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sweet (n.) bee millish, milljan; (adj.) bing, meen, oor, blaystal; smillish; millish: Sweet to take but bitter to pay - Millish dy ghoaill agh sharroo dy eeck. DF idiom

Inexact matches:

meadow sweet (n.) lus ny guillyn aegey, lus villish ny lheeannagh

sweet almond (n.) almon millish

sweet bay (n.) billey buigh

sweet biscuit (n.) brishtag villish

sweet briar (n.) dress villish

sweet broom (n.) guilckagh villish

sweet cane (n.) cane millish

sweet cherry (n.) shillish feie

sweet cicely (n.) myrrh

sweet drink (n.) jough villish, milljag

sweet flag (n.) cliogagh millish

sweet grass (n.) faiyr villish

sweet lime (n.) theiley millish

sweet maker (n.) broieder shugyr

sweet meadowgrass (n.) faiyr sonnys

sweet oil (n.) ooill vee

sweet pea (n.) pishyr villish

sweet potato (n.) praase Spaainagh

sweet savour: (n.) soar millish

sweet shop (n.) shapp milljan

sweet smell (n.) soar mie, soar millish

sweet tangle (n.) fam bwoirryn, famlagh bwoirryn

sweet taste (n.) blass millish

sweet tempered (adj.) keain, soccaragh

sweet William (n.) lus lieh yn touree, lus ny guillyn

sweet wine (n.) feeyn millish

throat sweet (n.) milleen-scoarnee

sweet mountain fern (n.) renniagh villish

almon millish sweet almond

blass millish sweet taste

brishtag villish (f.) sweet biscuit

cliogagh millish sweet flag

faiyr sonnys sweet meadowgrass

faiyr villish (f.) sweet grass

fam bwoirryn sweet tangle

famlagh bwoirryn sweet tangle

feeyn millish (=Ir. fion milis) sweet wine

guilckagh villish (f.) sweet broom

pishyr villish (f.) sweet pea

praase Spaainagh (f.) sweet potato

shapp milljan sweet shop

soar mie sweet smell

soar millish sweet smell: agh cha bee ad er nyn lostey er yn altar, son soar millish. Bible; incense; sweet savour:

theiley millish sweet lime

bitter-sweet croanreisht; feoh gorrym; lus ny hoie; sharroo as millish

sweet-tempered keain, soccaragh

sweet-toothed (adj.) currit da'n chugyr

croanreisht bitter-sweet

currit da'n chugyr sweet-toothed

dress villish (f.) eglantine, sweet briar

feoh gorrym bitter-sweet

jough villish (f.) nectar, sweet drink

keain (=Ir. caoin) sweet-tempered, sweet tempered; (of memory) tender

lus ny guillyn (f.) sweet William

lus ny hoie (f.) bitter-sweet

milleen-scoarnee throat pastille, throat sweet

milljag (f.) mead; squash, sweet drink

renniagh villish (f.) sweet mountain fern

sharroo as millish bitter-sweet

billey buigh bay tree, sweet bay

broieder shugyr sugar boiler, sweet maker

lus lieh yn touree (f.) sweet William

lus ny guillyn aegey (f.) meadow sweet

lus villish ny lheeannagh (f.) meadow sweet

milljan chocolate drop, sweet, sweetmeat, tablet, tabloid

ooill vee (f.) cooking oil, sweet oil

shillish feie (f.) gean, sweet cherry, wild cherry

potato (n.) praase: Sweet potato - Praase Spaainagh. DF idiom; priddyr, puddase

myrrh myrrh, sweet cicely: cur lhieu spiceyn, as balm, as myrrh Bible

bitter1 garg; gargaghey; gart; geyre; gort; sharroo, shirroo: Sweet to take but bitter to pay - Millish dy ghoaill agh sharroo dy eeck. JJK idiom

darling (n.) graih; (adj.) meen, millish; myrneen: My sweet darling - My vyrneen villish. DF idiom

gentle (n.) crooag; koynrit; (adj.) meein; meen: His words are gentle and insinuating - Ta e ghoan meen as brynnyragh. JJK idiom; mial; meeley: A gentle fire makes sweet malt - Ta aile meeley jannoo braih millish. JJK idiom

honey (n.) mill: but it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey - agh bee eh millish ayns dty veeal myr mill Bible; myrneen

malt (v.) braghey; (n.) braih: A gentle fire makes sweet malt - Ta aile meeley jannoo braih millish. JJK idiom; bry

mare's milk (n.) bainney laairagh: The mare's milk is very sweet - Ta bainney laairagh feer villish. DF idiom

bee millish sweet: stoo jeant jeh kay, bainney as flooyr, ta ry gheddyn ayns bee millish y Niar Veanagh CnyO; sweetmeat

bing (f.) (pl -aghyn, pl -yn) committee, jury, tribunal: Cre ta currym dooinney t'er ny loo ayns bing? CS; (adj.) melodious, musical, shrill, sweet, tuneful: T'ee cha bing as yn ushag. DF [O.Ir. bind]

blaystal savoury, sweet, seasoned, dainty: da'n accryssagh ta dy chooilley nhee sharroo, blaystal. Bible; expressive; tasteful

cane millish sweet cane: Gys cre'n ymmyd ta incense cheet hym's veih Sheba, as y cane millish veih cheer foddey jeh? Bible

meen bland, darling, dear, meek, mild, patient, pet, quiet, soft, sweet: son ta mee meen as imlee ayns cree Bible

millish1 balmy, darling, dulcet, fruity, honeyed, luscious, sugary, sweet: nee shiu chebbal oural-losht, son soar millish Bible

millish2 fragrant; sweet: Lhig da ny briwnyn oc cherraghtyn ayns ynnydyn claghagh: dy vod ad clashtyn, my ghoan, son t'ad millish. Bible

oor (=Ir. uair, úr) (adj.) crisp, fresh, green, new, novel, raw, sappy, span, sweet, unsalted, unseasoned, untainted, untanned, unused: Gow yn eill as ny berreenyn oor. Bible; (f.) pl. ooraghyn, ooryn hour: va dorraghys harrish ooilley yn cheer, gys yn nuyoo oor. Bible; crude

smillish sweet: Agh dell uss rhyms, O Hiarn, cordail rish dty Ennym: son smillish ta dty vyghin Bible

soccaragh (=Ir. socarach) 1 easy-going, forbearing, good-natured, leisurely, moderate, pacific, placid, staid, sweet-tempered, unexcitable, unruffled, easygoing, sweet tempered a: shegin da ny shirveishee ve soccaragh Bible; 2 (as person) slow; 3 sedate

nice (adj.) braew: The tea was nice and sweet - Va'n tey braew millish. DF idiom; taitnyssagh: Nice tune - Carr taitnyssagh. DF idiom; mie: That is a nice situation - Ta shen boayl mie. DF idiom; jesh: Nice car - Gleashtan jesh. DF idiom; coar: Nice man - Dooinney coar. DF idiom

sour1 gear: Sweet and sour - Gear as millish. DF idiom; geayr; geayraghey: The heat has turned the milk sour - Ta'n chiass er n'ghearaghey y bainney. DF idiom; geyre: It smells sour - Ta soar geyre jeh. DF idiom; gyere; sharroo: Sour-lime - Theiley sharroo. DF idiom; soor: Sour milk - Bainney soor. DF idiom; sooraghey


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