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taah adhere, cement, cleave, coalesce, concrete, conjugate, filling, set, solder, soldering, splice, sweat, unite, weld, welding; mixed: eer myr nagh vel yiarn taah rish cray Bible; anchylosis, coalescence, conjugation, conjunction, union

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gyn taah unset, weldless

taah ry-cheilley anchylose

taah tonn wave-setting

anchylosis (n.) sniemmey, taah

coalescence (n.) co-haah, cohiangley, taah

conjugate co-whingaghey; taah

conjugation (n.) co-whingys, taah

conjunction (n.) co-whingaghey, taah

solder (n.) taah

soldering taah, taa

wave-setting taah tonn

weld taah

welding taah

weldless gyn taah

adposition (n.) taah-ockle

anchylose (v.) sniemmey ry-cheilley, taah ry-cheilley

taah-ockle adposition

adhere (v.) festal; greimmey; lhiann; lhiant; taah

cement (v.) gleiyaghey, gleiyghey, niartaghey, simental; (n.) siment; taah, taahan

coalesce (v.) co-haah, cohiangley, covestey, jannoo, taah

concrete concraid, taah; concraidagh, loaghtagh; (v.) cur concraid er

splice skerin; skerrey; slash; slashal; spleisal; spleise; taah

mixed chione y cheilley, joarrey; covestit, mestit, seiyt; taah

unite roie ry cheilley, sniem ry cheilley, sniemmey ry-cheilley, taahey; taah; unnaneysee; unnaneysey

filling (v.) dooney; lughtaghey; pronney; taah; lhieeney: He is filling the house with trouble - T'eh lhieeney yn thie lesh boirey. DF idiom

sweat (v.) cur magh tastid; gollish; taah; (n.) ollish: The sweat is running down the crack of my arse - Ta'n ollish roie sheese chlash my hoyn. DF idiom

union cochiangley; poosey; taah; unnaneys: The Union of Socialist Soviet Republics - Unnaneys ny Poblaghtyn Soveidjagh Soshallagh. DF idiom

unset (adj.) gyn eddal, gyn goll dy lhie, gyn taah, lhome, neuchuirrit, neuhaahit, neuhoit, neulhejit, neusettit

cleave (v.) giarrey, scaaney, traaue; lhiantyn; lhiantyn da: The Lord shall make the pestilence cleave unto thee - Ver y Chiarn er y chramp dy lhiantyn dhyt B ible; lhiantyn gys: But ye that did cleave unto the Lord your God - Agh shiuish ren lhiantyn gys y Chiarn nyn Yee Bible; lhiantyn huggey: there shall no such cleave unto me - cha jean veg nyn lheid lhiantyn hym Bible; lhiantyn rish: and cleave unto the remnant of these nations - as lhiantyn rish fooilliagh ny ashoonyn shoh Bible; scoltey: And he shall cleave it with the wings thereof - As nee eh scoltey eh lesh e skianyn er Bible; taah

set1 beoyn, reaghey; chymsaght; cuirr; goll dy lhie, goll fo; jesheenaghey, kiartee; laare; lhejey; reaghys; sett; settit; soiagh: And the priest shall set the woman before the Lord - As neen saggyrt soiagh yn ven kiongoyrt y Chiarn Bible; soiaghey: and the door of the ark shalt thou set in the side thereof - as dorrys yn arg nee oo soiagheysy lhiattee echey Bible; soit; starkaghey; taah; troa; hoie: And God set them in the firmament of the heaven - As hoie Jee ad ayns yn aer fo niau Bible; hoit; (to); (dy) hoiaghey: And in cutting of stones, to set them - As ayns giarey claghyn, dy hoiaghey ad Bible; soiaghey jeh; soit: And there was set meat before - As va bee soit roish Bible; soie: Son of man, set thy face against Zidon - Vac y dooinney, soie dty eddin noi Zidon Bible


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