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struggle doccar; gleck noi; gleckey noi; kestal; spret; strepey, streppey; gleck; strep

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struggle in (v.) broo stiagh

struggle out (v.) broo magh

broo magh crowd out, struggle out

broo stiagh press in, push in, struggle in

gleckey noi combat, contend, contest, struggle, tussle, wrestle

gleck strive, struggle, wrestle: ren ny oikanyn gleck cheu-sthie j'ee Bible; seized

kestal spin, spinning, struggle, struggling, twisting, wrestle, wrestling; (as rope) turn

strep struggle: cheau yn drogh-spyrryd sheese eh ayns strepyn Bible

doccar (f.) arduousness, difficult, labour, laboriousness, pain, struggle, travail: ny cur y doccar er ooilley'n pobble Bible; painfulness

gleck noi combat, contend, contest, struggle, tussle, wrestle: Cha vel shiu er chummal rish gys deayrtey foalley, gleck noi peccah. Bible

spret kick, kick out, shove, start, struggle: Eisht spret guilley Manninagh, as y far-ennym echey, ' Ned y guilley keoie,' as d'eie eh magh ayns Gailck, er-creau as jiarg-corree, goaill toshiaght dy yannoo Coraa; last stretch

strepey See streppey exert, exertion, flounder, grapple, strive, struggle, tug, tussle, wallow: va Amasa ny lhie strepey ayns e uill ayns mean y raad-vooar Bible; grappling

streppey pl. streppaghyn tug; (v.) struggle: Shegin da dagh ashoonagh streppey noi'n olk ayns e heer hene, er'n aght shen ta shin cooney lesh dagh ashoon Celtiagh elley. Carn


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