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support beeaghey; bhut; cooney; cummal seose; pohlldey; pohlldal; ymmyrkey

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broadband support (n.) pohlldal boandey lhean

income support (n.) pohlldal cheet-stiagh

learning support pohlldey-ynsee

overwhelming support (n.) pohlldal lane niartal

support financially (v.) meansal

Victim Support Pohlldal ny Dreihyn

Academic Support Centre (n.) Ynnyd Cooney Ynsee

Education Support Centre (n.) Ynnyd Pohlldal Ynsagh; Ynnyd-ynsee Pohlldal

Executive Support Officer (n.) Oikagh Coonee Yn Ard-Sheckter

Fishing Vessel Support Scheme (n.) Skeym-Pohlldal Siyn-Eeastee

Flight Support Group (n.) Possan Pohlldal-etlagh

ICT Support Team (n.) Skimmee-Pohlldal FChCh

IOM HIV Support Group (n.) Possan Coonee HIV Vannin

learning support assistant (n.) fer-coonee pohlldey-ynsee, ben-choonee pohlldey-ynsee

helping to support and promote all aspects of Manx culture on the Island cummal seose as cur er e hoshiaght cultoor Vannin

bhut prop, support

pohlldal cheet-stiagh income support

pohlldey-ynsee learning support

ben-choonee pohlldey-ynsee (f.) learning support assistant

fer-coonee pohlldey-ynsee learning support assistant

pohlldal boandey lhean broadband support

pohlldal lane niartal overwhelming support

Pohlldal ny Dreihyn Victim Support

Possan Pohlldal-etlagh Flight Support Group

Skimmee-Pohlldal FChCh ICT Support Team

Ynnyd-ynsee Pohlldal Education Support Centre

beeaghey alimentation, feed, maintain, nurture, nutrition, support

Oikagh Coonee Yn Ard-Sheckter Executive Support Officer

pohlldey (support) aid; maintain, maintenance, support, uphold

Possan Coonee HIV Vannin IOM HIV Support Group

Skeym-Pohlldal Siyn-Eeastee Fishing Vessel Support Scheme

Ynnyd Cooney Ynsee Academic Support Centre

Ynnyd Pohlldal Ynsagh Education Support Centre

cooney (=Ir. cĂșnamh) aid, assistance, co-operation, defence, dole, help, helping, support: cha row cooney cooie er ny gheddyn Bible; contribution; narrow

cummal seose maintain, maintaining, maintenance, preserve, support, sustain, uphold: ny pillaryn ta cummal seose y thie Bible

cummal seose as cur er e hoshiaght cultoor Vannin helping to support and promote all aspects of Manx culture on the Island

meansal support financially: My ta ben meansal e dooinney, t'ee fargagh, daaney, as oltooanagh. Apoc

pohlldal endorse, maintain, support, uphold, warrant: Lesh un aigney, ta'n Choyrle-Agglish Ardjynagh pohlldal screeuyn hug Richard Corkill gys y Reiltys Goaldagh. BS; (of children) maintenance

ymmyrkey 1 appearance, attitude, behaviour, comportment, conduct, conductance, conduction, conveyance, haulage; 2 bear, birth, give birth, yield, gestation: My ta ben er yientyn, as er ymmyrkey lhiannoo-mac Bible; 3 supply, carry, carrying, convey, transport, support a: te rour dhyt's dty lomarcan dy ymmyrkey. Bible; 4 tide; 5 behave, endure, sustain


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