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stoo (=Ir. stuth) pl. stooghyn material, stuff, substance: va e vlaaghyn jeh'n stoo cheddin Bible; matter

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forsey–stoo gravitational force

Stoo Babban Baby Accessories

stoo cadlee soporific

stoo caggee munitions, war material

stoo clannee thickening

stoo feayslee aperient, laxative

stoo giallee bleaching material

stoo glennee abstergent

stoo gort acid

Stoo Jeshee Toiletries

stoo kemmigagh chemical

stoo lajer spirits, strong drink

stoo lheeys drug, medicine

stoo lheihys balsam

stoo lhiabbagh bedding

stoo meainagh miner, minerals

stoo meainey minerals

stoo meayllee depilatory

stoo niaghan abstergent

stoo noi-chiassaghey anti-pyrin

stoo-premmee kayt cat litter

stoo reaghee fixature

stoo thie furniture: Paart dy phrash cheumooie, stoo-thie Habitat cheusthie, as shoh dhyt peesh dy fo valjaghys Sostnagh mastey yn Celtiaghys. Carn

stoo troggee building material

tayrnys–stoo gravity; gravitation

gyn stoo thie unfurnished

Slattys Toarrey as Stoo-beaghee (Lhiasaghey); (Amendment) Fertilisers and Feeding Stuffs Act

stoo greesee keintyssagh aphrodisiac

Stoo Jeshee Deiney Mens Toiletries

stoo kirp gheiney human tissue

abstergent (adj.) glennee, nieeagh; (n.) stoo glennee, stoo niaghan

minerals (npl.) stoo meainagh, stoo meainey

bun-stoo element: Ta red goll rish keead bun-stoo ayn er y teihll, voish hiddragien ta eddrym seose dys bun-stoo goll rish uraaniu ta feer hrome. Dhoor; elementary; raw material

acid (adj.) geayr, gort, sharroo; (n.) stoo gort: Treat metal with acid - Stoo gort y obbraghey er meain. DF idiom; geayrag

anti-pyrin stoo noi-chiassaghey

Baby Accessories (npl.) Stoo Babban

bleaching material (n.) stoo giallee

fixature (n.) stoo reaghee

gravitation (n.) ym-hayrn; tayrnys–stoo

gravitational force (n.) forsey–stoo

material eaddagh: Good wearing material - Eaddagh dy vel ceau mie ayn. DF idiom; stoo: War material - Stoo caggee. DF idiom; jannooys; (adj.) corporagh, nheeagh, rieugh, seihltagh

soporific (n.) stoo cadlee

Toiletries (npl.) Stoo Jeshee

covestey admixture, amalgamate, blend, coalesce, co-mix, compound, concoct, conglomerate, incorporate, intermingle, merge, merger, mingle, mix, temper: By vie lhiam covestey y yannoo jeh stoo screeut ec ram screeuderyn anchasley; stoo bunneydagh, ny çhyndaaysyn jeh bardaght ayns çhengaghyn elley. Dhoor; mixture

cat litter (n.) stoo-premmee kayt

chemical (adj.) kemmigagh; (n.) stoo kemmigagh; kemmigane

depilatory (adj.) lhoamee, meayllee; (n.) stoo meayllee

element (n.) bun-stoo, elmint, meer

elementary (adj.) bun-oyragh: It is elementary - She bun-oyragh eh. DF idiom; bun-stoo: It is elementary - She bun-stoo eh. DF idiom

feeding stuffs (npl.) stoo-beaghee

foodstuffs (npl.) stoo-beaghee, beaghey

human tissue (n.) stoo kirp gheiney

laxative (n., adj.) feayslagh, purgaidagh; (n.) stoo feayslee

Mens Toiletries (npl.) Stoo Jeshee Deiney

munitions (n.) cooid chaggee; stoo caggee

raw material (n.) bun, bun-stoo

states of matter (npl.) staydyn-stoo

stuff (v.) pronney; (n.) stoo: what hast thou found of all thy household stuff? cre tou er gheddyn jeh ooilley dty stoo thie Bible; cooid: If a man shall deliver unto his neighbour money or stuff to keep - My ver dooinney argid ny cooid da e naboo dy hashtey Bible

substance (n.) berchys, cooid, stoo; bree

thickening clanneyder; roauyraghey; (n.) stoo clannee

staydyn-stoo states of matter

stoo-beaghee feeding stuffs, foodstuffs

stoo-gloasee polish

stoo-lheihys (medicinal) drugs

stoo-sthie content

aphrodisiac (n., adj.) greesee keintyssagh; stoo greesee keintyssagh

balsam (n.) balsym; balsym beg; ooil lheihys; stoo lheihys

bedding (n.) coonlagh; eaddeeyn lhiabbagh; stoo lhiabbagh

building material (n.) stoo troggee, cooid hroggee

drug (v.) cur druggey da, druggey; (n.) stoo lheeys

miner (n.) meainagh, meaineyder, meaineydeyr, stoo meainagh

unfurnished (adj.) gyn cooid hie, gyn stoo thie, neughreit

war material (n.) cullee chaggee, stoo caggee

aperient (n., adj.) feashlagh, feayshlee, purgaidagh, purgeid, scooirag, scooiragh, stoo feayslee

Fertilisers and Feeding Stuffs Act (n.) (Amendment); (Lhiasaghey) Slattys Toarrey as Stoo-beaghee

Aboo (intj) Hurrah, To victory, Vivat: Va stoo goll rish Mannin Aboo! Carn

ayms mine: Honnick dty hooillyn yn stoo ayms Bible

cruint knots, knops: Bee ny cruint as ny banglaneyn jeh'n un stoo Bible

jasper jasper: va stoo yn voalley eck jeh jasper Bible

loggyr (f.) bonus, extra, gash: Ta'n stoo shoh loggyr. DF

saueit See sauit saved: va shiu myr stoo saueit ass yn aile Bible

drugs2 (npl.) (medicinal) stoo-lheihys: Mix the drugs - Mest ny stooghyn-lheihys. JJK idiom; stooghyn-lheihys

furniture (n.) cooid hie; stoo thie: Room crowded with furniture - Shamyr lung lane jeh sthoo-thie. DF idiom

gash (n.) beam; lhott; loggyr: This stuff is gash - Ta'n stoo shoh loggyr. DF idiom; (v.) giarrey

gravity (n.) fastaght; trimmid: The centre of gravity - Yn cheshvean trimmid. DF idiom; tromaghys; (of person) feeydys; tayrnys–stoo

matter1 cooish: I shall speak to him about the matter - Loayrym rish mychione yn chooish shen. JJK idiom; (n.) ingyr; madyr, nhee, oyr, red, stoo; (v.) madyral

medicine (n.) jough lheihys, saase lheeys, stoo lheeys; chesh; medshin: How bitter this medicine is! - Nagh sharroo yn vedshin shoh! JJK idiom

spirits (n.) liggar; stoo lajer; (npl.) spyrrydyn: He believes in spirits - T'eh credjal dy vel spyrrydyn ayn. DF idiom

strong drink (n.) jough lajer: He shall separate himself from wine and strong drink - Nee eh freayll eh hene veih feeyn as jough lajer Bible; stoo lajer

ainleagh angelic, angelical: ga thanney ta nyn stoo nyn nooghys ainleagh hug daue 'n vondeish shoh PC

ayd (=Ir. agat) 1 at you, thine, your a: cha nod oo ve shickyr vees y stoo ayd lowit Carn; 2 have

bee millish sweet: stoo jeant jeh kay, bainney as flooyr, ta ry gheddyn ayns bee millish y Niar Veanagh CnyO; sweetmeat

breneenyn atoms: Er y teihll shoh, ta stoo jeant ass breneenyn as co-vreneenyn. Dhoor

buillvollee colossal, enormous, gargantuan, giant, gigantic, mammoth: Myr shoh, bee possan-obbyr kimmee troggal seose y paalan buillvollee son Yn Chruinnaght mleeaney as cur cooney da'n ving dy yannoo stoo elley gollrish ny voayrdyn, chaairyn as y ardan. Dhoor

Cooil Bane White Nook: Bee feme aym er stoo dy ve currit dou, Phil Gawne, Cooil Bane, Cregneash son Dhooragh yn ouyir, roish jerrey Mee Luanistyn. Dhoor

cosnit acquired, won; earned; plucked: nagh vel eh shoh stoo cosnit ass yn aile? Bible; gotten

co-vreneenyn molecules: Er y teihll shoh, ta stoo jeant ass breneenyn as co-vreneenyn. Dhoor

cughtee cussed: Ta gaue dy liooar sy stoo cughtee ta lught Sellafield ceau stiagh sy cheayn gagh laa Carn

cur coyrle da advise, counsel, guide: as cur coyrle da sleih yn stoo shoh y haghney. BS

gennidyn scarcities: Cha dod ad geddyn stoo kiart dy hroggal piobyn as y lhied, va gennidyn ayn kindagh rish yn chaggey. Carn

goul-rooragh radioactive: agh cha beagh ooilley y Thalloo Vretnagh currit mow lesh stoo goul-rooragh. Carn

Laa yn Chiarn (The) Lord's Day: Agh, hig laa yn Chiarn myr maarliagh 'syn oie; tra nee ny niaughyn cherraghtyn lesh feiyr atchimagh, as nee stoo yn theihll lheie lesh chiass loshtee Bible

lectraneyn electrons: My ta shin lostey stoo, shen red kemmigagh raad ta ny lectraneyn lheim mygeayrt as livrey bree. Dhoor

meainagh metal bearing, metallic, metalliferous; mineral: Reeriaght y stoo meainagh. DF; mine; miner; ore

postal post: Stoo hie er postal ayns Lerpoyll jea dy ve currit gys Mannin, foddee dy jed eh er livrey dy h-anmagh er y fa dy row ny shirveishagh postagh dooint ayns Lerpoyll BS

reise rice: Va mee cosney argid as oddins kionnaghey reise as stoo elley voish yn shapp agh v'eh feer doillee dauesyn va baghey ayns y cheer. Dhoor

s'cosoylagh likely, probably: S'cosoylagh dy bee Border creeley stoo ayns Albinish lurg tammylt. Carn

soilsheeney advertise: Agh, mannagh vod Mooinjer Veggey baarail tooilley argid son moylley as soilsheeney yn chooish eck, ynsaghey ny obbreeyn eck as croo stoo ynsee Gaelgagh er lheh cha jean obbyr Vooinjer Veggey bishaghey dy mie. Dhoor

strooaney flowing; streamed: Cha nel y stoo Gaelgagh (chammah as stoo elley mychione Mannin) ry chlashtyn Jedoonee er radio-strooaney. Dhoor

strooyn streams: strooyn dy vrimstone lheit roie veih nyn mun, lostey as lheie dagh stoo va meeiteil roo PC

traastit pressed, squeezed: Wahl, va'n stoo traastit ayns feddan mooar, aghterbee as reagh ad shoh y lhiggey ayns magher va rish Bircham Avenue ayns Rhumsaa. DF

troarey crop, cultivate, production: Ec y traa t'ayn, ta Mannin troarey feill, flooyr, arran, oohyn, caashey, key riojit, lhune as stoo elley jee hene. Carn

content (v.) jannoo booiagh, jannoo magh, booise; meenit; booiagh: Are you not content? - Nagh vel shiu booiagh? JJK idiom; (n.) lught, stoo-sthie

plucked pluckit, speeinit; cosnit: is not this a brand plucked out of the fire? - nagh vel eh shoh stoo cosnit ass yn aile? Bible; ghlack; phluck: and plucked off the hair of my head - as phluck mee jeh folt my chione Bible; spolgit: I beheld till the wings thereof were plucked - yeeagh mee, derrey va ny skianyn spolgit jeh Bible; tayrnit: the chains had been plucked asunder by him - va ny geulaghyn er ny ve tayrnit veih-my-cheilley liorish Bible

polish (v.) cur sollyssid er, gloasaghey, gloasey; scooirey: Shoe polish - Follid braag. DF idiom; (n.) follid, gloas; sollyssid: He has a certain polish - Ta sollysid ennagh er. DF idiom; stoo-gloasee

beign must: Ny keayrtyn, va lioaryn ry-gheddyn fegooish tapeyn as ny keayrtyn, beign da coorseyn goaill toshiaght fegooish stoo-ynsee. Carn

cassit contorted, distorted: as y crackan eck cho dhone as reen as lhiare, lurg lhing liauyr jeh obbyr creoie cheumooie ayns ny magheryn, as va e laueyn crontit as cassit lesh aacheoid. Dhoor; twirled, twisted: Bare lesh eh stoo gollrish shenn teid, cassit as thummit ayns therr v'eh freayll ayns duinid e phoggaid. MB; legged; swung

fo-raad (of road) branch, secondary road; en route, in motion, in transit, on the road, under way; started: Lhisagh claare-traenal fondagh ve currit fo raad, as, ec y traa cheddin, lhisagh stoo ynsee cooie goll er croo as ve currit er- e-hoshiaght. Carn

greienys equipment, harness: Ta coontey coyrt ayn jeh stoo-thie as yn greienys caillt ec Finn 'sy thie losht as ec jerrey yn skeeal ta inshit dooin yn erree dy daink er Garraidh son yn olkys ren eh. Coraa

scarreyderyn-cassee centrifuges: Paart jeh'n oyr dy vel sleih goaill aggle roish Saddam Hussein, shen er yn oyr dy vel sleih smooinaghtyn dy vel scarreyderyn-cassee echey dy gheddyn stoo-bleaystan. Dhoor

seyrlann (f.) laboratory: Chammah as shen, ta tuarastyl bleinoil Seyrlann y Reiltys gra nagh row levallyn gaueagh dy ghoul-roorid feddynit ayns bee goll rish bainney as stoo-bee jeant ass feill. BS


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