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fullynagh patient: touigi bogey ayns treisteel: bigi fullynagh ayns syaghyn. PB1610

boghtynys adversities, misery: O kre yn syaghyn muary, as boghtanys ta us erna iaghyn duys ? Psalm1610; slenderness

dys y chooid sodjey to the uttermost: JEAN us arrey ayns dygh ully red: fulli syaghyn, jean gys y jere obeyr ferr uiskell, jean t'oik gys y ghuidd soje, bii koourit. PB1610

feer aggys very present: She jih nan dreisteel as gniart : kuney firaggys ayns syaghyn. Psalm1610

keoiys rage, savageness, furiousness: Hilg e kaeiys y ghorri oriusyn, farg, jumuys, as syaghyn as hugg e drogh ainilyn nan maskysyn. Psalm1610

lheieit consumed: jean myghin orym, o hiarn, erson ta mi ayns syaghyn : as ta my huilyn lyaeit erson fiir trimshey, gy jaru manym as my ghorp. Psalm1610; liquefied

neugherjoil disconsolate, unjoyful, comfortless: nish erson syaghyn niaugyrjuyl dyn ymmyrtysagh : as erson osney douin ny moghtyn. Psalm1610

tooilleilit troubled: she sh'maynrey diifs, na nii syaghyn erbi taghyrt diifs er grayi ny hynrykys: na bigi aglagh erson agyl erbi iusyn, namu bigi tullielit. PB1610

ymmyrkit carried, carted, transported: T'ayd ymmyrkit shyas gys neau, as shiis riist gys y difnid : ta nan anym liaey er shiul erson yn syaghyn. Psalm1610; supported, sustained


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