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talk1 beealeraght; caaynt; loayrt: There's nothing to talk about - Cha nel veg dy loayrt mysh. JJK idiom; pleateil; taggloo: You talk more than you study - Ta shiu taggloo ny smoo na gynsagh. JJK idiom

talk2 (n.) (conversation) pleat

talk3 (n.) (by speaker) loayrtys

Inexact matches:

empty talk (n.) raalish

opinionated talk (n.) slatterys

pub talk (n.) taggloo thie-oast

small talk (gen.) mynloayrtys

smooth talk blaaderys; goan bane brynnagh

table talk (n.) taggloo buird

talk about (v.) taggloo mysh

talk at (v.) cur loayrtys da

talk away (v.) ceau yn laa lesh caaynt, loayr roish

talk on (v.) loayrt roish

talk over (v.) cur arraghey aigney er, cur feysht fud y cheilley, loayr mychione echey

talk round (v.) cur arraghey aigney er

Talk ort (intj) Stroll on

bore with talk (v.) cur skeeys er, jannoo blaaderys er

full of talk beeallerey

talk atĀ length (v.) traaghtey

cur arraghey aigney er talk over, talk round

Stroll on (intj) Talk ort

loayr roish talk away

loayrt roish talk on

mynloayrtys small talk

raalish empty talk, twaddle

taggloo buird table talk

taggloo thie-oast pub talk

blaaderys babbling, blarney, smooth talk

cur loayrtys da talk at

goan bane brynnagh smooth talk

loayr mychione echey talk over

pleat pleat, prattle, volubility; (conversation) talk

traaghtey dissertate, talk atĀ length

ceau yn laa lesh caaynt talk away

cur feysht fud y cheilley talk over

cur skeeys er bore with talk, make tired

jannoo blaaderys er bore with talk

slatterys opinionated talk: T'eh jannoo slatterys. DF

farming (n.) eirinys: Weekly talk on farming - Loayrtys shiaghtinoil er eirinys. DF idiom

beeallerey babbler: Ta ben ommijagh ny beeallerey Bible; clamorous, full of talk; chiff-chaff

loayrtys (words) address; (by speaker) talk; vocalization: myr va'n Spyrryd cur bree loayrtys ayndoo Bible; speech

pleateil converse, prate, prattle, talk: Shee Yee orrym t'ad pleateil reesht! Dhoor

learning lioaraght; scoill; ynsagh: Learning is the fine clothing of the rich man - Ta ynsagh coamrey stoamey yn dooinney berchagh. DF idiom; gynsagh: Learning to talk - Gynsagh loayrtys. DF idiom

listening eaishtaght; (v.) geaishtagh: Talk away, I'm not listening - Loayr royd, cha nel mee geaishtagh. DF idiom

politics (n.) politickaght: He doesn't like me to talk about politics - Cha laik lesh mish dy loayrt mychione politicaght. JJK idiom; politig

study (n.) halley studeyrys, shamyr studeyrys; (v.) jannoo studeyrys er; scoillarys, studeyrys; ynsagh: You talk more than you study - Ta shiu taggloo ny smoo na gynsagh. JJK idiom; ynsee: Study your lessons - Ynsee nyn lessoonyn. JJK idiom

wondrous (adj., adv.) yindyssagh: talk ye of all his wondrous works - loayr-jee jeh ooilley e obbraghyn yindyssagh Bible; mirrilagh

wondrous works (npl.) obbraghyn yindyssagh: talk ye of all his wondrous works - loayr-jee jeh ooilley e obbraghyn yindyssagh Bible

beealeraght (f.) babble, chatter, chit-chat, prattling, talk, talkativeness: quoi ec ta anvea ? quoi ec ta beealeraght ? Bible

caaynt (f.) spoken language, spoken word, talk: She Bretnish yn ghlare chadjin ta goll er loayrt sy halley shoh as s'ooraghey t'eh dy chlashtyn caaynt elley ayns ynnyd Baarle. GB

loayrt (=Ir. labhairt) articulation, discourse, express, pipe up, speaking, talk, utter: As scuirr eh dy loayrt rish Bible; (as word) frame

taggloo (=Ir. agallamh) conversation, converse, discourse, dissertation, speech, talk: ren e vraaraghyn taggloo rish Bible; talking; speaking

taggloo mysh comment; talk about: t'eh taggloo mysh geddyn poosit dy gerrid, agh cre'n voayl hed ad dy vaghey lurg shen cha s'ayms Dhoor


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