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tead chionn tightrope

tead (=Ir. téad, Sc.G. teud, tiad) See tedd pl. teaddyn guy, line, loose rope, rope, string: Hayrn ad er y tead derrey vrish eh. DF [O.Ir. tét]

Inexact matches:

cassan tead rope walk

daunseyr tead rope dancer

shooylleyder tead funambulist

tead akeragh cable

tead bog slack rope

tead caabylchast cable-laid rope

tead chaghteragh lifeline

tead chionney straining stay

tead clag bell-rope, bell rope

tead cluig bell-rope, bell rope

tead coadee bolt-rope

tead crackan hide rope

tead croanspreih bobstay

tead gaue communication chord

tead geayee bowline

tead gleash-veih log-line

tead jerree stern-fast

tead kennipey hempen rope

tead kianglee bridle

tead king brace

tead laue guide-rope

tead roie running rope

tead skibbylt skipping rope

tead staillin hawser

tead stiuree guy rope, tiller-rope

tead suntal lead line

tead tayrn heaving line, tow rope

tead tayrnee heaving line, tow, warp

tead thallooin mooring rope

tead troggee halyard, tackle-fall

tead yiarn hawser

thie tead rope house

cur tead er guy, rope off, string

cur tead king er brace

cur tead mysh rope in

tead daa filley spun yarn

tead daa 'illey rope of two strands

tead kiare filley spun yarn

bell rope (n.) tead clag, tead cluig

bell-rope tead clag, tead cluig

guy (v.) cur tead er; (n.) jalloo, tead

hawser (n.) caabyl; tead staillin; tead yiarn

heaving line (n.) tead tayrn, tead tayrnee

spun yarn (n.) tead daa filley, tead kiare filley

string (v.) cur streng er, cur tead er, strengaghey; (n.) idley, poaynt, ribban, strap, streng, tead

bobstay (n.) tead croanspreih

bolt-rope (n.) tead coadee

bowline1 (n.) tead geayee

cable-laid rope (n.) tead caabylchast

communication chord (n.) tead gaue

funambulist (n.) shooylleyder tead

guide-rope (n.) tead laue

guy rope (n.) tead stiuree

halyard (n.) halleyr, tead troggee

hempen rope (n.) tead kennipey

hide rope (n.) tead crackan

lead line (n.) tead suntal

log-line (n.) tead gleash-veih

loose rope (n.) tead

rope dancer (n.) daunseyr tead

rope house (n.) thie tead

rope walk (n.) cassan tead

running rope (n.) tead roie

skipping rope (n.) tead skibbylt

slack rope (n.) tead bog

stern-fast (n.) tead jerree

straining stay (n.) tead chionney

tackle-fall (n.) tead troggee

tightrope (n.) tead chionn

tiller-rope (n.) tead stiuree

tow rope (n.) tead tayrn

brace bann: Brace a drum - Dollan y hionnaghey. DF idiom; beemyl; brash; brashlagh; brashlagh drommey; chionneyder; cubbyl, jees, piyr; maidjey coonee; quing; tead king; (v.) chionnaghey, cur bann er, cur maidjey coonee rish, cur quing er, cur tead king er, niartaghey

lifeline (n.) corys chaghteragh, tead chaghteragh

mooring rope (n.) moaral, tead thallooin

rope in (v.) cur tead mysh

rope-ladder (n.) tead-aarey; aarey-tead

rope off (v.) cur tead er

string puppet (n.) babban-tead

tightrope walker (n.) tead-hooylleyder; coshee-tead

tightrope walking (v.) tead-hooyl

tow1 tayrn; tead tayrnee; thowal

aarey-tead rope-ladder

babban-tead string puppet

coshee-tead tightrope walker

tead-aarey (f.) rope-ladder

tead-hooyl tightrope walking

tead-hooylleyder tightrope walker

rope of two strands (n.) tead daa 'illey

foul2 (as rope) tramman: The rope is foul - Ta'n tead tramman. DF idiom

Phurt (Yn); (The) Haven, Harbour: Yn phurt y ghlenney er kione tead. DF

bridle (n.) scannane ny chengey, tead kianglee; streean: Bridle your tongue - Cur streean er dty hengey. DF idiom; (v.) streeaney

cable (v.) caabley, cur caabyl hug; (n.) caabyl: Rouse in the cable - Yn caabyl y hayrn stiagh. DF idiom; tead akeragh

let go (v.) lhiggey'n raad da, lhiggey'n raad; lhig: He let go the rope - Lhig eh y tead voish. DF idiom

rope1 (n.) coyrd; tead, tedd; teidd: Let us twist the rope - Lhig dooin cassey yn teidd. JJK idiom; thow; (v.) kiangley lesh teaddyn, teaddey

warp1 carral; cassey; gloo: either in the warp, or in the woof - edyr ayns y ghloo, ny ayns yn innagh Bible; tead tayrnee; warp

line coyrd, skeog; craplag; keird; lineal; linney: Line that links up two towns - Linney ta ny kiangley eddyr daa valley. DF idiom; rann; rimmeigey; scheimmeig; scheimmeigey; sheeynag: Horizontal line - Sheeynag chochruinnagh. DF idiom; sliught; snaie; strane: Walk in line - Shooyl rere strane. DF idiom; strap; streng; tead; thow; line


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