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sun goll sheear; grian: The sun is as hot as in the middle of summer - Ta'n ghrian cha cheh as ayns mean y touree. JJK idiom; grianaghey; grianey; ree yn laa

Inexact matches:

declining sun (n.) grian yn astyr

dwarf sun (n.) myn-ghrian

melting sun (n.) grian varrooagh

midday sun (n.) grian y vunlaa

midnight sun (n.) grian mean oie

mock sun (n.) far-ghrian, lannoon ny greiney, moddey airh

of sun greiney, greïney

sun bonnet (n.) bonnad greiney

sun deck (n.) boayrd greiney

sun halo (n.) fainey ghreiney

sun helmet (n.) cloggad greiney

Sun Holme (n.) Insh ny Greiney

sun house thie greiney

sun shower (n.) frass greiney

sun spot (n.) cron greiney

sun spurge (n.) lus ny fahnaghyn, lus y woid wooar

westering sun grian yn astyr

eclipse of the sun (n.) dooid ny greiney

going down of the sun lhie ny greiney

Hill of the Sun (n.) Cronk ny Greiney

in the sun fo'n ghrian

of the sun grianey; greiney: toward the rising of the sun - lesh irree ny greïney Bible

sun at noon (n.) grian y vunlaa

tan by sun (v.) ruyghey

grian yn astyr declining sun, westering sun

greiney (gen.) of sun: derrey lhie ny greiney. Bible; solar; of the sun

grian y vunlaa midday sun, sun at noon: T'eh cha baghtal as grian y vunlaa. DF

boayrd greiney sun deck

bonnad greiney sun bonnet

cloggad greiney sun helmet

cron greiney sun spot

far-ghrian (f.) mock sun, parhelion

frass greiney sun shower

grianey bask, sun, sunbath, sunbathing; (in sun) airing; (gen.) of the sun: JEAGH ghonick mish Eyn Angyl elle doll shuas vei irri ny grieny PB1610

grian varrooagh (f.) melting sun

myn-ghrian (f.) dwarf sun

ree yn laa sun

thie greiney sun house

sun-blind doallan greiney

sun-dried (adj.) cheerit fo'n ghrian

sun-dry cheerey

sun-kissed grianagh

sun-pillar (n.) shleiy vadran

sun-proof jeen noi'n ghrian

sun-worship (n.) ooashley ny greiney

cheerit fo'n ghrian sun-dried

doallan greiney sun-blind

fainey ghreiney (f.) anthelion, sun halo

grian mean oie midnight sun

Insh ny Greiney Sun Holme

jeen noi'n ghrian sun-proof

lannoon ny greiney mock sun

moddey airh mock sun, parhelion

ooashley ny greiney sun-worship

shleiy vadran (f.) sun-pillar

Cronk ny Greiney Hill of the Sun

dooid ny greiney (=Ir. dubhad na greine) eclipse of the sun

grianaghey bask, insolation, solarize, sun, sunbathe

lus ny fahnaghyn (f.) petty spurge, sun spurge

lus y woid wooar (f.) sun spurge

ruyghey bronze, brown, redden, tan by sun; tan

goll sheear go back, moon, sun; (of wind) wester; (stars) wester; (of ship) west

altitude (n.) alt; yrdjid: The altitude of the sun - Yrdjid ny greiney. DF idiom

cloud1 (n.) bodjal: Cloud darkened the sun - Haink bodjal er y ghrian. DF idiom; (n.) kay; (v.) cur kay er, curthooillaghey, jannoo neuheelit; mooirjeenagh; neeal, niaul

dazzling dallagh: The sun dazzles me - Ta'n ghrian dallagh mee. JJK idiom; londyrnee

make5 (impv) jean: Make hay while the sun shines - Jean traagh choud as ta'n ghrian soilshean. JJK idiom

melted lheiht; roit; theinniuit; lheie, lheïe: and when the sun waxed hot, it melted - as lesh chiass ny greiney, ren eh lheie Bible

of summer souree; (y) touree: The sun is as hot as in the middle of summer - Ta'n ghrian cha cheh as ayns mean y touree. JJK idiom

rising gatt: The floods are rising - Ta ny thooillaghyn gatt. DF idiom; irree magh; girree: The sun is rising - Ta'n ghrian g'irree. JJK idiom

setting kiartaghey; lhejagh; lhejey; lhie: The sun is setting - Ta'n ghrian goll dy lhie. DF idiom; soiaghey

through (adj., adv.) trooid: The sun is beginning to break through - Ta'n ghrian goaill toshiaght dy vrishey trooid. JJK idiom; (ny) hrooid

while choud: Make hay while the sun shines - Jean traagh choud as ta'n ghrian soilshean. JJK idiom; chouds: Don't shake the table while she's drawing - Ny crie yn boayrd choud's t'ee caslyssagh. JJK idiom; gresh; tammylt; tra; gerrid

fo'n ghrian in the sun, in the sunshine: honnick mee fardail fo'n ghrian. Bible

greïney (gen.) of sun: Toshiaght, as jerrey, as mean ny traaghyn: caghlaaghyn, as chyndaaghyn ny greïney, as imbaghyn ny bleeaney: Coorse ny bleeantyn, as order ny rollageyn Apoc

grian (=Ir., Sc.G. grian) (f.) (pl -yn) sun, sunlight, sunshine: tra nagh row grian ny eayst ry-akin rish ymmodee laghyn Bible [O.Ir. grían]

lesh y ghrian clockwise; with the sun: va yindys mooar er ny akin ayns niau, ben coamrit lesh y ghrian, as yn eayst fo e cassyn Bible

lhie ny greiney (f.) sunset, going down of the sun: ver oo da eh reesht roish lhie ny greiney. Bible

Pabyryn Naight (Ny); (The) Press: Red trimshagh dy vel y sleih shoh credjal ny breagyn cughtee t'ad lhaih bunnys gagh laa ayns pabyryn naight goll rish y 'Sun'. Carn

break (n.) aash, barney, doarlish, straih, traa cloie, traa seyr; chentyn; (v.) cur fo haart, chraghey, smoashal; (impv) brish; (to); (dy) vrishey: The sun is beginning to break through - Ta'n ghrian goaill toshiaght dy vrishey trooid. JJK idiom; vrish; brishey: I must be up by break of day - Shegin dou ve er my chosh ec brishey'n laa. JJK idiom

fainted (v.) fioghey: and all the trees of the field fainted for him - as ren ooilley biljyn y vagheragh fioghey er e hon Bible; gannoonaghey: And Jacob's heart fainted - As ren cree Yacob gannoonaghey Bible; huitt my-neealloo: and the sun beat upon the head of Jonah, that he fainted - as cha lajer shen va chiass ny greiney er kione Yonah, dy huitt eh my-neealloo Bible

cheerey inland, rural; (gen.) of the country, land: hrog jaagh ny cheerey seose, myr jaagh coirrey. Bible; parch, sun-dry, torrefy; (by heat) air: Cheerey eaddeeyn cooil chiollee. DF; drying

grianagh sun-kissed, sunlit, sunny, sunshiny: nee eh soiaghey jeh shen ta e veir hene er n'yannoo, edyr ny keylljyn, ny ny jallooyn grianagh Bible


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