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suit cooish; cullee; daah; freggyrt da, jannoo cooie da, jannoo jesh da; shualtys; sooree; jannoo cooie

Inexact matches:

bathing suit (n.) cullee-farkee

boiler suit (n.) cullee choirrey, cullee un-pheeshagh

diving suit (n.) cullee hummee

dress suit (n.) cullee fastyr, cullee share

lounge suit (n.) cullee laaoil

sailor suit (n.) cullee varrinagh

sleeping suit (n.) cullee oie

swim suit (n.) eaddagh-snaue

tailor-made suit (n.) cullee halhearagh

three-piece suit (n.) cullee tree peesh

track suit (n.) eaddagh-roie

well-tailored suit (n.) cullee mie jeant

suit of armour (n.) cullee yiarn

suit of clothes (n.) cullee eaddee

cullee choirrey (f.) boiler suit

cullee fastyr (f.) dress suit

cullee halhearagh (f.) tailor-made suit

cullee hummee (f.) diving suit

cullee laaoil (f.) lounge suit

cullee share (f.) dress suit

cullee un-pheeshagh (f.) boiler suit

cullee varrinagh (f.) sailor suit

eaddagh-roie track suit

eaddagh-snaue swim suit

jannoo cooie da suit

jannoo jesh da suit

shualtys prosecution, suit

cullee eaddee (f.) suit of clothes

cullee-farkee bathing suit; swimming costume

cullee mie jeant (f.) well-tailored suit

cullee tree peesh (f.) three-piece suit

cullee yiarn (f.) suit of armour

cullee oie (f.) night attire, sleeping suit

jannoo cooie qualify; suit: Nee shen jannoo cooie da. DF

waistcoat (n.) perree; vest: A white waistcoat will suit you - Nee vest bane cheet jesh jiu. JJK idiom

white1 bane: A white waistcoat will suit you - Nee vest bane cheet jesh jiu. JJK idiom; vane: You are as impudent as a white stone - T'ou cha daaney as clagh vane. JJK idiom; baney; banee; gial

cooish (=Ir. cĂșis) (f.) pl. cooishyn affair, business, case, cause, chat, conversation, issue, matter, natter, suit, theme: Ta'n dooinney cairal goaill seose cooish yn ymmyrchagh Bible; subject

cullee (f.) pl. culleeyn 1 apparatus, equipment, kit, materials, outfit, suit; 2 flag, insignia a: Bee cullee champ Dan my-hwoaie Bible; 3 (of sky) aspect a: yn soilshey gial ren cullee ghoo y cheau, as undin niau, myr agglit, va er-creau. PC; 4 kept woman

daah (=Ir. dath) pl. daaghyn colour, colouration, dye, hue, paint, pigment, scorch, singe, stain, suit, tincture: e chooat jeh caglaaghyn daah va mysh Bible

freggyrt da suit: Choud shoh resoon; ny beiyn cha dug chyndaa, chamoo hug bio ny marroo freggyrt da. PC

sooree (f.) court, courtship, dalliance, dally, go together, love affair, lovemaking, philander, suit, wooing: fo'n billey-ooyl ren mee sooree ort Bible


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