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taishbyney argue, demonstrate, display, evidence, evince, exhibit, exposure, feature, manifest, parade, produce, production, reveal, revelation, show, show down, show off, sport: she red mie dy row ny scannaneyn goll er taishbyney as dy row sleih dy liooar jeeaghyn orroo. Carn

Inexact matches:

gyn taishbyney unscreened

kishtey taishbyney shop case

er ny taishbyney er ard prominently

display musthaa; taishbyney; taishbynys

evince (v.) taishbyney

shop case (n.) kishtey taishbyney

show down taishbyney; taishbynys

show off (v.) taishbyney

demonstrate (v.) prowal; soilshaghey; taishbyney; (to); (dy) hoilsheeney

argue (v.) arganey, chengleyragh, resoonaghey, resooney, taishbyney; (emph.) argane

exhibit (v.) cowraghey, soilshaghey, taishbyney; (n.) soilsheydane, taishbynys

prominently (adv.) er ny taishbyney er ard

revelation (n.) ashlish, soilshaghey magh, taishbyney, shilley

sport1 aittys; cloie; er y chloie; spoyrt; taishbyney

evidence cowrey: Evidence of disease - Cowrey dourin. DF idiom; feanish; griu; taishbyney

feature (n.) ard-skeeal; cowrey; cummey; eddin; fraue oaie; grooish oaie; taishbyney

exposure (n.) anchoodaghey; feayght; oaie: Southerly exposure - Oaie da'n jiass. DF idiom; roostey: Indecent exposure - Roostey neughlen. DF idiom; taishbyney

manifest coontey lhuingey; feanishagh; fysserit; jannoo cronnal; jeeaghyn; soilshaghey, soilshaghey dy foshlit; taishbyney; (adj.) farsyn

parade (v.) cur er paraid, paraidal, taishbyney; paraid: To go on parade - Dy gholl er paraid. DF idiom; (n.) mooar-hooyl

produce brey; gientyn; gymmyrkey magh; jannoo: They produce films - T'ad jannoo scannaneyn. DF idiom; sheeyney; taishbyney; toarey; yeeillym; ymmyrk magh; (n.) troar: Farm produce - Troar ny thallooin. DF idiom

production (n.) obbragh, gientyn, sheeyney, taishbyney, troarey; jeeillaght: Production of a country - Jeeillaght cheerey. DF idiom; jannoo: Cost of production - Costys jannoo. DF idiom

reveal (v.) ashlaghey; giall; soilshaghey: God shall reveal even this unto you. - nee Jee shoh myrgeddin y hoilshaghey diu bible; soilshaghey magh; taishbyney

show erreayrt, soilshee; gien; jeeaghyn da: He won't show them to me - Cha jeeagh eh dou ad. JJK idiom; myr yien; shilley; soilshaghey; taishbyney; taishbynys

unscreened gyn coadey; gyn coodagh; gyn creearey; gyn fastee; gyn scaa; gyn scrutaghey; gyn taishbyney; neucreearit

carr laadee caisson, lorry, wagon: Myr sampleyr, y pheesh veg ren taishbyney sidooryn Goaldagh ceau corp Sheain Threasaigh stiagh ayns carr-laadee ayns Divlyn. Carn

troghyn troughs: As hoie eh ny slattyn v'eh er speeiney, kiongoyrt rish ny shioltaneyn ayns ny jeeigyn, liorish ny troghyn ushtey Bible; characteristics: freayll kianglaghyn beayn lesh y steat shen, as taishbyney troghyn kynneeagh, cultooroil, crauee, ny troghyn-chengey. Carn; properties; traits: T'eh jannoo list jeh ny troghyn Manninagh raad nagh vel yn Ghaelg goll rish Yernish ny Albinish. Dhoor


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