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taishbynys ellyn art exhibition

taishbynys 1 apocalypse, apparition, demonstration, display, exhibit, exposition, show, show down, showmanship, waxworks a: Cha nel ee jannoo eh agh son taishbynys. DF; 2 (of soldiers) turn out

Inexact matches:

fer taishbynys showman

kishtey taishbynys showcase

pairk taishbynys show ground

taishbynys cabbil horse show

taishbynys draamey theatricals

taishbynys eeanlee poultry show

taishbynys lurgey leg show

taishbynys moddee dog show

taishbynys oie tattoo

taishbynys ollee cattle show

taishbynys rollageagh star shower

taishbynys uinnag window display

ynnyd taishbynys show place, exhibition centre

Taishbynys Eirinys y Jiass Southern Agricultural Show

taishbynys guillyn baa rodeo

Taishbynys Reeoil Eirinys Vannin Royal Manx Agricultural Show

Taishbynys Roar Bree Rhumsaa Ramsey Bike Show

Taishbynys Troar Sulby Sulby Horticultural Society; Sulby Horticultural Show

apocalypse (n.) (n.) ashlish, neuvreidaghey, taishbynys

art exhibition (n.) taishbynys ellyn

cattle show (gen.) taishbynys ollee

demonstration (n.) prowal; soilsheydaght; taishbynys

display musthaa; taishbyney; taishbynys

dog show (n.) taishbynys moddee

exhibition centre ynnyd taishbynys

horse show (n.) taishbynys cabbil

leg show (n.) taishbynys lurgey

poultry show (n.) taishbynys eeanlee

showcase (n.) kishtey taishbynys

show down taishbyney; taishbynys

show ground (n.) pairk taishbynys

showman (n.) fer taishbynys

showmanship (n.) taishbynys

star shower (n.) taishbynys rollageagh

theatricals (n.) taishbynys draamey

turn out6 (n.) (of soldiers) taishbynys

waxworks (n.) jallooyn kereagh, taishbynys

window display (n.) taishbynys uinnag

exposition (n.) meenaghey; soilshaghey magh; taishbynys

mynchreck retail: Ec y traa t'ayn, ta'n chapp-taishbynys ayns Straid Varriaght as va'n ving-phlannal er ghra dy beagh tooilley assee jeant da jeadys-mynchreck y valley dy beagh y chapp-taishbynys caillt. BS

exhibit (v.) cowraghey, soilshaghey, taishbyney; (n.) soilsheydane, taishbynys

Ramsey Bike Show (n.) Taishbynys Roar Bree Rhumsaa

rodeo (n.) chymsagh vaa, taishbynys guillyn baa

Royal Manx Agricultural Show (n.) Taishbynys Reeoil Eirinys Vannin

show place (n.) ynnyd taishbynys, ynnyd haishbynys

Southern Agricultural Show (n.) Taishbynys Eirinys y Jiass

Sulby Horticultural Show (n.) Taishbynys Troar Sulby

Sulby Horticultural Society (n.) Taishbynys Troar Sulby

tattoo1 (n.) dollan ny hoie, tattoo, taishbynys oie

apparition (n.) arraght, ashlins, faaish, scaa, scaan, scanjoon, taishbynys; buggane, fynnodderee, lhiannan-shee

show erreayrt, soilshee; gien; jeeaghyn da: He won't show them to me - Cha jeeagh eh dou ad. JJK idiom; myr yien; shilley; soilshaghey; taishbyney; taishbynys

curlal curl; curling: goaill stiagh taishbynys jeh cultoor noa emshyragh ny h-Albey, caaghyn son bishaghey as cur er hoshiaght turrysaght, co-hirrey golf, troddan doolane curlal as sampleyryn jeh bee as jough veih Nalbin. Dhoor

cur nearey er 1 cheap morally, dishonour; 2 shame, abash, embarrass a: Er aght ennagh va taishbynys yindyssagh ny Britaanee cur nearey er Celtiee elley. Carn

ellynyn arts: va leih cheead jin ayn, agh neesht, yn foays as mieys jeh'n chiaull, rinkeyderyn, arranederyn, roortee as taishbynys ellynyn Carn

foayssagh beneficent, beneficial: Fod kiaulleyderyn goll ny s'menkey stiagh 'sy thieyn-lhionney, as loayrtee marroosyn, jannoo taishbynys roish yn theay dy vel Gaelg bio, foayssagh as aitt. Carn; remedial

noanee new boy, newcomer, novice, recruit: Ghow yn cooish shoh toshiaght sy vlein 1977 tra va sleih choyrt duillageenyn da'n theay noi noanee sidooryn ec yn un cheayrt as va'n armee Sostnagh jannoo taishbynys er y chooylaghyn. Carn

pronnit filled; overcrowd: va shin pronnit stiagh ry cheilley ayns y valley beg Ƨheerey shoh. NNS; stuffed: Agh dooyrt ee dy beagh y kayt pronnit ayns ard-ynnyd ayns taishbynys noa ta goll er troggal. BS

roortee athletes: va leih cheead jin ayn, agh neesht, yn foays as mieys jeh'n chiaull, rinkeyderyn, arrane deryn, roortee as taishbynys ellynyn Carn

skeym scheme: Taishbynys jeh Skeym Iris as yn aght t'eh goll er oi sy jiass, v'eh er ny chummal ayns Purt le Moirrey riyr. BS


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