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streng wheddyragh (f.) barbed wire

streng (=Ir. streang) (f.) pl. strengyn chord, line, string, wire: va ny cleayshyn echey er nyn vosley, as streng e hengey er ny eaysley Bible [M.E. streng]

Inexact matches:

caardee streng (f.) wireworks

culleeyn gyn-streng (f.) (equipment) wireless

drummey streng snare drum

faal streng wire fence

giarreyder streng wire cutter

gyn streng cordless

sheeyneyder streng wire-strainer

streng biol (f.) fiddle string

streng bow (f.) bowstring, rest-harrow

streng chaashey (f.) cheese-wire

streng chellvane (f.) telephone line

streng chobbyr (f.) copper wire

streng chopuir (f.) copper wire

streng eaddagh (f.) clothes line

streng edd (f.) hat string

streng lectragh (f.) electric wire

streng leeideilagh (f.) lead in

streng lheiagh (f.) fuse wire

streng neose (f.) lead in

streng niaghan (f.) drying line

streng orraghey (f.) sling

streng snapperal (f.) tripping wire

streng viol (f.) violin string

streng vouinagh (f.) staylace

thranglym streng wire entanglement

cur ayns streng-skeeal wire

cur er streng stringing

cur faal streng er wire in

cur streng er string

cur streng noa ayn restring

cur streng rish wire

goaill yn streng jeh unstring

gow yn streng jeh (impv) unstring

kiangley lesh streng wire

streng ny himleig (f.) umbilical cord

streng-skeeal y chur (to) wire to

wire (v.) cur ayns streng-skeeal, cur streng rish, kiangley lesh streng, strengaghey; (n.) snaie yiarn, wier; streng: The wire is alive - Ta'n streng bio. DF idiom

copper wire (n.) streng chobbyr, streng chopuir

lead in leeid stiagh; streng leeideilagh; streng neose

unstring (v.) goaill yn streng jeh, gow yn streng jeh

string (v.) cur streng er, cur tead er, strengaghey; (n.) idley, poaynt, ribban, strap, streng, tead

barbed wire (n.) streng wheddyragh

bowstring (n.) streng bow

cheese-wire (n.) streng chaashey

chord coardey; coyrd; streng

clothes line (n.) streng eaddagh

cordless (adj.) gyn streng

drying line (n.) streng niaghan

fiddle string (n.) streng biol

fuse wire (n.) streng lheiagh

hat string (n.) streng edd

rest-harrow (n.) streng bow

snare drum (n.) drummey streng

staylace (n.) streng vouinagh

telephone line (n.) streng chellvane

tripping wire (n.) streng snapperal

violin string (n.) streng viol

wire cutter (n.) giarreyder streng

wire entanglement (n.) thranglym streng

wire fence (n.) faal streng

wire-strainer (n.) sheeyneyder streng

wireworks (n.) caardee streng

restring (v.) cur streng noa ayn

stringing (v.) cur er streng, strengaghey

telegram (n.) chellegram; streng-skeeal

wire-draw streng-hayrn

wire-glass streng-ghlonney

wireless2 (npl.) (equipment) culleeyn gyn-streng

wire-tapping streng-eishtaght

streng-eishtaght (f.) wire-tapping

streng-ghlonney (f.) wire-glass

streng-hayrn wire-draw

streng-skeeal telegram

electric wire (n.) coair lectragh, streng lectragh

wire to (v.) (to) streng-skeeal y chur; telegrafal

sling clibbag hroggee; croghtane; strap; streng orraghey; sling; orraghey, tilgey

umbilical cord (n.) coyrd yn vea; snaie ny himleig; streng ny himleig

wire in (v.) cur faal streng er, lhie stiagh er obbyr

line coyrd, skeog; craplag; keird; lineal; linney: Line that links up two towns - Linney ta ny kiangley eddyr daa valley. DF idiom; rann; rimmeigey; scheimmeig; scheimmeigey; sheeynag: Horizontal line - Sheeynag chochruinnagh. DF idiom; sliught; snaie; strane: Walk in line - Shooyl rere strane. DF idiom; strap; streng; tead; thow; line


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