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thalloo (=O.Ir. talam. Ir., Sc.G. talamh) (f.) 1 pl. thallooyn pl. thallooinyn country, land, shore, terrain, territory; 2 clod, earth, ground, soil a: As dy chur lhien yn chied-vess jeh'n thalloo ain Bible [L. tellus]

Inexact matches:

cummey thalloo landscaping

dellal thalloo-as-eeasaght land-and-loan deal

er thalloo aground, downed: ver-ym ad er thalloo ayns shen Bible

Glass Thalloo Green Land

livrey-ys thalloo conveyancing

Shenn Thalloo Old Ground, Old Land

thalloo abb abbey land

thalloo abban abbey land

Thalloo Ard Uplands

thalloo ard tableland, upland

Thalloo Baghyl Staff Land

thalloo baiht drowned land

Thalloo Balley Farm Land

thalloo bane fallow

thalloo banejagh arable land, fallow: brish-jee seose yn thalloo banejagh eu: Bible

Thalloo Bretnagh (Yn) Wales

Thalloo Broigh Dirty Ground

Thalloo Callin Callin's Land

Thalloo Camaish Camaish's Land

thalloo chirrym dry land, terra firma

Thalloo Chowle Cowle's Land

Thalloo Chrink Hill Land

Thalloo Chustal Cushtal's Land

thalloo chymnee inherited land

thalloo claddee alluvion

Thalloo Clieau Mountain Ground

Thalloo Colquitt Colquitt's Land

thalloo cooyl backland

Thalloo Cowle Cowle's Land

Thalloo Crayee Clay Land

thalloo cree border land

thalloo curnee wheat-growing land

Thalloo Curragh Mire Land

Thalloo Darragh Oaklands

Thalloo Dhoo Black Land

Thalloo Eayil Lime Land

Thalloo Eayl Lime Land

thalloo eirinagh agricultural land

thalloo fassee pastureland

thalloo freaylt reservation, reserve

thalloo garroo rough, rough land

Thalloo Glass Greylands

thalloo glass pastureland

thalloo gleayragh alluvion

Thalloo Gort Stale Land

Thalloo Jiarg Red Ground

thalloo jiarg ploughed land, ploughland

Thalloo Jiass Southlands

Thalloo Kaighin Kaighin's Ground

Thalloo Keylley Woodlands

thalloo keylley woodland

thalloo killagh church land

Thalloo Koir Land of the Chest

thalloo lhannee church land, glebe

Thalloo Lheeah Grey Land

thalloo lheeannagh meadow land

thalloo lhiasit cultivated land

Thalloo Losht Burnt Ground, Burnt Land

thalloo mea rich soil

Thalloo Michell Michael's Land

Thalloo Mollagh Rough Land

Thalloo Noa New Ground, New Land: Veagh yn Boayrd abyl dy chur yn thalloo noa chionnee eh er maayl da'n theay, son, er y chooid s'moo, bare lesh ny croiteyryn ve nyn dannyssyn na myr shellooderyn er y thalloo. NNS

thalloo oirragh marginal land

Thalloo Quay Quay's Land

Thalloo Quayle Quayle's Land

Thalloo Quilleash Quilleash's Ground

Thalloo Quine Quine's Ground

Thalloo Quislin Cosnaghan's Land

thalloo rea plain: hamoo jean cumrail raad erbee 'sy thalloo rea Bible

thalloo sheaynt Holy Land: As nee yn Chiarn goaill huggey hene myr eiraght Judah e chronney ayns y thalloo sheaynt Bible

thalloo shelg chase, shoot

thalloo sleitagh upland

thalloo sleitoil (m., f.) highland

Thalloo Sooar Sour Land

Thalloo Sooloo Zululand

Thalloo Thie House Land

thalloo traauit ploughland

Thalloo Traie Shore Land

Thalloo Treishteil Trusty Land

Thalloo Twoaie Northlands

Thalloo Vasoonagh Mason's Land

thalloo wass earth beneath: son y Chiarn yn Jee eu, t'eh ny Yee ayns niau heose, as er y thalloo wass. Bible

Thalloo Will Will's Land

Thalloo Yuan John's Land

ynnyd lhieeney-thalloo landfill site

Astyl Thalloo ny Keylley Woodlands Avenue

brishey yn thalloo pick

cheet gys y thalloo land; come to the land: deysht yn Ree, "Naillish cheet gys y thalloo?" Coraa

Close Thalloo ny Keylley Woodlands Close

creckeyder thie as thalloo estate agent

Cronk y Thalloo Losht Burnt Land Hill

croymey gys y thalloo kow-tow

cuirr 'sy thalloo implant

cummey thalloo yn Ellan landscaping the Island

cur er thalloo disembark, land

currit 'sy thalloo layered; put in the ground

cur 'sy thalloo layer

cur thalloo fo faiyr grass

deyll ny sooghyn thalloo (f.) strawberry-crown borer

erskyn y thalloo above ground: dymmyrk ad seose yn arg, as ve troggit seose erskyn y thalloo. Bible

er y thalloo knocked out, on the land, on the earth: dt'aigney dy row jeant er y thalloo myr t'eh ayns niau. CS

fer ass Thalloo yn Eeast Newfoundlander

geay veih'n thalloo land breeze

gleashagh er y thalloo (of aircraft) taxi

goaill neese veih thalloo unearth

goll er thalloo land; landing: As goll er thalloo ec Syracuse, duirree shin ayns shen three laa. Bible

irree jeh'n thalloo take off

keesh er thalloo (f.) land tax

kianglt rish y thalloo earthed

lesh y thalloo landward, landwards: As ren Moses siyr, as chroym eh e chione lesh y thalloo, as hug eh ooashley. Bible

lhiettrimit er y thalloo grounded

lhiettrimys er y thalloo grounding

oanluckey 'sy thalloo inhume

obbree erskyn thalloo surfaceman

shenn thalloo glass lea field

Shenn Thalloo Sthie Old Inner Land

Shenn Thalloo Twoaie North Old Ground

skeabey yn thalloo hedgehop

skeab yn thalloo hedgehop

Thalloo Cooyl Thie Rear House Ground

Thalloo Eayl Heose Upper Lime Ground

thalloo er beayn-vaayl feu

thalloo er lheh preserve

Thalloo Faaie Skeag Hawthorn Flat Ground

Thalloo Looney Heese Looney's Lower Ground

Thalloo Looney Heose Looney's Upper Ground

Thalloo Mc y Joughin McJoughin's Land

Thalloo ny Beishteig Insects' Ground

Thalloo ny crooiney Crown lands

Thalloo ny Eaylley Limed Ground

Thalloo ny Eoylley Manured Ground

Thalloo ny Geyrragh Sheep Land

Thalloo ny Greas Industry Land

Thalloo ny Grease Place of Industry

Thalloo ny Greg Rocklands

Thalloo ny Groa Sheep Pen Ground

Thalloo ny Guiy Land of the Geese

Thalloo ny h'Ard Heose High Upper Ground

Thalloo ny h'Eayl Lime Ground

Thalloo ny h'Eaynin Precipice Ground

Thalloo ny h'Ollee Cattle Ground

Thalloo ny Lhig Hollows Land

Thalloo ny Ligg Hollows Land

Thalloo ny Phlaggad Oat's Ground

Thalloo Roauyr Vane White Fat Land

Thalloo Vac Emmal McEmall's Land

Thalloo Walter Miller Walter Miller's Land

Thalloo yn Chrink Hill Land

Thalloo yn Eeast Newfoundland

Thalloo yn Trooan Stream Land

thalloo y scrabey (to) paw the ground

thie as thalloo property

tilgey er y thalloo fling down

troggal jeh'n thalloo take up; (as bull) toss

tuittym gys y thalloo fall to the ground: Nish er-y-fa shen, ny lhig da my uill tuittym gys y thalloo fenish y Chiarn Bible; fall to the earth

land (n.) cheer, farran, thalloo; (gen.) thallooin; (v.) cheet gys y thalloo, cur er cheer, cur er thalloo, goaill cheer, goll er cheer, goll er thalloo; (nyn) dhalloo; (gen.) cheerey: He'll doubtless be punished according to he law of the land - Gyn dooyt bee eh kerrit coardail rish leigh ny cheerey. JJK idiom

abbey land (n.) thalloo abb; thalloo abban

aground (adj., adv.) er y traie; (ny) soie; er thalloo: To run aground - Dy roie er y thalloo. DF idiom; er y ghrunt: To run aground - Dy roie er y thalloo. DF idiom; marroo

alluvion (n.) thalloo claddee, thalloo gleayragh

church land (n.) thalloo killagh, thalloo lhannee

Cowle's Land (n.) Thalloo Cowle, Thalloo Chowle

fallow1 bane; banejagh, banjagh; branley; branlit; neuchuirt; thalloo bane; thalloo banejagh: break up your fallow ground - brish-jee seose yn thalloo banejagh eu Bible; (v.) branlaghey, faagail bane

hedgehop (v.) skeab yn thalloo, skeabey yn thalloo

Hill Land (n.) Thalloo yn Chrink, Thalloo Chrink

Hollows Land (n.) Thalloo ny Ligg, Thalloo ny Lhig

Lime Land (n.) Thalloo Eayl, Thalloo Eayil

pastureland (n.) thalloo fassee, thalloo glass, troddan

ploughland (n.) thalloo jiarg, thalloo traauit

upland (n.) cruink, reaisht, reeast, thalloo ard, thalloo sleitagh; (adj.) eaghtyragh, sleitagh

on the land er y thalloo: Lay lime on the land - Skeayl eayl er y thalloo. DF idiom

croiteyryn crofters: Va thalloo currit da ny cotteyryn as croiteyryn as cha row sleih boght gyn thalloo ayn arragh. NNS

agricultural land (n.) thalloo eirinagh

arable land (n.) thalloo banejagh

backland (n.) thalloo cooyl

border land (n.) thalloo cree

Burnt Ground (n.) Thalloo Losht

Burnt Land (n.) Thalloo Losht

Callin's Land (n.) Thalloo Callin

Camaish's Land (n.) Thalloo Camaish

Clay Land (n.) Thalloo Crayee

Colquitt's Land (n.) Thalloo Colquitt

conveyancing (n.) livrey-ys thalloo

Cosnaghan's Land (n.) Thalloo Quislin

cultivated land (n.) thalloo lhiasit

Cushtal's Land (n.) Thalloo Chustal

Dirty Ground (n.) Thalloo Broigh

drowned land (n.) thalloo baiht

dry land (n.) thalloo chirrym

earth1 cruinney: Children of earth - Cloan ny cruinney. DF idiom; coair thallooin; gei; kiangley thallooin; ooir; ooiraghey, thallooinaghey; thalloo: Before heaven or earth existed - Roish myr row ayn niau ny thalloo. DF idiom; towl; dowan

earth beneath (n.) thalloo wass

fall to the ground (v.) tuittym gys y thalloo: and did let none of his words fall to the ground - as cha lhig eh da veg jeh e ghoan dy huittym gys y thalloo Bible

Farm Land (n.) Thalloo Balley

glebe (n.) lhannee, thalloo lhannee

Green Land (n.) Glass Thalloo

Grey Land (n.) Thalloo Lheeah

Greylands (n.) Thalloo Glass

ground bleihit, shleeuit; (v.) fondaghey, gruntey, soiaghey er y ghrunt; (n.) grunt; (n.) thalloo: The ground appears to be cultivated - Ta'n thalloo shoh jeeaghyn dy vel hiassit. JJK idiom

Holy Land (n.) (The); (Yn) Cheer Vannee; thalloo sheaynt: And the Lord shall inherit Judah his portion in the holy land - As nee yn Chiarn goaill huggey hene myr eiraght Judah e chronney ayns y thalloo sheaynt, Bible

House Land (n.) Thalloo Thie


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