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telling insh: Are you telling me the truth? - Vel shiuish g'insh dou yn irriney? JJK idiom; coontey; co-earroo

Inexact matches:

story telling ginsh breagyn

telling fortunes (v.) jannoo faaishnys

telling off (v.) troiddey

telling yarns (v.) cooisheraght, ginsh skeealyn

fortune-telling faaishnagh; faaishlaght

story-telling shennaghys; skeealaght; skeealleydys

faaishlaght (=Ir.faistine) fortune-telling

skeealaght (f.) anecdotage, history, story-telling

skeealleydys story-telling

jannoo faaishnys divine, bode, telling fortunes

conviction (n.) credjue: It is my conviction that he is telling the truth - She my chredjue dy vel eh ginsh yn irriney. DF idiom; deyrey; shickyrys

truth (n.) feerid, firrin, jerriuid, ynrickys; feer; firrinys: Truth is great and will prevail - Ta firrinys mooar as gowee eh niart. JJK idiom; firriney; irriney: Are you telling me the truth? - Vel shiuish g'insh dou yn irriney? JJK idiom

co-earroo calculation, computation, compute, computing, count, counting, poll, telling: Erreish da'n reihys ta'n co-earroo cheet. DF

cooisheraght speaking, telling yarns, yarning: as dagh oie va shin kiaulleeaght, pynteraght as cooisheraght. Carn

coontey (=Ir. cuntas) pl. coontaghyn account, bill, list, number, score: Ta dty harvaantyn er ghoaill coontey ny deiney-caggee Bible; (tax) assessment; description, portraiture; (v.) compute, reckon, count; telling, reckoning; sum

ginsh breagyn story telling: Myr shen, t'eh jeeaghyn dy row ny meoiryn-shee ginsh breagyn as cur co chialg er bun dy gheddyn greim er sleih erbee, oolee ny dyn. Carn; lying

ginsh skeealyn telling yarns: Myr dooyrt mee, cha jinnagh yn dooinney shoh ginsh skeealyn er chor erbee. JC

insh 1 (v.) announce, communicate, declare, divulge, narrate, report, reporting, tell, telling a: As roie yn ven dy siyragh dy insh shoh da e sheshey Bible; 2 (as joke) crack; 3 (n.) communication, divulgation, utterance, coverage, narration, speech; 4 (f.) island; 5 shew

troiddey altercate, berate, bicker, chide, dress down, nag, objurgate, quarrel, rate, row, scold, set to, squabble, dressing down: Cre'n-fa ta shiu troiddey rhym's? Bible; (scolding) jaw; pl. troiddaghyn altercation, objurgation; chiding, mud-slinging, nagging, wigging, squabbling, scolding, quarrelling, telling off

faaishnagh (f.) divination, fortune teller, fortune-telling, predictive, prophetical, soothsayer: Tra hee oo reddyn er heet gys kione keead blein lurg faaishnagh y ve jeant jeu CS

shennaghys (=Ir. seanchas) annals, antiquity, history, story-telling, tradition: Ta sleih shirrey brastyllyn ta cur fys daue mychione cultoor as shennaghys ny hErin. Carn


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