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straiddey (gen.) of a street: Dy beagh caggey-straiddey cheet ayns Sostyn hene (ny ayns Nalbin ny Bretin), veagh yn armee aarloo ny chour. Carn

Inexact matches:

aggle straiddey agoraphobia

aghtallagh straiddey pavement artist

arraneyder straiddey ballad singer, busker, street singer

bockeen straiddey Teddy boy

cowrey straiddey street sign

dorrys straiddey front door, street door

ellyner straiddey pavement artist

ennym straiddey street name

glenneyder straiddey street cleaner

guilley straiddey mudlark, street Arab

keyllys straiddey bottleneck

lioaran straiddey (f.) street guide

londeyr straiddey (f.) street lamp

organeyr straiddey organ-grinder

paitchey straiddey gutter-snipe

skeabeyder straiddey road-sweeper

soilshey straiddey street lighting

sollys straiddey street lamp

beoynyn aggle straiddey agoraphobic tendencies

cormid ny straiddey street level

Faaie ny Straiddey Flat of the Street

straiddey lome lane teeming streets

pavement artist (n.) aghtallagh straiddey; ellyner straiddey

street lamp (n.) londeyr straiddey, sollys straiddey

agoraphobia (n.) aggle straiddey

busker (n.) arraneyder straiddey

gutter-snipe paitchey straiddey

mudlark (n.) guilley straiddey

of a street (gen.) straiddey

road-sweeper (n.) skeabeyder straiddey

street Arab (n.) guilley straiddey

street cleaner (n.) glenneyder straiddey

street door (n.) dorrys straiddey

street guide (n.) lioaran straiddey

street lighting (n.) soilshey straiddey

street name (n.) ennym straiddey

street sign (n.) cowrey straiddey

street singer (n.) arraneyder straiddey

Teddy boy (n.) bockeen straiddey

agoraphobic tendencies (npl.) beoynyn aggle straiddey

bottleneck (n.) keyllys straiddey; scroag voteil

street level (n.) cormid ny straiddey

teeming streets (n.) straiddey lome lane

ballad singer (n.) arraneyder bannag, arraneyder straiddey

Flat of the Street (n.) Faaie ny Straiddey

front door (n.) dorrys straiddey, dorrys toshee

organ-grinder (n.) cloieder organe, organeyder, organeyr straiddey


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