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Tashtey (yn); (the) Treasury: Agh nish shegin da'n Lught-Reill geddyn kied veih'n Tashtey tooilley argid y cheau. BS

tashtey cache, deposit, dump, dumping, hoard, keep, lay up, put by, save, saving, stockpile, stock up, store, stow: Ga dy vel eh tashtey seose argid myr joan Bible; (n.) pl. tashtaghyn treasure, fund, stowage, lodgement: Ta carrey mie tashtey vooar. JJK; reserve price; gather up: As nee dooinney glen chymsaghey leoie yn cholbagh, s tashtey seose eh cheumooie Bible; damp, dew

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Shirveishagh Tashtey Treasury Minister: Chammah as shen, hoilshee yn Shirveishagh Tashtey dy bee aa-reayrt mooar jeant jeh leigh-cholught Vanninagh. BS

tashtey banc bank deposit

tashtey barrantys trust fund

tashtey glennee sinking fund

tashtey-recortys er-linney online archive

Tashtey-recortys Ronsee Research Archive

Fo-rheynn Cooishyn Tarmaynagh y Tashtey Treasury's Economic Affairs Division; Economic Affairs Division of Treasury

Tashtey Argidoil Eddyrashoonagh International Monetary Fund, IMF

Bing Reiht Tashtey y Reeriaght Unnaneysit (f.) UK Treasury Select Committee

bank deposit (n.) tashtey banc

dumping (v.) tashtey

fixation (n.) ehlley anreiltagh; (nitrogen, etc.) tashtey

IMF (n.) Tashtey Argidoil Eddyrashoonagh

lodgement (n.) tashtey

saving chymsagh, sauaillagh; kiarailagh; pickagh; spaarail; tashtey: Saving money for a rainy day - Tashtey argid cour laa fliaghee. DF idiom

sinking fund (n.) tashtey glennee

stockpile (n., v.) tashtey

stock up (v.) carnanaghey, tashtey

stow (v.) lughtaghey, stowal, tashtey

treasure tashtee stoyr; tashtey: A good friend is a great treasure - Ta carrey mie tashtey vooar. JJK idiom; sheuan; couryn

Treasury (n.) (the); (yn) Tashtey; Staaitchishtey

trust fund (n.) tashtey barrantys

ammunition (n.) tashtey-caggee

archive (n.) tashtlann; tashtey-recortys

food bank (n.) tashtey-bee

online archive (n.) tashtey-recortys er-linney

Research Archive (n.) Tashtey-recortys Ronsee

stowage (n.) costys lughtee, lughtaghey, tashtey

tashtey-bee food bank

tashtey-caggee ammunition

tashtey-recortys archive

cache (n.) tasht; (v.) tashtey, follaghey, freill, freayll

fund (v.) cur argid da; (n.) stoyr, tashtey; sthock-argid

International Monetary Fund (n.) Tashtey Argidoil Eddyrashoonagh

reserve price (n.) bun-leagh, freayll, freaylley, tashtey

Treasury Minister (n.) Shirveishagh Tashtee, Shirveishagh Tashtey

Economic Affairs Division of Treasury (n.) Fo-rheynn Cooishyn Tarmaynagh y Tashtey

Treasury's Economic Affairs Division (n.) Fo-rheynn Cooishyn Tarmaynagh y Tashtey

UK Treasury Select Committee (n.) Bing Reiht Tashtey y Reeriaght Unnaneysit

damp meayllaghey; mooghey; tash: The room smells damp - Ta soar tash er y chamyr. DF idiom; tashid; tashtaghey; tashtey

deposit (v.) cur sheese, cur yeearlys er, jannoo fooillagh, lhiggey neose; (n.) fooillagh; stoyr; tashtee; tashtey; yeearlys: I put a hundred pounds deposit on the car - Hug mee keead punt yeearlys er y ghleashtan. DF idiom; jasscane

dew (n.) druight; tashtey: There's a heavy dew - Ta druight trome ayn. JJK idiom

dump (n.) carnane; tasht; (v.) dumpal: Dump cars on the market - Dumpal gleashtanyn er y vargey. DF idiom; tashtey

hoard (n.) prug; (v.) pruggal, stoyral, stoyrey, tashtey; stoyr; tasht: Hoard up miser and eat a little mouse - Tasht phrughag as ee lughag. DF idiom

put by (v.) tashtey: Money put by to fall back on - Argid tasht seose ry-hoi traa chionn. DF idiom

store (n.) mart, prawg, prug; shapp, stoyr; (v.) stoyrail, stoyral, tashtey; tasht: Store miser and eat little mouse - Tasht prughag as ee lughag. JJK idiom

annoonagh frail, weak, weakening: ta ny mraane oc sailley as tashtey paart jeh'n chooid cheddin, agh da'n boght as yn annoonagh cha der ad veg jeh. Apoc; impotent person, invalid

costallagh costly, precious, rich: By haittin lesh yn Ree goltaghey Auddyn, as dennee eh, "Vel tashtey mooar ayds, eer maghauin costallagh? Coraa

poinsheil appoint, appointment, bidding: Ta'n Tashtey gra dy jed Jane Dellar goll er poinsheil. BS; (order) bid

keep cummal: Mine doesn't keep good time - Cha nel yn fer ayms cummal traa mie. JJK idiom; freayll; freaylley; freill; jannoo; tashtey; tastey; cruinnee; reaillys; (to); (dy) reayll: Wit is folly unless a wise man has it to keep - Ta keeall ommijys ny slooid ny t'ee ec dooinney creeney dy reayll. JJK idiom; (to); (dy) vreill: I hope you will keep your promise - Ta mee jerkal dy vreill shiu nyn ghialdyn. JJK idiom; (to); (dy) vochillaght; (to); (dy) hashtey; (n.) shamyr lajer

lay up (v.) cur ny haaue; cur stiagh; stoyral; tashtey; tayrn ass yn aarkey; (impv) tasht-jee; stoyr-jee: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven - Agh stoyr-jee seose berchys diu hene ayns niau Bible; tasht seose: and lay up his words in thine heart - as tasht seose e ghoan ayns dty chree Bible; stoyrey seose: Wise men lay up knowledge - Ta deiney creeney stoyrey seose creenaght Bible

save1 baccey; cheumooie jeh, er-lhimmey jeh; spaarail, storail, tashtey; saue; cheumooie; sauail: His friends, whoever they may be, won't be powerful enough to save him - E chaarjyn, quoi-erbee foddee ad ve, cha bee ad pooaral dy-liooar dy hauail eh. JJK idiom


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