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tayrtyn apprehend, catch, field, seize: t'ad tayrtyn ad ayns nyn ribbey Bible; catching: t'ad lhie farkiaght myr y chelgeyr; t'ad soiaghey ribbey, t'ad tayrtyn deiney. Bible; apprehension

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tayrtyn eeanlee bird-catching

tayrtyn 'sy lieen net-backing

catching1 (adj.) gowallagh; (v.) tayrtyn: Catching the haddock off Bradda - Tayrtyn ny h-addagyn magh ass Bradda. DF idiom; tayrn: Catching crabs - Tayrn partanyn. DF idiom

net-backing tayrtyn 'sy lieen

apprehender (n.) tayreyder; fer-tayrtyn

bird-catching eeanleydys; foodlagh; tayrtyn eeanlee

fer-tayrtyn apprehender

apprehend (v.) cur enney er; goaill; tayrtyn; toiggal lesh aggle

apprehension (n.) atchim, drogh-ourys, twoaieaght; (v.) cur enney er, toiggal; glackey, goaill, tayrtyn

catch1 (v.) berraghtyn, glackey, goaill, goaill greim, goaill greim er, greim, greimmey, tayrtyn; tayr: If you chase two hares you will catch neither - My chloys oo daa waagh cha dayr oo unnane jeu. JJK idiom; taare; (n.) croymmag, ronneeaght, sneg, snig

dog (n.) coill, coo; moddey: Maybe the last dog is catching the hare - Foddee yn moddey s'jerree tayrtyn y mwaagh. JJK idiom; con; coyn

field1 (n.) magher: A bad bush is better than an open field - Ta drogh hammag ny share na magher foshlit. JJK idiom; rheam; (v.) tayrtyn

hare (n.) cleaysh liauyr; fer ny cleaysh mooar; loaghtyn beg; mwaagh: Maybe the last dog is catching the hare - Foddee yn moddey s'jerree tayrtyn y mwaagh. JJK idiom

maybe (adv.) foddee: Maybe the last dog is catching the hare - Foddee yn moddey s'jerree tayrtyn y mwaagh. JJK idiom

seize (v.) glackey, goaill shellooderys jeh, tayrtyn; greimmey: Let us seize this man - Lhig dooin greimmey yn dooinney shoh. JJK idiom

Drogh 'Er (Yn); (The) Devil: Quoi-erbee ta clashtyn goo yn reeriaght, as nagh vel dy hoiggal eh, ta'n drogh er cheet, as tayrtyn lesh shen ny va cuirt ayns e chree: shoh eh ghow yn rass rish oirr y raad.

dy noa newly: Ren eirinagh skeayl lieenteenyn er e halloo dy noa cuirrit as ren eh tayrtyn shiartanse dy coar-ny-hastanyn v'er jeet dy gheid yn rass echey. EF

Sostynagh (=Ir. Sagsonagh, Sacsunach) English, Englishman, Englishwoman, Sassenach, Saxon: Ren shin eeastagh rish tammylt dy hraa, as hooar un Sostynagh kiare boaddee mooarey; v'eshyn yn ynrican dooinney 'sy vaatey ren tayrtyn eeast erbee. Coraa

t'eh (=Ir. ) he is: T'eh jannoo niart er y voght: tra t'eh tayrtyn eh ayns e ribbey. Bible


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