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syrjey greatest, highest: yn ayrn syrjey jeh joan y theihll. Bible

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cheim syrjey (f.) (yn) maximum

coorseyn-ynsee syrjey higher education courses

meill syrjey upper lip

Scoill Syrjey (f.) Upper School

stundayrt syrjey highest standard

syrjey na (ny) above: jeant ny syrjey na ny niaughyn Bible

Colleish Ellan Vannin son Ynsagh Sodjey as Syrjey Isle of Man College of Further and Higher Education

greatest (adj.) smoo: He was reckoned among the greatest princes - V'eh coontit mastey ny prinsyn smoo. JJK idiom; syrjey: The greatest Manxman that ever was - Yn Manninagh s'yrjey dy row rieau ayn. DF idiom; s'urrymee

highest (adj.) b'yrjey; syrjey: The highest one - Y fer syrjey. DF idiom; s'ardjey: The highest power - Y pooar s'ardjey. DF idiom

highest standard (n.) stundayrt syrjey

upper lip (n.) meill syrjey

Upper School (n.) Scoill Syrjey

gallereeyn galleries: Nish va ny shamyryn syrjey ny scooney: son va ny gallereeyn ny syrjey na ad shoh, nan chamyr sinjil ny meanagh yn vuildal Bible

loayrt goan mollaghtagh blaspheme: As nee eh loayrt goan mollaghtagh noi yn er smoo syrjey, as ver eh mow nooghyn yn er smoo syrjey, as gowee eh er dy chaghlaa traaghyn, as leighyn Bible

s'yrjey (=Ir. is airde) (ny) greater: As ta'n Kiannooyrtys shoh jeant seose jeh yn Kiannooyrt as daa hamyr:- yn shamyr s'inshley, enmyssit yn Kiare as Feed, as yn shamyr s'yrjey, enmyssit yn Coonceil Carn

above (prep.) cheu heose jeh; (ny) shlee na; (ny) smoo na; (ny) syrjey na: He is above me in rank - T'eh ny s'yrjey na mish. DF idiom; erskyn: It was above his head - V'eh erskyn e chione. DF idiom; heose: As stated above - Myr t'eh rait heose. DF idiom; harrish: Above value - Harrish y chione. DF idiom

higher education courses (npl.) coorseyn-ynsee syrjey

fer-syrjey chief: Hug y Chiarn neesht taarnagh veih niau, as ren y Fer-syrjey coyrt e haarnagh: claghyn-sniaghtee, as smarageyn d'aile. Bible

maximum (yn) cheim smoo; (yn) cheim syrjey; (yn) chooid smoo

inshley lower, minimum, nether: veih'n chamyr s'inshley gys yn chamyr syrjey. Bible

parlar parlour: jeh ny shamyryn syrjey, as jeh ny parlaryn cheu-sthie Bible

vees will be, shall be: cha nee uss vees yn fer syrjey Bible

chief (pref.) ard-; (n.) ard-er, ard-ghooinney, eaghtyrane, fer-syrjey, kiannoort, kionard, kione, kione reiltagh, toshiagh, triah; (adj.) mooar, toshee

greater s'moo: The more difficult a thing is, the greater the honour in doing it - Myr s'doillee red, smoo yn onnor jannoo eh. JJK idiom; (adj.) (ny) s'yrjey

Isle of Man College of Further and Higher Education (n.) Colleish Ellan Vannin son Ynsagh Sodjey as Syrjey

priest (n.) coillar bane, jed; saggyrt: priest of the most high God - saggyrt yn Jee smoo syrjey Bible

sing (v.) cronnaney, kiaulley; kiaulleeagh: Doesn't he sing pretty well? - Nagh vel eh kiaulleeagh feer vie? JJK idiom; goaill arrane: Let us sing more loudly - Lhig dooin goaill arrane ny s'yrjey. JJK idiom

accan y yannoo lay a complaint: as gowee eh padjer, gys yn er smoo syrjey, as foshlee eh e veeal ayns padjer, as nee eh accan y yannoo son e pheccaghyn. Apoc

beinn (=Ir. beinn and bin) (f.) apex, ben, mountain, pike, pinnacle, summit, tine of deer: hoie eh eh er beinn toor syrjey yn chiamble Bible [O.Ir. benn]

beinnyn peaks: T'eh geearree drappal seose ny beinnyn syrjey ayns gagh nane jeh ny shiaght mooar-rheynnyn sy teihll. BS

bowaghyn bows: ayns ny ynnydyn s'inshley cooyl y voalley, as er ny ynnydyn syrjey, eer hoie mee yn pobble, rere dagh ught-thie, lesh nyn gliwenyn, shleiyghyn, as bowaghyn. Bible

cheet magh ass emergent, step out: Nagh vel mie as sie cheet magh ass beeal yn er-syrjey? Bible

coyrt magh hand out, supply, bring forth, send forth, output: ren y fer-syrjey coyrt magh e choraa. Bible

cur stiagh plaiynt accuse: Tra nagh vel ny ainleyn ta ny syrjey ayns pooar as niart, cur stiagh plaiynt oltooanagh nyn 'oï oc kiongoyrt rish y Chiarn.

fer (=Ir. fear) pl. fir bloke, chap, fellow, gentleman, individual, male, man, one: dagh fer y dooinney syrjey jeh kynney e ayraghyn Bible [O.Ir. fer]

fluigh COMPARE fliugh :1 wet: ren eh gyndyr er faiyr myr ny dew, as va e chorp fluigh lesh druight yn aer; derrey hooar eh toiggal, dy vel y Jee smoo syrjey reill ayns reeriaght deiney Bible

garey Yee garden of God: Cha row ny cedaryn ayns garey Yee ny syrjey na eshyn Bible

Grayseyn (Ny); (The) Graces: As nish ta ayn ny three grayseyn shoh, credjue, treishteil, as graih; agh yn grayse syrjey jeu shoh graih. PB1765

greie-chaggee slaughter weapon: haink shey deiney veih raad y yiat syrjey ta lesh y twoaie, as dy chooilley ghooinney lesh greie-chaggee ny laue Bible

jeant wheesh partly done, made so much: Jeant wheesh shen syrjey na ny ainley'n, myr t'eh liorish eiraght er gheddyn ennym s'ooasle na t'adsyn. Bible

jeeaghyn neose er overlook: Foddee red erbee taghyrt, foddee ny reddyn syrjey ve currit bun ry skyn, aggle ve currit orroosyn ayns buill ard, ammys orroosyn v'ad jeeaghyn neose er. Dhoor

magher y ghialleyder fuller's field: As tra v'ad er jeet seose, haink ad as hass ad liorish coorse-ushtey yn loghan syrjey, ta er y raad-vooar liorish magher y ghialleyder. Bible

neuhickyr apocryphal, chancy, debatable, fluky, indefinite, infirm, insecure, loose, precarious, uncertain, unsettled, unstable, unsteadfast, unsteady, unsure: Neu-hickyr myr ushtey, cha nee uss vees yn fer syrjey Bible; improbable

phadeyr pl. phadeyryn prophet: bee uss lhiannoo enmyssit phadeyr yn Er-syrjey Bible; seer

pooaraghyn powers: Lhig da dy chooilley annym ve biallagh da ny pooaraghyn syrjey Bible

s'diuney (ny) deeper: Teh ny syrjey na niau; cre oddys oo y yannoo? ny sdiuney na niurin; cren tushtey oddysve ayd jeh? Bible; deepest: ooilley ny ta giu ushtey, er nyn gherjaghey ayns ardjyn s'diuney y thallooin. Bible

shooyl harrish range: Ta daa ghooinney ynnydagh kiarail shooyl harrish ny kiare mulleeyn as feed syrjey ayns Mannin. BS

thaish (f.) whisper: Myr sodjey goll, er-lesh dy geayll eh thaish myr coraa bioee, as ny syrjey gaase myr sniessey da v'eh cheet; agh goo er-lheh cha dod eh 'hoiggal dy yannoo ymmyd jeh. PC

middlemost (adj.) mean: the building was straitened more than the lowest and the middlemost from the ground - van buildal goit stiagh ny smoo na van ayrn sinshley as y mean veihn thalloo Bible; meanagh: galleries were higher than these, than the lower, and than the middlemost of the building - va ny gallereeyn ny syrjey na ad shoh, nan chamyr sinjil ny meanagh yn vuildal Bible


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