureau

thie coontee counting house

thie cooreydys perfumery

Thie Corneil Corner House

thie craue charnel house; ossuary

thie craueyn charnel house; ossuary

thie cray mud house

thie creearree bolting house

thie cronchor casino, gaming house

thie cruinn rondavel

Thie Cullyn Holly House

thie cummaltagh residential home

thie curneenaghey cannery

thie custam toll house

thie custym custom house, entrepot

thie daah dye-works

thie daahderys dye-works

thie dellal business establishment

thie doo black house

thie doon blockhouse

thie droghad bridge house

Thie Drommey Ridge House

Thie Eary Shieling House

thie eddrym pavilion

thie eeanlee aviary

thie eeast (building) aquarium

thie eirinagh farm house, grange: Tra daag shin Purt Le Moirrey, va'n emshyr tashagh as va shin ooilley fliugh tra raink shin yn thie eirinagh, boayl hannee shin. Carn

thie ellyn art gallery

Thie Eoin John's House

thie errey infirmary

thie etlan hangar

thie faarkee bagnio, public baths

thie fainee coach house

thie farraragh wake house

thie feayr cold store, cool house

thie foaid sod house

thie fuinnee bake house, bakery

Thie-fuinnee Rhumsaa Ramsey Bakery

thie fuygh log cabin

thie gamman casino

thie gammanyn kursaal

thie gas gas-works

thie geayil coal house

Thie Gennal Happy House

thie giat gate house

thie giattey lodge

thie gless conservatory, forcing house, greenhouse, hothouse

thie glish lock-up

thie glonney conservatory, glasshouse, greenhouse

thie goaldee guesthouse, hotel, private hotel: Tra va mee ayns La Palma, hannee mee ayns thie goaldee feer vie. Dhoor

thie grease factory: Ren ny keird-heshaghtyn gobbal y thie grease. DF

thie greienys harness room

thie greiney sun house

Thie Grianagh Sunny House

Thie Hibbin (The) Ivies

Thie Illiam William's House

thie imbyl brewery: Ny yeih shen as ooilley ghow eh ayns laue dy chur er bun thie imbyl ayn shen as dy jarroo haink reddyn lesh dy-mooar Dhoor

Thie Impiroil (The) Imperial

thie injil bungalow

thie jaagh smoke house

thie jalloo cinema, picture palace, picture theatre: T'eh mychione thie-jalloo er y jiass jeh'n Thalloo Bretnagh, choud's ta fys aym. Carn

thie-jantys foalley meat plant

thie jeirk charitable institution

thie jerree stern cabin

Thie Jesh Neat House

thie jeshaght engine house

Thie Jiarg Red House

thie jough shebeen

Thie Keirn Rowan Tree House

thie keoie madhouse

thie kiarail residential care home

thie kiark fowl house, hen house

thie kiaulldramey opera house

thie kirkey broiler house

thie laaee mud house


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