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surranse abide, bear, endure, resignation, stick out, suffer, undergo: cre'n-fa ta mee foast surranse tranlaase? Bible; abideth

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carr surranse ambulance

surranse baase die: Agh ta shin fakin Yeesey, va jeant son tammylt ny s'inshley na ny ainleyn, liorish surranse baase, coamrit lesh gloyr as ooashley Bible

surranse foddey (f.) long-suffering: Ta graih surranse foddey, as t'ee dooie; cha vel graih troo Bible; patience

resignation (n.) irree ass, surranse

sufferance (n.) fuillaghtyn, kied, surranse

abideth (v.) fuirriaghtyn: He that abideth in this city shall die by the sword - Eshyn ta fuirriaghtynsyn ard-valley shoh, yiow eh baase lesh y chliwe Bible; surranse: all that abideth not the fire ye shall make go through the water - ooilley nagh vel surranse yn aile, ver shiu er dy gholl trooid yn ushtey Bible; fuirriaght: he abideth at Jerusalem - teh fuirriaght ec Jerusalem Bible; er-mayrn: thou hast laid the foundation of the earth, and it abideth - tou er hoiaghey undin ny hooirey, as te er-mayrn Bible; tannaghtyn: but the earth abideth for ever - agh tan thalloo tannaghtyn veih sheeloghe gys sheeloghe Bible

foddey-surranse forbearance

surranse-foddey forbearance: Er nyn niartaghey lesh slane troshid, cordail rish y phooar gloyroil echeysyn, gys dy chooilley veenid as surranse-foddey, lesh gennallys PB1765

ambulance1 (n.) carr surranse, carr-lheihys, gleashtan lheihys; carbyd-lheeys, carbyd-lheihys

long-suffering (adj.) foddey-hurransagh; (n.) surranse foddey, fuillaghtyn foddey

stick out (v.) gobbey magh, seiy magh, surranse

undergo (v.) goll trooid, surranse; goll fo

endure (v.) cummal magh, cummal rish, fannaghtyn, farraghtyn, fuillaghtyn, surral, surranse, ymmyrkey, tannaghtyn

forbearance (n.) foddey-surranse, surranse-foddey; soccarys, soccaryssid; staayney; fuilliaghtys

baaseyn deaths: Nee uss surranse baaseyn ny chymmyltee, liorish laueyn joarree Bible

kerraghey dowil vengeance: surranse kerraghey dowil yn aile dy bragh farraghtyn. Bible

loshtaghyn burnings: quoi nyn mastey oddys surranse ayns loshtaghyn dy bragh farraghtyn! Bible

sheeltys (f.) abstemiousness, temperance: As gys tushtey, sheeltys; as gys sheeltys, surranse Bible; (from alcohol) abstinence

abide (v.) tannaghtyn, fuirree, tannee; farkee; reaillys; fannaghtyn; farkiaght; surranse; (to); (dy) hannaghtyn: I can't abide her - Cha noddym jannoo r'ee. DF idiom To abide by a promise - Dy hassoo liorish gialdyn. DF idiom

burnings (npl.) loshtaghyn: who among us shall dwell with everlasting burnings? - quoi nyn mastey oddys surranse ayns loshtaghyn dy bragh farraghtyn! Bible

die1 cab, kiarroo; (v.) fow baase, paartail, goaill eig, fuillaghtyn baase; geddyn baase: He'd rather die than betray his king - Bare lesh geddyn baase na brah e ree. JJK idiom; surranse baase; (to); (dy) gheddyn baase

patience (n.) cloie ny lomarcan; meeinid; meenid: She must have a great deal of patience - Shegin ve mooarane meenid eck. JJK idiom; meenys; surranse foddey; fuillaghtyn

suffer (v.) coayl, surr; fuillagh; fuillaghtyn; lhiggey; surral; surranse; surrys; surree: He'll suffer the scoff if he gets the lot - Surree eh yn flout my yiow eh yn glout. JJK idiom

aanoaghey rejuvenate, renew, renovate: Va e'er ny çhiarnyn surranse ny drogh-eiyrtyssyn jeh shoh, as eirinee ny gowaltyssyn mooarey kirragh gobbal dy aanoaghey ny barganeyn soiagh - she shen, ny leases, oc tra v'ad çheet gys jerrey. NNS; refresher; renewal, renovation

Creestee1 (=Ir. cristen and S.G. criostiughe) pl. Creesteenyn Christian: Ny-yeih my ta dooinney erbee surranse myr Creestee, ny lhig da nearey ve er Bible

Creestee2 1 godly a: y laa cheddin haink three thousaneyn dy leih stiagh gys y chredjue Creestee.; 2 Christian: Ny-yeih my ta dooinney erbee surranse myr Creestee, ny lhig da nearey ve er

feer chreoi adamantine, very hard: Vraaraghyn dooie, marym's t'er surranse jiu tooilleil as pian da'n dooghys ain feer chreoi PC

fegooish kied unauthorised: cha vod y cretoor sloo surranse liorish goanlys, ny trooid taghyrt, fegooish kied Yee. CS

feill neu-ghooghyssagh strange flesh: ren er yn aght cheddin ad-hene y choyrt seose gys maarderys, as geiyrt er feill neu-ghooghyssagh, er nyn soiaghey magh son sampleyr, surranse kerraghey dowil yn aile dy bragh farraghtyn. Bible

fo arkys straightened: As shoh va oyr shaghrynys y theihll: son deiney surranse fo arkys ny tranlaase erbee Apoc

goll fo founder, get under, submerge; go under, set; undergo: goll fo mooarane surranse veih'n chanstyr Bible; sinking

gollrhyt's like you: son cha jeanmayd dy bragh surranse dooinney gollrhyt's dy laccal argid CnyO

gorley disease, festering, malady: Sleih ta coayl yn chengey oc, cha nel ad surranse lesh gorley ta jeh beggan scansh. Carn

lhuneyn beers: Ta ny Germaanee giu ram lhuneyn as gee ram pronnagyn as sahllyn as t'ad surranse jeh ny sloo teaymyn-cree na ny Goaldee ny ny Americaanee. Dhoor

loshtagh burning, caustic, inflammable, smarting: quoi nyn mastey oddys surranse ayns loshtaghyn dy bragh farraghtyn Bible; would burn: as loshtagh ad yn ard-valley shoh lesh aile Bible; lion's mane

mêriu with you: Lesh yeearree jeean ta mee er ve aignagh yn Eayn-caisht shoh y ee mêriu roish my jean-ym surranse. PB1765

neufemoil inessential, non-essential, unnecessary: Choard y whaiyl dy dug shen surranse neufemoil er e mac. BS

pressyn presses: Ta jannoo ooil cheu-sthie jeh nyn voallaghyn, as stampey ny pressyn-feeyney oc, as surranse paays. Bible

spalchey (ny) more abundant: (ta mee loayrt myr ommydan) ta mish er-nyn-skyn: ayns tooilleilyn ny s'palchey, ayns surranse buillaghyn erskyn towse, ayns pryssoonyn ny s'menkey, ayns gaue baaish dy mennick. Bible

tooilleilyn labours: ayns tooilleilyn ny spalchey, ayns surranse buillaghyn erskyn towse, ayns pryssoonyn ny smenkey ayns gaue baaish dy mennick. Bible

bear1 (v.) brey, gymmyrkey, surranse, ymmyrk; ymmyrkey: God lays on you no burden greater than you can bear - Cha vel Jee cur ort errey ny smoo na foddee oo ymmyrkey. JJK idiom; (to); (dy) nymmyrk; (to); (dy) hurral: They and their children have much to bear - Ta mooarane ocsyn as ec nyn baitchyn dy hurral. JJK idiom; surrys, hroggys; (n.) bear, clameyder, maghouin, muc-awin, mucawin; ceau

charity (n.) corp giastyllagh, sheshaght-ghiastyllagh; giastyllys: Which have borne witness of thy charity before the church - Ter nymmyrkey feanish jeh dty ghiastyllys kiongoyrt rish yn agglish Bible; graih: Charity suffereth long, and is kind - Ta graih surranse foddey, as tee dooie Bible; (v.) giastal

goodness1 (n.) mie, mienys; foayr: Lord, thou art God, and hast promised this goodness unto thy servant - uss y Jee, ter yialdyn y foayr shoh da dty harvaant Bible; foays; kenjallys: but that I believe verily to see the goodness of the Lord - agh dy vel mee dy shickyr credjal dy akin kenjallys y Chiarn Bible; mieys: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith - graih, boggey, shee, surranse- foddey, ymmyrkey meiygh, mieys, firrinys Bible

members (npl.) olteynyn: One of the three members for Rushen - Fer jeh ny tree olteynyn Sheadin Rosien. DF idiom; oltyn: And whether one member suffer, all the members suffer with it - Son edyr un olt dy hurranse, ta ooilley ny oltyn surranse mârish Bible; oltaghyn

plenteous (adj.) palchagh, soogh; palchey: And the king made silver and gold at Jerusalem as plenteous as stones - As hug y ree er argid as airh ec Jerusalem dy ve cha palchey as claghyn Bible; feoilt: long-suffering, plenteous in goodness and truth - surranse-foddey, feoilt ayns mieys as firrinys. Bible

vengeance (n.) buill, drogh-chooilleen; cooilleen: I will plead thy cause, and take vengeance for thee - goyms seose dty chooish, as trog-yms cooilleen er dty hon Bible; kerragh; kerraghey: vengeance shall be taken on him - bee kerraghey shiaght filley er ny ghoaill er sevenfold Bible; kerraghey dowil: suffering the vengeance of eternal fire - surranse kerraghey dowil yn aile dy bragh farraghtyn Bible; cooilleeney: I will take vengeance, and I will not meet thee as a man - goyms cooilleeney, as cha jig-ym dty whail myr dooinney Bible; lhiasaghey: for it is the vengeance of the Lord - son shoh lhiasaghey yn Chiarn Bible

neuwooiagh averse, discontented, disinclined, recalcitrant, reluctant, unpleased, unwilling: Cha vel y Chiarn moal mychione e ghialdynys, (myr ta paart dy gheiney coontey meillid) agh jeh surranse-foddey dooinyn, neuwooiagh dy jinnagh unnane erbee cherraghtyn, agh dy darragh-ooilley gys arrys. Bible


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