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stroin (=Ir. srón, Sc.G. sròn) (f.) pl. strointeeyn headland, naze, ness, promontory; nose, nosepiece: ta dty stroin myr toor Lebanon Bible; nostril [O.Ir. dative sróin]

Inexact matches:

stroin assag (f.) wild snapdragon

stroin lheiyee antirrhinum

Stroin Liauyr Langness

stroin oashyr (of stocking) toe

Stroin Roauyr (f.) Stranraer

stroin yiarg copper-nose, red-nosed

Stroin yn Cheean (f.) Strontian

stroin y taggyrt (f.) parson's nose

antirrhinum (n.) stroin lheiyee

copper-nose stroin yiarg

Langness (n.) Langlish, Stroin Liauyr

naze (n.) stroin

ness (n.) stroin

nosepiece (n.) gob, stroin

red-nosed stroin yiarg; stroin-jiarg

Stranraer (n.) Stroin Roauyr

Strontian (n.) Stroin yn Cheean

toe2 (n.) (of stocking) stroin oashyr

wild snapdragon (n.) stroin assag

mouse-eared hawkweed (n.) stroin-vuc

nostril (n.) stroan, stroin; towl stroaney

rhinologist (n.) stroin-oaylee

rhinology (n.) stroin-oaylleeaght

stroin-jiarg red-nosed

stroin-oaylee rhinologist

stroin-oaylleeaght (f.) rhinology

stroin-vuc mouse-eared hawkweed

nose (n.) gob, sock, stroin; (v.) stroaney, stroinaghey, stroinney

parson's nose (n.) prumpey kirkey, stroin y taggyrt

promontory (n.) gob, kione cheerey, meayll, stroin

heid blew: Heid eh y stroin echey. DF

lhiggey fuill bleed, bleeding: Ta'n stroin echey lhiggey fuill. DF

bleeding coyrt folley; fuiltagh; lhiggey fuill: His nose is bleeding - Ta'n stroin echey lhiggey fuill. DF idiom; roie folley; tayrn fuill

headland (n.) gob; immyr; kione: To double a headland - Dy gholl mygeayrt kione-cheerey. DF idiom; rourey; stroin

jewel (n.) cliegeen: As a jewel of gold in a swine's snout - Myr cliegeen dy airh ayns stroin muickey Bible; cliejeen; jewel: And I put a jewel on thy forehead - As hug mee jewel er glaare dty eddin Bible

cam-chassagh brokenfooted, splay-footed, clubfooted: dooinney doal, ny croobagh, ny eshyn ta'n stroin echey ass cummey, ny t'echey olt erbee neu-ghooghyssagh, Ny dooinney cam-chassagh, ny khyrloghe Bible

cliegeen (f.) COMPARE cliejeen jewel: Myr cliegeen dy airh ayns stroin muickey, myr shen ta ben aalin Bible

craplaghey cockle, contract, corrugate, crinkle, purse, wrinkle: dooyrt ee, craplaghey e stroin veg, as feoh dowin ayns e coraa. JC; stunt

muickey (gen.) 1 of a pig, of swine a: Myr cliegeen dy airh ayns stroin muickey Bible; 2 (adj.) porcine; 3 pig

streean (f.) pl. streeanyn bridle, curb, fraenum, rein: verym my ghooan ayns dty stroin, as my streean ayns dty veillyn Bible [L. frenum]

stroan (f.) pl. stroanyn See stroin nostril: Ass ny stroanyn echey ta jaagh goll magh Bible

tayrn fuill bleeding: S'feer eh, dy vel eeym cheet lesh churnal bainney, as ta cassey yn stroin tayrn fuill Bible


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