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tea (n.) tey: Do you take tea or coffee? - Vel shiu goaill tey ny caffee? JJK idiom

Inexact matches:

afternoon tea (n.) mrastyr beg, tey beg

beef tea (n.) jough feill vart

camomile tea (n.) tey camomile

high tea (n.) jinnair beg

strong tea (n.) tey lajer

tea basket (n.) bascad hey

tea blender (n.) blassteyder tey, mesteyder tey

tea caddy (n.) curn tey, kishteen tey

tea cake (n.) keeak tey

tea chest (n.) coyr hey

tea cloth (n.) eaddagh buird, eaddagh tey, clout saagh

tea cosy (n.) bayrn tey

tea cup (n.) cappan tey

tea garden (n.) garey tey

tea infuser (n.) sheeleyder tey

tea leaf (n.) duillag tey

tea merchant (n.) marchan tey

tea party (n.) cooish hey

tea plant (n.) rassan tey

tea planter (gen.) correyder tey

tea rose (n.) tey-rose

tea service (n.) fwirran tey

tea set (n.) fwirran tey

tea strainer (n.) scageyr tey

tea table (n.) boayrd tey

tea things (npl.) siyn tey

tea trolley (n.) rollag hey

tea urn (n.) tey-choirrey

weak tea (n.) tey lhag

cup of tea (n.) cappan dy hey: I could do with a cup of tea right now! - By haittin lhiam cappan dy hey kiart nish! DF idiom

storm in a tea cup (n.) caggey ny lughee

used tea leaves drundin tey

wet the tea (v.) (to) tey y 'liughey

fwirran tey tea service, tea set

bascad hey (f.) tea basket

bayrn tey tea cosy

blassteyder tey tea blender

boayrd tey tea table

cappan tey tea cup

clout saagh tea cloth

cooish hey (f.) tea party

correyder tey tea planter

coyr hey (f.) tea chest

duillag tey (f.) tea leaf

eaddagh tey tea cloth

garey tey tea garden

jinnair beg high tea

keeak tey tea cake

kishteen tey tea caddy

marchan tey tea merchant

mesteyder tey tea blender

rassan tey tea plant

rollag hey (f.) tea trolley

scageyr tey tea strainer

sheeleyder tey tea infuser

siyn tey tea things

tey camomile camomile tea

tey-choirrey tea urn

tey lajer strong tea

tey lhag weak tea

tey-rose tea rose

curn tey billy, tea caddy

drundin tey used tea leaves

eaddagh buird napery, tea cloth

jough feill vart (f.) beef tea

caggey ny lughee storm in a tea cup

tey y 'liughey (to) wet the tea

tey beg afternoon tea: Ta'n tey beg ny chliaghtey nish. DF

cappan dy hey cup of tea: By haittin lhiam cappan dy hey kiart nish! DF

mrastyr beg afternoon snack, afternoon tea, lunch: 'Nish ta'n screeu red beg ny share,' dooyrt Eleanor, 'agh ta palchey ny smoo ry lhaih foast; er-lhiams dy bare dooin faagail eh derrey nyn mrastyr beg. Dhoor

tey (=Ir. tae) tea: Ec yn traa cheddin, fod ad giu tey as goaill cowag. Carn

nice (adj.) braew: The tea was nice and sweet - Va'n tey braew millish. DF idiom; taitnyssagh: Nice tune - Carr taitnyssagh. DF idiom; mie: That is a nice situation - Ta shen boayl mie. DF idiom; jesh: Nice car - Gleashtan jesh. DF idiom; coar: Nice man - Dooinney coar. DF idiom


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