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taghyrt (=Ir. tachar) 1 (n.) pl. taghyrtyn accident, chance, contingency, contingent, event, experience, fluke, happening, incident, occurrence a: agh ta traa as taghyrt cheet orroo ooilley Bible; 2 (v.) come to pass, eventuate, happen, occur

Inexact matches:

caghlaaghyn taghyrt different happenings, various happenings

corkey taghyrt long-bearded oats

gyn taghyrt uneventful

taghyrt ry-cheilley concur

taghyrt toghtagh moving occasion

trooid taghyrt accidentally

queeyl yn taghyrt (f.) roulette

taghyrt gyn failt unwelcome development: t'eh gra 'taghyrt gyn failt' rish y phlan dy hiaulley orch goul-rooragh leval injil voish ynnyd heshveanagh Dounreay ayns twoaie Nalbin gys Sellafield BS

event (n.) cloie; cor; cruinnaght; taghyrt: I arrived after the event - Raink mee erreish da'n taghyrt. DF idiom

contingency (n.) taghyrt, tuittymaght

contingent taghyrt

different happenings caghlaaghyn taghyrt

eventuate (v.) taghyrt

happen (v.) taghyr; taghyrt: It won't happen again, I'll warrant! - Cha jean eh taghyrt reesht, var a mish! DF idiom; haghyr

happening taghyrt

incident (n.) taghyrt

long-bearded oats (n.) corkey taghyrt

moving occasion (n.) taghyrt toghtagh

occur (v.) taghyrt

occurrence (n.) taghyrt

uneventful (adj.) gyn taghyrt, neuhaghyrtagh

various happenings caghlaaghyn taghyrt

concur1 (v.) co-obbraghey; co-roie; taghyrt ry-cheilley

experience ennaghtyn: You will experience a strange feeling - Hig ennaghtyn quaagh ort. DF idiom; keeayl chionnit: He has learned from experience - Ta keeayl chionnit echey. DF idiom; taghyrt: Terrifying experience for her - Taghyrt atchimagh j'ee. DF idiom; prowal

fluke1 liebage, liehbage; pooghane; taghyrt

perchance (adv.) foddee; trooid-taghyrt

roulette (n.) queeyl yn taghyrt, rollian

unwelcome development (n.) taghyrt gyn failt

trooid-taghyrt accidentally; perchance

accidentally (adv.) dy taghyrtagh; dy tuittymagh; trooid taghyrt; trooid-taghyrt

come to pass (v.) cheet gy kione, taghyrt

accident1 (n.) taghyrt: He met with an accident - Haink drogh haghyrt er. DF idiom; tuittymagh

chance caa: Has he any chance whatever? - Vel caa echey er chor erbee? DF idiom; daill; taghyrt

aspit bishop: Dy cliaghtagh, veagh aspit noa pointit tappee dy liooar, agh cha ren shen taghyrt. Carn

beggid diminutive, diminutiveness, littleness, paltriness: cha nel shoh taghyrt kyndagh rish beggid ny hErin cosoylit rish Sostyn. Carn

cha eddrym so light: Cren aght teh taghyrt eisht dy vel whilleen mee-rioosagh jeh currym cha eddrym as aashagh CS

claareyn (f.) boarding; programming: S'cosoyllagh dy bee shoh taghyrt ayns Nalbin nish as claareyn chellveeish ayns Gàidhlig bishaghey. Carn

colb (f.) body, frontage, torso, trunk: Va'n colb echey er ny lostey dy h-olk kyndagh rish taghyrt ec y thie. BS

colleishyn colleges: Ny yeih shen as ooilley, ta caa ayn dy bee Mannin scapail veih paart jeh ny reddyn agglagh ta taghyrt ayns ny scoillyn as colleishyn ayns Sostyn as Bretin ec y traa t'ayn. Carn

cur lhiettrimys er ban, block, circumscribe, disqualify: My vees ad cur lhiettrimys er giarrey fammanyn quallianyn sy Reeriaght Unnaneyssit, oddagh y red cheddin taghyrt ayns Mannin. BS; handicap; head off

emperuyr emperor: as hass shuas anayn jusyn er enym Agabus, as hoilshi e liorish y spyryd, gy beagh genney vuar tryid magh y tyyl ully: ren taghyrt ayns laghyn yn Emperuyr Claudius. PB1610

feeshag video: Tra phrow Scoill Ard Phurt ny h-Inshey dy gheddyn feeshag Vanninagh taishbynit ec Feailley 1997, cha ren shen taghyrt. Dhoor

fegooish kied unauthorised: cha vod y cretoor sloo surranse liorish goanlys, ny trooid taghyrt, fegooish kied Yee. CS

gyn failt unwelcome: t'eh gra 'taghyrt gyn failt' rish y phlan dy hiaulley orh goul-rooragh leval injil voish ynnyd heshveanagh Dounreay ayns twoaie Nalbin gys Sellafield BS

jeeaghyn neose er overlook: Foddee red erbee taghyrt, foddee ny reddyn syrjey ve currit bun ry skyn, aggle ve currit orroosyn ayns buill ard, ammys orroosyn v'ad jeeaghyn neose er. Dhoor

lannoon aeg happy pair: as cha row gennallys ny cloie gyn loght, ry-laccal dauesyn nish, lheid shen va cooie da lannoon aeg noa-poost, gyn smooinaght' er cre oddagh taghyrt foast. PC

Ny jean boirey (impv) Don't worry: Dooyrt eshyn, kiart, agh ny jean boirey. Cha bee red erbee taghyrt diu. Dhoor

oikoil (=Ir. oifigiúil) official, returned: ta ny Goaldee hene er ghra dy hoikoil dy vel y lheid taghyrt. Carn

Sheanseyr Shinsharagh Senior Scientist: Y Dr Paul McKenna, sheanseyr shinsharagh Reiltys Vannin, t'eh gra 'taghyrt gyn failt' rish y phlan dy hiaulley orch goul-rooragh leval injil voish ynnyd BS

Shirveishyn y Theay (f.) Social Services: v'eh grait dy vel feme er barrantagh çhymnit dy yeeaghyn harrish shirveishyn y theay as ny shirveishyn-gear-cheim, dy hickyraghey nagh jean y lheid taghyrt reesht. BS

tooilleilit troubled: she sh'maynrey diifs, na nii syaghyn erbi taghyrt diifs er grayi ny hynrykys: na bigi aglagh erson agyl erbi iusyn, namu bigi tullielit. PB1610


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