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strife (n.) anvea, boirey, musthaa, ymmyr; (v.) streeu: They are at strife - T'ad streeu rish y cheilley. DF idiom; irree-magh

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Strife Meadow (n.) Lheannee Streeu

Lheannee Streeu Strife Meadow

strife-torn lane streeu

herdmen (npl.) bochillyn: And there was a strife between the herdmen of Abram's cattle and the herdmen of Lot's cattle - As va streeu eddyr bochillyn Abram as bochillyn Lot Bible

variance (n.) meechoardailys, noidys, streeu; anvea: Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies - Ammys da jallooyn, obbeeys, dwoaie, anvea, goanlys, jymmoose, streeu, irree-magh, shaghrynys veihn chredjue Bible

anvea (f.) commotion, contention, fuss, perplexity, strife, turbulence, unease, unrest, upheaval, uproar, upset: va anvea mastey ooilley'n pobble, Bible; emotion; disquiet

boirey (=Ir. buaireamh) confusion, disruption, distraction, embarrassment, heartache, molestation, nuisance, perturbation, row, strife, trouble, unrest: bee dy chooilley pheeikeyr jannoo boirey Bible; worrier; (v.) annoy, care, confuse, disturb, preoccupy, worry; altercation

irree-magh commotion: Agh tra chlinnys shiu jeh caggaghyn as irree-magh, ny bee aggle erriu Bible; uproar: As erreish dan irreemagh Bible; strife; conspiracy; rebellion; insurrection; tumult; revolt; sedition; gainsaying

musthaa bustle, carry on, display, excitement, flap, fluster, fuss, hullabaloo, muster, row, rumpus, shindy, stir, strife, tumult, upheaval, uproar: Ren ee musthaa mychione y dobberan eck. DF; pomposity, pompousness; anarchy

streeu (f.) pl. streeuaghyn 1 altercation, conflict, contention, contest, discord, disputation, endeavour, flare up, scuffle, squabble, strife, strive, strivings, variance a: ta'n trostey eu baarit ayns streeu as argane Bible; 2 altercate, disagree, striving

ymmyr strife: Gou my ghuish ayns lau, o hiarn, mariusyn ta janu ymmer vei ruyms : as kag us nan yoisyn ta kagey myoiys. Psalm1610

lane streeu strife-torn; much contention: ve roïe er hurranse, as er gheddyn dellal scammyltagh, myr ta fys eu, ec Philippi, va shin dunnal ayns y [Jee ain, dy preacheil diu sushtal] Yee lesh lane streeu. Bible


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