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story (n.) rick, skeeal

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adventure story (n.) skeeal contoyrtys

broad story (n.) skeeal breagagh

crime story skeeal kimmeeys

detective story (n.) skeeal cronneyder, oorskeeal cronneyder

ghost story (n.) skeeal scaanjoon, skeeal scaanjoonagh

idle story (n.) skeeal breagagh

lame story (n.) skeeal gyn dash

love story (n.) skeeal graih

short story (n.) skeeal giare

sob story (n.) dobberan

story book (n.) lioar skeeal

story telling ginsh breagyn

tragic story (n.) doo-skeeal

whole story ooilley yn skeeal

news story editor (n.) fembleyder y naight

point of a story (n.) bree y skeeal

teller of story (n.) insheyder

skeeal breagagh broad story, idle story

doo-skeeal tragedy; tragic story

lioar skeeal (f.) story book

oorskeeal cronneyder detective story

skeeal contoyrtys adventure story

skeeal cronneyder detective story

skeeal graih love story

skeeal kimmeeys crime story

skeeal scaanjoon ghost story

skeeal scaanjoonagh ghost story

story-telling shennaghys; skeealaght; skeealleydys

ooilley yn skeeal whole story

skeealaght (f.) anecdotage, history, story-telling

skeeal gyn dash lame story

skeealleydys story-telling

bree y skeeal point of a story

fembleyder y naight news story editor

insheyder announcer, communicator, informant, narrator, teller of story

eventful (adj.) mooar-chooishagh: Eventful story - Skeeal mooarchooishagh. DF idiom

amusement (n.) aittys: They got a lot of amusement out of the story - Hooar ad ram aittys ass y skeeal. DF idiom; gamman

detailed cruinn; myn: Detailed account of the story - Myn-choontey jeh'n skeeal. DF idiom

famous (adj.) ard-ghooagh: He is famous in story - T'eh ard-ghooagh 'sy chennaghys. DF idiom

fits freggyrtagh: It fits in with his story - T'eh freggyrt rish e skeeal. DF idiom; gaarlaghey: It fits him for the work - T'eh gaarlaghey eh da'n obbyr. DF idiom; kinkyn

funny (adj.) aitt: That was a funny story - Va shen skeeal aitt. DF idiom

publish (v.) cur magh: We shall publish the whole story - Vermayd magh y slane skeeal. DF idiom; soilshaghey, soilshaghey magh, symney

sat (v.) hoie: He sat down and gave a story - Hoie eh sheese as dinsh eh skeeal. DF idiom

dobberan (=Ir. dohhron) bewail, deplore, lament, mourn, mourning; lamentation: Shoh myr ren e ayr dobberan er e hon. Bible; sob story; sorrow; howl

ginsh breagyn story telling: Myr shen, t'eh jeeaghyn dy row ny meoiryn-shee ginsh breagyn as cur co chialg er bun dy gheddyn greim er sleih erbee, oolee ny dyn. Carn; lying

rick 1 consistence, order, satisfaction, settled rule, settlement, steadiness, uniformity a: Cha row rick ny resoon ayn JK; 2 intelligence, news, story, tale

skeeal (=Ir. scéal) (f.) pl. skeeallyn, skeealyn advice, anecdote, history, legend, narrative, news, profile, report, rumour, story, submission, tale, tidings, yarn: Haink skeeal jeu gys ree Vabylon Bible

skeeal giare short story: ta screeudeyr ny banglane Manninagh er vriaght jeem dy insh skeeal giare mychione immeeaght ny Ghaelgey rish yn laa t'ayn jiu as er-lheh yn Cheshaght Ghailckagh. Carn

shennaghys (=Ir. seanchas) annals, antiquity, history, story-telling, tradition: Ta sleih shirrey brastyllyn ta cur fys daue mychione cultoor as shennaghys ny hErin. Carn


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