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system (n.) aght; corys: The solar system - Corys ny greiney. DF idiom; coarys; oardreilys

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control system (n.) coarys-gurneil, coarys-stiuree

education system (n.) coarys-ynsee

electoral system (n.) coarys reihyssagh

immune system coarys ym-yeenaght, coarys-jeenaght

information system (n.) coarys-fysseree

legal system (n.) coarys leighagh

metric system (n.) aght meadragh

nervous system (n.) corys nearag

operating system (n.) coarys-obbree

parliamentary system (n.) coarys parlamaidagh

penal system (n.) coarys-kerree

planning system (n.) coarys-plannal

protection system (n.) coarys-coadee

railway system (n.) corys raad yiarn

solar system (n.) corys ny greiney

system performance cooilleeney-coarys

tax system (n.) coarys-keesh

two-tier system (n.) coarys daa-leval

water system (n.) aght ushtey, corys ushtey

integrated computer system (n.) coarys co-earrooder cochianglt

National Insurance system (n.) coarys Urrysaght Ashoonagh

Peer Education System (n.) Coarys-ynsee Sleih Cosoylagh

tax relief system (n.) coarys-coonee keeshyn

aght meadragh metric system

aght ushtey water system

coarys daa-leval two-tier system

coarys-fysseree information system

coarys-gurneil control system

coarys-jeenaght immune system

coarys leighagh legal system

coarys-obbree operating system

coarys parlamaidagh parliamentary system

coarys-plannal planning system

coarys reihyssagh electoral system

coarys-stiuree control system

coarys ym-yeenaght immune system

coarys-ynsee education system

cooilleeney-coarys system performance

corys nearag nervous system

corys ushtey water system

oardreilys (f.) order, system

coarys-keesh tax system; tax regime

corys ny greiney solar system

corys raad yiarn railway system

coarys co-earrooder cochianglt integrated computer system

coarys Urrysaght Ashoonagh National Insurance system

Coarys-ynsee Sleih Cosoylagh Peer Education System

educational (adj.) ynsee: Our educational system - Nyn gorys ynsee. DF idiom

conveyance (n.) caghlaa shelloo, screeuyn shelloo; ymmyrkey: Public system of conveyance - Corys ymmyrkey. DF idiom

aght (=Ir. acht) manner, means, method, plight, practice, procedure, skill, style, system: Cha jean-ym arragh yn seihll y stroie er yn aght shoh Bible; way; parliamentary act

coarys See corys system: Oddagh y reiltys er ngoll er castey lesh nearey, erreish da oltey lurg oltey v'er deyrey ny caghlaaghyn treealtyssit ayns coarys ny kiedyn-obbyr. BS

coarys-coadee protection system: Dooyrt yn Ard-Reiragh Mike Proffitt dy ren coarys-coadee ayns Blackpool ayns Sostyn giarrey yn lectraghys, er y fa dy ren eh gaghtey ny smoo tappee na'n coarys-coadee ayns Mannin tra haink foill rish ayn BS

coarys-coonee keeshyn tax relief system: Ta Mainshtyr y Radlagh credjal dy vod y coarys-coonee keeshyn t'ayn nish jannoo foays dauesyn as kuse dy hieyn oc. BS

coarys-kerree penal system: Edgar Quine, yn Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Ayre, t'eh gra dy lhisagh coarys-kerree Vannin goll er aa-ronsaghey veih bun gys baare. BS

corys chorus; communications: Yiare yn sterrym yn corys chaghteraght eddyr y daa valley. DF; system


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