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teiy 1 ballot, balloting, choice, cull, discrimination, division, election, highlight, pick, pick over, poll, prime, selection, vote; 2 choose, gather, select a: Ta'n chloan teiy spollagyn Bible; 3 (best) cream; 4 tomahawk

Inexact matches:

block teiy chopping block

cairyn teiy (f.) voting rights

kishtey teiy ballot box

teiy follit secret ballot

teiy foshlit open ballot

teiy reaghee casting vote

teiy ynnydagh election local

rheynn reihys lught teiy constituency

teiy dy jeean hand-pick

teiy y cheau (to) record a vote

ballot teiy

ballot box (n.) kishtey teiy

balloting (v.) teiy

casting vote (n.) teiy reaghee

chopping block (n.) block teiy

cream2 (n.) (best) teiy

cull (n.) jeelym; (v.) teiy

division1 (n.) ayrn, ronnane, ronney, scarran, fo-rheynn, joarey, rann; rheynn: The first division - Yn chied rheynn. DF idiom; teiy: There will be a division at ten o'clock tonight - Bee teiy ayn ec jeih er y chlag noght. DF idiom

election local (n.) teiy ynnydagh

highlight teiy

open ballot (n.) teiy foshlit

pick (v.) brishey yn thalloo, shuilgey; speiy; teiy: If I could pick and choose - Dy beagh teiy aym. DF idiom; trog: Pick that up off the floor - Trog eh shen jeh'n laare. DF idiom

pick over (v.) teiy

secret ballot (n.) teiy follit

vote (n.) teiy: With one dissentient vote - As un teiy ny lomarcan noi. DF idiom; (n.) vote; (v.) votal: Vote a sum - Sym y votal. DF idiom

voting rights (npl.) cairyn teiy

discrimination (n.) foayr, geyre-chooishaght, reih, teiy

hand-pick (v.) teiy dy jeean, femblal

tomahawk (n.) teigh caggee, teiy; teigh-caggee

constituency (n.) rheynn-reih, co-heiyderys, rheynn reihys lught teiy

selection (n.) jeelym, teiy; reih: Natural selection - Reih najooragh. DF idiom

choice (n.) reih: He has made a good choice - T'eh er n'yannoo reih mie. JJK idiom; teiy

choose (v.) reih: Choose one of these guns - Reih unnane jeh ny gunnaghyn shoh. JJK idiom; teiy; tughtey

declare (v.) brishey magh, fogrey, insh, soilshaghey magh; fockley magh: Declare the pole - Yn teiy y 'ockley magh. DF idiom

election (n.) teiy, reih; reihys: After the election comes the count - Erreish da'n reihys ta'n co-earroo cheet. DF idiom

gather1 chaglym, goaill stiagh; chymsagh; chymsaghey, cruinnaghey; ingyraght; teiy; chaggil, chaggle; chymsee; cruinnee: Gather your thoughts - Cruinnee dty smooinaghtyn. DF idiom; chaggle-jee

picking (v.) myngyraght; pluggey: Picking flowers - Pluggey blaaghyn. DF idiom; teih: He was picking his way home, drunk - V'eh teiy e raad thie, scooyrit. DF idiom

poll (v.) baarey; ceau voteyn, geddyn voteyn, pollal, teiy; (n.) claigeen; co-earroo; kione; reihys: He headed the poll - V'eh ec mullagh y reihys. DF idiom; teiys

prime ard-: He is the prime mover - Eshyn yn ard-ghleasheyder. DF idiom; ard-vlaa: She is past her prime - Ta'n ard vlaa ny jei. DF idiom; bun, preeu-, teiy; (v.) cur bunvrat er, primal

record a vote (v.) (to) teiy y cheau: Record one's vote - Dty heiy y cheau. DF idiom

select reih: Select it - Gow myr reih eh. DF idiom; reiht; teih; teiht; teiy; teiyrt

shirreyder asker, inquirer, inquiring, prospector, searcher, seeker; candidate: Gyn teiy agh son un' shirreyder ynrican. DF

spollag (pl -yn) chip: Ta'n chloan teiy spollagyn, as ta ny ayraghyn foaddey yn aile Bible; splinter

spollagyn chips: Tan chloan teiy spollagyn, as ta ny ayraghyn foaddey yn aile Bible

stholkey1 seize up; strike: Dy beagh ad stholkey, ny keead fer-mooghee Manninagh paart-emshyragh ta nyn olteynyn jeh Sheshaght-cheirdee ny Fir-vooghee, veagh orroo votal ayns teiy er lheh. BS


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