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stroie (v.) annihilate, destroy, despoil, dissipate, kill, kill off, overthrow, put down, slay, smite: nee shiu stroie ny altaryn oc Bible; devour, consume; (wealth) waste; (n.) dissipation, destruction

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Cha stroie-ym I will not destroy: As dooyrt eh, Cha stroie-ym eh my yioym jeih as feed Bible

gyn stroie undestroyed

stroie jaghee decimation

stroie dy bollagh destroy utterly: stroie oo eh dy bollagh, as ooilley ny tayn, as y maase echey, lesh foyr y chliwe Bible

stroie jaghee jeh decimate

destruction (n.) stroialtys, stroie: it shall destroy you, even with a sore destruction - nee eh shiu y stroie lesh stroialtys seiyjagh Bible; piatt: the hand of the Lord was against the city with a very great destruction - dy row lauen Chiarn noin ard-valley lesh piatt trome Bible; toyrt-mow: and shall destroy them with a mighty destruction - as ad y stroie lesh toyrt-mow niartal Bible; traartys: At destruction and famine thou shalt laugh - Er traartys as genney cha jean oo agh garaghtee Bible

devour (v.) ee: Arise, devour much flesh - Trog ort, ee dty haie feill Bible; stroie: let fire come out of the bramble, and devour the cedars of Lebanon - lhig da aile cheet magh veihn dress, as stroie biljyn-cedar Lebanon Bible; sluggey: I will destroy and devour at once - neem stroie as sluggey seose er-y-chooyl Bible

stroie-ee shall destroy: stroie-ee eh yn chragh t'eh dy hayrtyn Bible

decimate (v.) stroie jaghee jeh

decimation (n.) jaghee, stroie jaghee

waste9 (v.) (wealth) stroie

stroie-ym I will destroy: neem ad y astyrt dy bollagh, as stroie-ym yn ashoon Bible

consume (v.) ceau, shymley, stroie; lheie

despoil (v.) milley, spooilley; roostey; stroie

destroy utterly stroie dy bollagh

destructible (adj.) so-stroie

dissipate (v.) jummal, lheie, skeaylley, stroie

dissipation (n.) jummal, lheie, skeaylley, stroie

I will destroy stroie-ym: I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth - stroie-ym dooinney, ta mee er chroo veih eaghtyr y thallooin Bible

I will not destroy Cha stroieym; Cha stroie-ym: I will not destroy it for twenty's sake - Cha stroie-ym eh er graih yn feed Bible

kill off (v.) ee, marroo, stroie

overthrow (v.) cleddal; coyrt mow, cur mow; cur haart; taartys; toyrt-mow: like the overthrow of Sodom - casley rish toyrt-mow Sodom Bible; tilgey sheese; stroie: but thou shalt utterly overthrow them - agh nee oo stroie ad dy bollagh Bible; lhieggal: And ye shall overthrow their altars - As nee shiu lhieggal ny altaryn oc Bible; tilgey harrish, tilgey bun-ry-skyn

shall destroy stroie-ee, lhieggee

so-stroie destructible

destroy (v.) cur mow, naardey, stroie; coayll; lhieggal

smite bwoaill; bwoalley; (to); (dy) woalley; stroie; smaghtee

undestroyed er mayrn; gyn stroie; neustroit

loauee decaying: ren yn veishteig-loauee ad y stroie Bible

paitt (f.) pest, pestilence, plague: nee gortey as paitt ad y stroie Bible

annihilate (v.) cur gys neunhee, cur lesh gys veg, cur mow, cur naardey; naardey, neunheeaghey, stroie

cut down (v.) buinn, gastyrt, injillaghey; giarey sheese: And I will destroy your high places, and cut down - As neem stroie nyn ard-ynnydyn, as giarey sheese ny jallooyn eu Bible

kill marr: You won't kill your horse, will you? - Cha marr shiu nyn gabbyl, marr shiu? JJK idiom; marroo; stroie

utterly (adv.) magh as magh; dy bollagh: but thou shalt utterly overthrow them - agh nee oo stroie ad dy bollagh Bible; dy slane; ooilley cooidjagh

wherein (adv.) ayn: to destroy all flesh, wherein is the breath of life - dy stroie dy-chooilley eill, ayn tan ennal y vea Bible; raad: the land wherein thou art a stranger - yn cheer raad tou dty yoarree Bible

wicked devices (npl.) saaseyn cluicagh: he deviseth wicked devices to destroy the poor with lying words - t'eh smooinaghtyn er saaseyn cluicagh dy stroie yn boght lesh goan breagagh Bible

aggle (=Ir. eagla) awe, dread, fear, fright, timidity: son ta mee goaill aggle roish, dy jig eh as dy stroie eh mish Bible; scare

aght (=Ir. acht) manner, means, method, plight, practice, procedure, skill, style, system: Cha jean-ym arragh yn seihll y stroie er yn aght shoh Bible; way; parliamentary act

aigney-mie amicableness: Son myr dooinney ta er stroie e noid; eer myrgeddin t'ou er choayl aigney-mie dty naboo. Apoc

altaryn altars: Agh nee shiu stroie ny altaryn oc, brishey ny jallooyn, as giarey sheese ny biljyn foue vad coyrt ooashley Bible

ard-valley acropolis, capital, city: skeayl ad trooid yn ard-valley, as stroie ad eh lesh foyr y chliwe Bible

ayns jymmoose in a rage; in anger: agh ayns beggan dy laghyn, bee eh er ny stroie, chamoo ayns jymmoose ny ayns caggey. Bible

ayrnyn 1 parts a: stroie eh adsyn va ayns ny ayrnyn sodjey magh jehn champ; 2 portions a: As hooar Manasseh jeih ayrnyn, cheumooie jeh thalloo Ghilead as Bashan; 3 items

basslagh double handful, enough to cover palm, palmful: As der shiu orrym's dy ve beg soit jee'm mastey my phobble son basslagh dy oarn, as son greme dy veer, dy stroie ny anmeenyn Bible

bun as baare both the ends: Cur-my-ner te tilgit 'syn aile dy lostey; ta'n aile dy stroie eh bun as baare, as ta'n mean echey losht. Bible

caslyssyn pictures: Eisht nee shiu geiyrt magh ooilley cummaltee yn cheer veih kiongoyrt riu, as stroie ooilley caslyssyn ny jeeghyn oc, Bible

Cha jeanym I will not: Cha jean-ym arragh yn seihll y stroie er yn aght shoh, er coontey sheelnaue Bible

Cha stroieym I will not destroy: Cha stroie-ym eh my yioym jeih as feed Bible

coodee-ym I will cover: Hem seose, as coodee-ym yn thalloo ; stroie-yms yn ard-valley, as ny cummaltee t'ayn. Bible

cooilleeneyderyn revengers: Ta mee guee ort, lhig da'n ree cooinaghtyn er y Chiarn dty Yee, nagh surr oo ny cooilleeneyderyn-folley dy gholl er nyn doshiaght, nagh stroie ad my vac. Bible

cooney lesh aid, facilitate, help: ren ad y varroo, as er deiney Shechem, ren cooney lesh dy stroie e vraaraghyn. Bible; succour

craueyn 1 (of boat) carcase; 2 bones a: nee eh stroie ny ashoonyn e noidyn, as brishey ny craueyn oc Bible

doogh bad, baleful, ill, melancholic: cur lhiat orroo yn laa doogh, as stroie ad lesh toyrt-mow ghooble Bible

druggaghyn (narcotic) drugs: tra ta chingyssyn dyn lheihys jannoo cragh feiy'n teihll, tra ta druggaghyn stroie yn aeglagh Carn

ec keayrt 1 promptly; 2 at once a: cha vel oo dy stroie ad ooilley ec keayrt Bible

eeck stiagh pay in: As dinsh Mordecai dasyn ooilley ny v'er daghyrt da, as mychione yn sym dy argid yiall Haman dy eeck stiagh gys tashtaghyn y ree, son kied dy stroie ny Hewnyn. Bible

feill (=Ir. feoil, Sc.G. feòil) (f.) (pl -yn) flesh, meat: nee my chliwe feill my noidyn y stroie Bible [O.Ir. dative feóil]

fieau er caa wait for an opportunity: va jees jeh shamyrderyn y ree, Bigthan as Teresh jeusyn va freayll yn dorrys, lhieent lesh farg, as fieau er caa dy stroie ree Ahasuerus Bible

foyr chamfer, edge, lip of cup; (of edge) keenness: stroie ad eh lesh foyr y chliwe Bible

gheid stole: gheid ee eh ersooyl veih mastey mec y ree v'er nyn stroie Bible

goardail commanded: goardail daue, gra, Immee-jee, as stroie-jee cummaltee Yabesh-gilead Bible

gortaghey (=Ir. gortú) acidulate, hurt, hurting, maim, pain: Cha jean ad gortaghey ny stroie ayns ooilley my lieau's casherick Bible

gortey dearth, destitution, famine, hurt, injury, lack, scarceness, smart, starvation: nee'n gortey stroie yn cheer Bible; injure

gra harrish rehearse, repeat: Agh cooinee er tra ta dooinney mee-rioosagh ny mee-chrauee gra harrish yn ayrn shoh jeh e Chrea, t'eh dy firrinagh goaill rish dy vel eh jerkal rish dy ve er ny stroie annym as corp. CS

gyn lhaggaghey unabashed, unabated, unallayed, unappeasable, unassuaged, undamped, unmitigated, unrelaxing, unrelenting, unrelieved, unshrinking, untiring: Jean ad er-y-fa shen folmaghey nyn lieen, as gyn lhaggaghey dy stroie ny ashoonyn ? Bible

gyn sparail not sparing: jean oo myrgeddin stroie as gyn sparail yn ynnyd er graih yn jeih as da-eed dy leih cairal oddys ve ayn. Bible

heeyney magh (dy); (to) eke out: Dy heeyney magh yn anvroie lesh ushtey. DF; stretch out: As tra va'n ainle er heeyney magh e laue er Jerusalem dy stroie eh Bible

jir mayd we shall say: as jir mayd, Dy vel drogh veisht ennagh er stroie eh Bible

lussyn herbs: T'eh gra neesht dy bee doilleeid elley ayn, er y fa dy vel freoagh as aittin er nyn stroie, as she fraueyn ny lussyn shen ta kiangley eaghtyr ny moaney ry cheilley. BS

meeyllyn (f.) vermin; flies: Hug eh meeyllyn ny mast' oc, dy chur mow ad: as froggyn dy stroie ad. Bible

Moaney Turbary: T'eh gra neesht dy bee doilleeid elley ayn, er y fa dy vel freoagh as aittin er nyn stroie, as she fraueyn ny lussyn shen ta kiangley eaghtyr ny moaney ry cheilley. BS

moaney (gen.) of turf: T'eh gra neesht dy bee doilleeid elley ayn, er y fa dy vel freoagh as aittin er nyn stroie, as she fraueyn ny lussyn shen ta kiangley eaghtyr ny moaney ry cheilley. BS

noi ain against us: son ta ny kercheenyn dy daaney er jeet sheese noi ain dy chaggey, dy vod ad 've dy bollagh er ny'n stroie. Apoc

oltooanagh abuser, abusive, censurer, disgraceful, reproachable, reproacher, reproaching, slanderer, upbraider, vilifier, vituperative: ta'n dewilagh er ny choyrt mow, as yn oltooanagh er ny stroie Bible

saaseyn cluicagh wicked devices: Ta aghtyn yn er-sondagh myrgeddin an-chiart: t'eh smooinaghtyn er saaseyn cluicagh dy stroie yn boght lesh goan breagagh Bible

scaalhean (f.) broadcast, dispersion, distribution, rout, scattering: son ta laghyn nyn stroie as nyn scaalhean er jeet mygeayrt Bible

seiyjagh agitating, agitative, agitatorial, calamitous, mournful, sad, sore, unsettling, woeful: nee eh shiu y stroie lesh stroialtys seiyjagh Bible

Seose lhiat (impv) Get up, Rise up: Seose lhiat noi yn cheer shoh, as stroie eh. Bible

shooyl mygeayrt walk about, walk round: Bee-jee sheelt, bee-jee er nyn arrey; er-yn-oyr dy vel y noid eu yn drogh-spyrryd, myr lion buirroogh, shooyl mygeayrt, shirrey quoi oddys eh y stroie Bible

slane brishey quite break: Nee oo stroie ad dy bollagh, as slane brishey ny jallooyn oc. Bible

sluggey 1 devour, devouring, draw, engulf, gobbling, gorge, gorging, gulp, gulping, guzzle, guzzling, pulling, slug, suck down, sucking, swallow, swallowing, swig a: nee'm stroie as sluggey seose er-y-chooyl Bible; 2 absorption

sollaghey laue bribe, bribing, buy over: Hoshiaght, cha vod fer erbee credjal dy ren sollaghey-laue Lunnin as fir-oik Whitehall stroie dy chooilley hro ec ny Celtiee 'moyrnagh' Carn

stroieder (pl -yn) abolisher, annihilator, destroyer, spender, waster: v'ad er nyn stroie liorish y stroieder. Bible

tayrn er-gerrey draw near: as tayrn er-gerrey gys raad t'eh ny hoie t'eh orroo lheim, as t'adsyn er nyn stroie. PC

thammagyn 1 shrubs a: hug ee yn lhiannoo ny lhie fo unnane jeh ny thammagyn Bible; 2 thickets a: nee eh stroie ny dressyn as ny drineyn as nee eh foaddey ayns thammagyn ny keylley Bible

thammagyn ny keylley thickets of the forest: nee eh stroie ny dressyn as ny drineyn as nee eh foaddey ayns thammagyn ny keylley Bible

tholtanyn 1 heaps a: nish ta mee er chooilleeney eh, dy beagh uss ry-hoi stroie ard-valjyn voallit gys tholtanyn traartagh Bible; 2 wastes a: As nee adsyn hig jeeds troggal ny shenn tholtanyn Bible; 3 ruins

toyrt-mow (f.) annihilation, damnation, desolation, destruction, overthrow: bee oo er dty stroie ayns toyrt-mow yn ard-valley. Bible

traa sodjey 1 respite; 2 longer time: Myr vad geearree er dy uirriaght traa sodjey maroo; 3 deliverance a: cha jean-yms ad y stroie, agh verym traa sodjey daue

vrishey See brishey (dy); (to) break: chamoo ver-ym feoh daue, dy stroie ad dy bollagh, dy vrishey my chonaant roo Bible

vud2 (nyn) among them: t'eh er chur lionyn nyn vud oc dy stroie ad Bible

determined kiarit: for evil is determined against our master - son ta olk kiarit noi nyn mainshtyr Bible; oolit; reaghit; slane kiarit; soit; kiarail: I know that God hath determined to destroy thee - Ta fys aym dy vel Jee er chiarail dy stroie oo Bible

in a moment ayns shallid: the sin of Sodom, that was overthrown as in a moment - peccah Sodom, va stroit myr ayns shallid Bible; ayns tullogh: that I may consume them in a moment - dy voddym ad y stroie ayns tullogh Biblr

slay (v.) cur gy baase, marroo; marr: Slay my two sons, if I bring him not to thee - Marr my ghaa vac, mannagh derym Bible; mar: Bring these men home, and slay - Cur lhiat ny deiney shoh thie as mar-jee Bible; stroie; (n.) sling fidderagh

coyrt mow (f.) overthrow: Agh my ta shiu lhottey as coyrt mow y cheilley, cur-jee twoaie nagh stroie-jee yn derrey yeh yn jeh elley. Bible

creaghyn 1 furrows a: Ta ny errooyn er hraaue er my ghreeym: as er nyannoo creaghyn liauyrey Bible; 2 clods, heaps, stacks: My nee aile brishey magh, as goaill ny drineyn, myr hen dy vel ny creaghyn, ny ny magheryn arroo er nyn stroie liorish Bible; 3 treasures a: ny vel oo er vakin creaghyn y sniaghtey-garroo Bible

ec yn oie at night: ayns y voghrey, stroie-ee eh yn chragh t'eh dy hayrtyn; as ec yn oie, rheynnee eh yn spooilley. Bible; at night time

floag (f.) pl. floagyn dot, flake, jot, mote, particle, tittle: brish-jee foshlit ny thieyn-tashtee eck; stamp-jee sheese ee myr creaghyn stroie-jee dy bollagh ee ; ny lhig floag j'ee ve faagit. Bible

kyndagh 1 (n.) pl. kyndee convict, criminal, culprit, malefactor, peccant, trespasser: Nagh row Achan mac Zerah kyndagh 'sy chooid mollaghtagh, as nagh huitt jymmoose er slane sheshaght Israel? Bible; 2 for, because of, for the sake of a: dy stroie yn ard-valley kyndagh rhym's Bible; 3 culpable, guilty

nyn oi 1 against them a: faag mee, dy vod my yymmoose brishey magh nyn, as dy voddym ad y stroie; Bible; 2 against us a: hig eh gy-kione tra hig ad magh nyn, myr ec y toshiaght, dy der mayd cooyl daue, Bible; 3 against you a: eisht bee correen Chiarn er ny vrasnaghey nyn oi as bee shiu dy leah er nyn eebyrt veihn cheer mie shen teh er choyrt diu. Bible

rheynnee shall divide: Bee Benjamin myr moddey-oaldey jollyssagh: ayns y voghrey, stroie-ee eh yn chragh t'eh dy hayrtyn; as ec yn oie, rheynnee eh yn spooilley. Bible

voddagh 1 (dy) that could; 2 that might a: As hug ad eh ayns pryssoon, dy voddagh aigney yn Chiarn ver ny hoilshaghey daue. Bible; 3 that should a: Son daag y Chiarn ad fo creoghys cree dy chaggey noi Israel, dy voddagh eh stroie ad dy bollagh Bible; 4 (interrog.) could a: voddagh fys ve ain son shickyrys, dy niarragh eh, Cur-jee lhieu nyn mraar sheese Bible


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