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stubborn (adj.) ard-wannalagh, condaigagh, creoi, creoi-aignagh, creoi-wannalagh, frowartagh, meeammyssagh, raghtal, raghtanagh, roonagh; meereiltagh; sturneishagh, storneishagh: As stubborn as a mule - Cha sturneishagh as muc. DF idiom; mee-viallagh

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stubborn person (n.) condaig, sturneishagh

sturneishagh resolute, stubborn: Cha sturneishagh as muc. DF; stubborn person

creoi-aignagh obstinate, stubborn

condaig (f.) contrary person, stubborn person

mee-viallagh gainsaying; contrary; rebellious; presumptuously; perversely; disobedient; stubborn

raghtanagh harsh, headstrong, indigent, obstinate, rough, stubborn

storneishagh stubborn: ta shiu dy storneishagh er hoiaghey beg jeh Bible

fight (n.) caggey, co-streeu; (v.) caggey rish; jannoo ymmyr; (to); (dy) chaggey: To fight man to man - Dy caggey fer er fer. DF idiom; troddan: He carried on a stubborn fight against it - Ren eh troddan liauyr reen noi echey. DF idiom

condaigagh 1 contrary, opposing, stubborn a: Oddagh oo gra dy re dooinney condaigagh va Desmond. Carn; 2 opponent, opposer

creoi (=Ir. crochadh) 1 adamant, difficult, distressing, hardy, heartless, obdurate, severe, stubborn; 2 dry, hard, hard-boiled, hard-set, neat, solid, steely, stiff, tough a: Hug oo lhiat farraneyn, as ushtaghyn magh ass ny creggyn creoi Bible; 3 (of frost) bitter; 4 (as language) blistering; 5 (with money) near

creoi-wannalagh impenitent person, stiff-necked person: As my vees fer creoi-wannalagh mastey yn pobble, te yindys my scapys eh gyn kerraghey: son mârishyn ta myghin as jymmoose; t'eh niartal dy leih, as dy gheayrtey magh e yymmoose. Apoc; stiff-necked, stubborn

frowartagh perverse, stubborn: M'eddin neem's y hyndaa voue, as heeym cre'n erree hig orroo: son sheeloghe feer frowartagh ad, cloan nagh vel veg y treisht orroo. Bible

meeammyssagh disrespectful, irreverent: as gyn ve mar nan shan aeraghyn, shilogh niaugredjoil as mi ammysagh : shilogh nagh vel seiaghe nan gri gy kayr, as nagh vell yn spyryd liaentyn gy sickyr gys jih. Psalm1610; revolutionary; stubborn

meereiltagh 1 anarchic, anarchical, disorderly, irregular, lawless, turbulent; 2 (as country) ungovernable; 3 stubborn a: Tee beealleragh as meereiltagh Bible; 4 anarchist, turbulent person; 5 outrageous a: Ta jymmoose red eulyssagh, as corree meereiltagh Bible; 6 rebellious a: Ta dty phrinceyn meereiltagh Bible; 7 unruly a: cur-jee raaue dauesyn ta mee-reiltagh Bible

raghtal impatient, impetuous, obstinate, rash, stubborn; violent: t'eh so-hoiggal dy vel boirey ayn er y fa dy row dooinney abyl dy yannoo yn loght cheddin reesht lurg da v'er soie er mraane dy raghtal sy traa hie shaghey. BS; unruly

roonagh ill intentioned, malicious, malignant, perverse, runic, secret, stubborn, vicious, vindictive: Eshyn ta jeh cree roonagh, cha vow eh veg y vie Bible; froward; unruly; wayward; untoward

ard-wannalagh (adj.) haughty, stubborn, stuck up, superior: Ec y traa shen hig Sostynagh ard-wannalagh stiagh dy cheau argid erskyn towse as ec traa ennagh 'sy traa ry-heet nee peiagh gra "cre 'sy theihll va jeant son Jishag y Nollick! Dhoor; (n.) arrogant person


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