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sword (n.) cliwe: He ran a sword through him - Hug eh cliwe ny hrooid. DF idiom

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drawn sword (n.) cliwe lommyrtagh, cliwe loamrit

fiery sword (n.) cliwe aileagh

flaming sword (n.) cliwe ailagh

naked sword (n.) cliwe rooisht

small sword (n.) cliwe keyl

sword belt (n.) cryss chliwe

sword cut (n.) giarrey cliwe

sword dance (n.) daunse cliwe

Sword Field (n.) Magher y Chliwe

sword handle (n.) cass chliwe, doarn

sword master (n.) mainshtyr cliwe

sword thrust (n.) seiy cliwe

two-edged sword (n.) cliwe dy ghaa-foyr

fall by the sword (v.) a: and I will cause him to fall by the sword in his own land - as ver-yms er tuittym liorish y chliwe ayns e heer hene Bible

Hill of the Sword (n.) Cronk y Cliwe

point of the sword (n.) baare y chliwe

principal Sword Bearer (n.) Ard-er-Cliwe

Sword of Orion (n.) Slat yn Ree

Ard-er-Cliwe principal Sword Bearer

cass chliwe (f.) sword handle

cryss chliwe (f.) sword belt

daunse cliwe sword dance

giarrey cliwe sword cut

seiy cliwe sword thrust

sword-arm (n.) laue yesh

sword-bearer (n.) fer cliwe, ymmyrkagh cliwe

sword-making cliwenys

sword-stick (n.) slat chliwe

cliwe keyl rapier, small sword

cliwenys sword-making

fer cliwe sword-bearer

Magher y Chliwe Sword Field

slat chliwe (f.) sword-stick

ymmyrkagh cliwe sword-bearer

Cronk y Cliwe Hill of the Sword

mainshtyr cliwe fencing master, sword master

Slat yn Ree Sword of Orion

edged (adj.) foyragh: Two-edged sword - Cliwe daa-foyragh. DF idiom; geyre

fall out (v.) tuittym; tuittym ass: and I will cause the sword to fall out of his hand - as ver-ym er y chliwe dy huittym ass e laue Bible

fastened upon kianlt er: and upon it a girdle with a sword fastened upon his loins in the sheath thereof - as er e chryss va cliwe ayns fine kianlt er e veeghyn Bible

I shall put derym, derrym; yioym, yioyms, yioym's; ver-yms: when I shall put my sword into the hand of the king of Babylon - tra ver-yms my chliwe ayns laue ree Vabylon Bible

I will slay marr-ym: I will slay the last of them with the sword - marr-ym yn sluight oc lesh y chliwe Bible; (emph.) marr-yms: I will slay Ishmael the son of Nethaniah - marr-yms Ishmael mac Nethaniah Bible

shall fall huittys: therefore they shall fall among them that fall - shen-y-fa nee ad tuittym mastey ad shen huittys Bible; tuittee: and they shall fall before you by the sword - as tuittee ad rhymbiu liorish y chliwe Bible

shall help chooinys: it is not my sword that shall help me - cha nee my chliwe chooinys lhiam Bible

shall pursue eiyree: the sword shall pursue thee - eiyree yn cliwe orts Bible; lhiannee: and they shall pursue thee until thou perish - as lhiannee ad dhyt, derrey hed oo naardey Bible

shall slay marree: He shall slay with the sword thy daughters in the field - As marree eshyn dty inneenyn lesh y chliwe ayns y vagher Bible

sheath (n.) fine: and will draw forth my sword out of his sheath - as tayrn-ym my chliwe ass e fine, Bible; trealy

baare y chliwe point of the sword: thousane thousaneyn spyrryd roie dy chion roish baare y chliwe dy scapail nyn gione, PC

cliwe (=Ir. claíomh) pl. cliwenyn sword: livrey eh mee veih cliwe Pharaoh Bible [O.Ir. claideb, (pl.) claidib]

cliwe ailagh flaming sword: hoie eh kione-har garey Eden Cherubim, as cliwe ailagh va chyndaa er dy chooilley heu Bible

cliwe aileagh fiery sword: eilley chreoi jeh adamant va mysh as cliwe aileagh bucklit gys e lhesh PC

cliwe dy ghaa-foyr two-edged sword: Agh tan jerrey eck sharroo myr yn ullymar, gyere myr cliwe dy ghaa-foyr. Bible

cliwe loamrit drawn sword: honnick eh ainle y Chiarn ny hassoo eddyr niau as y thalloo, lesh cliwe loamrit ny laue sheeynt magh harrish Jerusalem: Bible

cliwe lommyrtagh drawn sword: Eisht Beelzebub, va foast prince flaunyssagh, - ayns e laue yesh lhian cliwe lommyrtagh PC; sabre rattler

cliwe rooisht naked sword: Bayr coon agh liauyr va eddyr ad ny-neesht, cagliagh annoon noi noid 's y cliwe rooisht! PC

doarn (f.) (pl -yn) 1 See doayrn pl. duirn fist a: Gow lane-doarn dy figgyn Bible; 2 grip, pad, sword handle

laue yesh (f.) right hand, sword-arm: cur dty laue yesh er y chione echeysyn Bible

abideth (v.) fuirriaghtyn: He that abideth in this city shall die by the sword - Eshyn ta fuirriaghtynsyn ard-valley shoh, yiow eh baase lesh y chliwe Bible; surranse: all that abideth not the fire ye shall make go through the water - ooilley nagh vel surranse yn aile, ver shiu er dy gholl trooid yn ushtey Bible; fuirriaght: he abideth at Jerusalem - teh fuirriaght ec Jerusalem Bible; er-mayrn: thou hast laid the foundation of the earth, and it abideth - tou er hoiaghey undin ny hooirey, as te er-mayrn Bible; tannaghtyn: but the earth abideth for ever - agh tan thalloo tannaghtyn veih sheeloghe gys sheeloghe Bible

approach (n.) beeal; (v.) cheet; trooid; tayrn er-gerrey da: thy days approach that thou must die - ta laa dty vaaish tayrn er-gerrey; cheet er-gerrey: he that made him can make his sword to approach unto him - cha vod agh cliwe yn Er-croo cheet er-gerrey da Bible

childless (adj.) dyn chloan: and he died childless - as hooar eshyn baase dyn chloan Bible; gyn cloan: As the sword hath made women childless - Myr ta dty chliwe er nyannoo mraane gyn cloan Bible; gyn sluight: what wilt thou give me, seeing I go childless - cre ver oo dou, fakin dy vel mee gyn sluight Bible; fegooish cloan: so shall thy mother be childless among women - shen myr vees dty voir fegooish cloan mastey mraane Bible

edge1 (v.) cur beeal er; cur oirr er; geyraghey; giarrey ny h-oiryn jeh; (n.) cor; dreeym; chemmal; foyr: with the edge of the sword - lesh foyr yn chliwe Bible; oirr: in the edge of the wilderness - rish oirr yn aasagh Bible; scain; slyst: in the edge of the land of Edom - er slyst cheer Edom Bible

fastened (v.) chrogh; sniemmey: And the two ends of the two wreathen chains they fastened in the two ouches - As daa chione y daa link feeit ren ad sniemmeysy daa socket Bible; kianlt: a sword fastened upon his loins - fine kianlt er e veeghyn Bible; jeant shickyr: with a footstool of gold, which were fastened to the throne lesh stoyl-coshey dy airh, va jeant shickyr gys y stoyl-reeoil Bible; shickyraghey: Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? - Cre er ta ny undinyn echey er ny hickyraghey? Bible; eiyrit shickyr: and as nails fastened by the masters of assemblies - as myr treinaghyn eiyrit shickyr liorish mainshtyryn y cho-chruinnaght Bible; lhian: there came a viper out of the heat, and fastened on his hand - haink ard-nieu ass y chiass, as lhian eh rish e laue. Bible

flee1 (v.) chea: they shall flee, as fleeing from a sword - nee ad chea, myr veihn chliwe Bible; chea ersooyl: And he that is courageous among the mighty shall flee away - As nee yn dooinney dunnal mastey ny treanee chea ersooyl Bible; chea roish, chea voish; chea veih: I flee from the face of my mistress Sarai - Ta mee roie er chea veih eddin my venainshtyr Bible; (dy) chosney ersooyl; roie er-chea: ye shall flee when none pursueth you - nee shiu roie er-chea, tra nagh bee fer erbee er nyn eiyrts Bible; cosne roish: Therefore now flee thou to thy place - Shen-y-fa nish, cosne royd gys dtynnyd hene Bible; (impv) roie-jee: Flee, save your lives - Roie-jee er-chea, saue-jee nyn mioys Bible

point2 (n.) baare: The point of the sword - Baare y chliwe. DF idiom; birr, byr; bod; gob: Seal Point - Gob ny Rauney. DF idiom; kione: The Point of Ayre light - Thie Soilshey Kione ny Hayrey. DF idiom; point: Fourteen degrees below freezing point - Kiare keimyn jeig fo point rio. JJK idiom; poynt: You can give her a point or two to leeward John - Foddee oo poynt ny ghaa y lhiggey lhee Yuan. DF idiom; (v.) jeeraghey


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