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ta (=Ir. ) am, are, is: Ta mee shen ny ta mee Bible

Inexact matches:

ga ta albeit, although, be it as it may, howbeit, however, nevertheless, notwithstanding: Ga ta niau sauchey veih dy chooilley ghaue oddys pooar iurin noidagh 'hebbal daue PC

my ta however: Nee yn boghtynid shoh jeeyl vooar da'n Cheshaght Obbree Hostnagh - hig yn laa, my ta. Carn

Solley ta (intj) So it is

ta cheet oncoming: neayrs reih mee yn pobble veihn toshiaght? as ny reddyn ta cheet, as ry-hoi cheet, lhig daue ad shen y hoilshaghey Bible

çheeraghyn ta goll er lhiasaghey developing world; developing countries

clou ta heose standing type

Cre'n aght ta shiu (interrog.) How are you: as tra honnick ee mish dooyrt ee 'Moghrey mie ayd Yoe, cha liass dou gra 'Cre'n aght ta shiu? er yn oyr dy vel oo jeeaghyn cho mie. Dhoor

Cre ta ry heet (intj) What next

Cre ta shen (interrog.) What's that: As dooyrt adsyn, Cre ta shen dooinyn? Bible

dooinney ta cheet stiagh incomer

dowan ta gaase expanding universe

ec Jee ta fys God knows: Ec Jee ta fys er ooilley e obbraghyn hene, er-dy hoshiaght y theihll. Bible

fashan ta goaill niart prevailing fashion

fer ta cur lesh stiagh introducer

fer ta cur roish proposer

fer ta loayrt rish accoster

Kanys ta shiu (interrog.) How are you: Dinsh mee da dy row mee ayns slaynt vie as vrie mee jeh "Kanys ta shiu hene?" JC

lioar ta cur er creau (f.) (book) thriller

myr ta heese as under

Nish myr ta (intj) Now then

quoi ec ta fys who knows: As quoi ec ta fys nee dooinney creeney, ny ommydan vees eh ? Bible

red ta cheet voish emanation

seihll ta ry-heet afterlife, futurity: Son cha vel eh er choyrt fo reill ainleyn yn seihll ta ry-heet, my-e-chione ta shin loayrt. Bible

S'merg ta my vea (intj) Woe is me

'sy traa ta ry-heet in the future: Dooyrt shin er-y-fa shen, tra jir ad myr shoh rooin, ny rish nyn sluight, 'sy traa ta ry-heet, dy vod mayd gansoor Bible

ta ammys aym er I think well of him, I hold him in estimation

Ta ... cur failt erriu Welcome to

Ta fys ec Jee (intj) God wot, God knows; For God doth know: Son ta fys ec Jee, er y laa nee shiu gee jeh, dy bee ny sooillyn eu foshlit: as dy bee shiu myr Jeeaghyn toiggal mie as sie. Bible

ta jeru aym I am certified

Ta mee graihagh er I love

ta mee mayrt I am with thee: Ny bee aggle ort, son ta mee mayrt Bible

ta mish lhiat I am with thee: As hoilshee'n Chiarn eh-hene da 'syn oie cheddin, as dooyrt eh, Mish Jee Abraham dty ayrey: ny gow aggle, son ta mish lhiat, as nee'm oo y vannaghey Bible

ta mish mayrt I am with thee: As cur-my-ner, ta mish mayrt, as neem's oo y reayll, ayns dy chooilley ynnyd raad t'ou goll Bible

ta my haie fys aym I know full well

ta rieau ayn time-honoured

ta ry heet prospective: ayns ny earishyn ta ry heet. Bible

ta shen dy ghra namely, videlicet, viz, wit: lhiennoo eh adsyn Boanerges, ta shen dy ghra, Cloan ny taarnee Bible

Ta shiu cheet (intj) Hello

Ta X bannaghey nyn mea Welcome to X

Ta X cur failt erriu Welcome to X

ta X lesh Y X belongs to Y, Y owns X

traa ta ry-heet futurity: nagh jir yn chloan euish rish y chloan ainyn ayns y traa ta ry-heet, Cha vel ayrn euish ayns y Chiarn. Bible

adsyn ta cummallyn-maillee oc dy eeck tenants

cha nee agh adsyn mie ta geddyn baase as ad aeg only the good die young

Co-ving Tinvaal mychione Prinsabylyn Bunraghtoil ta girree ass Billey Lhiasaghey Reihyssagh Joint Committee on Constitutional Principles raised by the Electoral Reform Bill

fer ta goll gys ny cloiag playgoer

S'bastagh shen (intj) That's a pity: S'bastagh shen-ta shen ram Baarle! Dhoor

dy giare brusquely: 'Scosoylagh nagh bee eh feer aashagh diu dy hoiggal er yn oyr shen, agh shen yn aght ayns ny shenn daanyn Gaelgagh-ta gagh ooilley nhee rait dy giare, dy rooisht, bunnys gyn jesheen erbee. Coraa


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