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streebagh (f.) pl. streebeeyn drab, courtesan, fancy woman, harlot, hussy, prostitute, quean, streetwalker, strumpet, trollop, whore: Cre vel y streebagh va ry akin rish oirr y raad? Bible

Inexact matches:

shenn streebagh bawd

streebagh chellvane (f.) call girl

jannoo streebagh jeh prostitute

prostitute (n.) ben oainjyragh, oainjyr, streebagh, strumpag; (v.) jannoo streebagh jeh

bawd (n.) shenn streebagh

call girl (n.) streebagh chellvane

courtesan (n.) streebagh

fancy woman (n.) streebagh, streel

hussy (n.) beeataig; streebagh

quean (n.) doodee; streebagh

streetwalker (n.) streebagh, strumpag

harlot (n.) ben oainjyr: after the end of seventy years shall Tyre sing as an harlot - lurg kione three-feed as jeih bleeaney gow-ee Tyre arrane myr benoainjyr Bible; ben oainjyragh: Then went Samson to Gaza, and saw there an harlot - Eisht hie Samson gys Gaza, as honnick eh ayns shen ben oainjyragh Bible; co-lhiabbagh; streebagh: Should he deal with our sister as with an harlot? - Kys by-lhoys da dellal rish y chuyr ain, myr rish streebagh? Bible; strumpag: And, behold, there met him a woman with the attire of an harlot - As cur-my-ner haink ben ny whail ayns coamrey strumpag Bible

drab (adj.) dree, neughaahagh; (n.) streel, stritlag, streebagh

strumpet (n.) byddage, streebagh, strumpag, gaddee, maarderagh

trollop (n.) streebagh, stritlag, trouise, trussyl; trudlym

whore (n.) ben chadjin, ben oainjyragh, byddage, oainjyr, streebagh, strumpag

ben scarrit (f.) divorcee, divorced woman: Ben-treoghe, ny ben scarrit, ny dy ghrogh ghoo, ny streebagh Bible

buitch vooar ny buitchyn (f.) mistress of witchcrafts: Kyndagh rish mooadys maarderys yn streebagh aalin, buitch vooar ny buitchyn, ta creck ashoonyn lesh e maarderys Bible

maarderagh 1 adulterous, immoral, lascivious, unchaste; 2 lecher, libertine, whoremonger a: bee'n maarderagh as y streebagh dy shickyr er nyn goyrt gy-baase Bible; 3 strumpet; 4 lewd

oainjyr (f.) pl. oainjyryn mistress, prostitute, whore: ta streebagh myr jeeig dowin, as yn oainjyr myr ribbey chion Bible

oalyssyn witchcrafts: Kyndagh rish mooadys maarderys yn streebagh aalin, buitch vooar ny buitchyn, ta creck ashoonyn lesh e maarderys, as lught-yn-thie liorish ny oalyssyn eck. Bible

obbee (f.) charming, sorcery: Tar-jee er-gerrey gys shoh, shiuish vec yn ven-obbee, shiuish ta sluight y vaarderagh as y streebagh. Quoi er ta shiu jannoo gannidys? Bible; (v.) will deny: Roish gerrym y chellee, obbee uss mish three keayrtyn. Bible

ny (=Ir. na) 1 (npl.) the a: As chroo Jee yn aer; as scarr eh ny ushtaghyn fo yn aer Bible; 2 (gen.) of, of the: Shoh fer jeh cloan ny Hebrewnee. Bible; 3 what, whether, who: nee dty Ayr ta fakin ny ta jeant dy follit Bible; 4 or, nor: Ben-treoghe, ny ben scarrit, ny dy ghrogh ghoo, ny streebagh Bible; 5 do not, not: ny jean-jee yn ommijys shoh. Bible


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