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Stones (npl.) Leacanyn

stones (npl.) claghyn: Don't throw stones - Ny ceau claghyn. JJK idiom; grenns

Inexact matches:

bile stones (npl.) claghyn buighid

Black Stones (npl.) Claghyn Doo

hail stones (npl.) claghyn sniaghtee

Odd Stones (npl.) Claghyn Corragh

Rough Stones (npl.) Claghyn Garroo

Stepping Stones (n.) Claghag

stepping stones (npl.) claghan, keimyn

throwing stones (v.) castey; claghey; ceau claghyn: What are you saying about throwing stones? - C'red t'ou gra mychione ceau claghyn? Bunnydys

top stones (npl.) claghyn king

Field of Stones (n.) Magher ny Claghyn

Fold of the Stones (n.) Bwoaillee ny Glagh

Mountain of the Stones (n.) Slieau ny Glagh

Stones of the Church (npl.) Claghyn ny Killey

stones of the pit (npl.) claghyn yn ooig

White Stones Cave (n.) Ooig ny Claghyn Baney

White Stones' Croft (n.) Croit ny Clagh Baney

White Stones Field (n.) Magher ny Claghyn Baney

White Stones Hill (n.) Cronk ny Claghyn Baney

Claghag Stepping Stones

claghyn buighid (f.) bile stones

Claghyn Corragh Odd Stones

Claghyn Doo Black Stones

Claghyn Garroo Rough Stones

claghyn king (f.) top stones

Leacanyn Stones

Bwoaillee ny Glagh Fold of the Stones

Claghyn ny Killey Stones of the Church

Croit ny Clagh Baney White Stones' Croft

Cronk ny Claghyn Baney White Stones Hill

Magher ny Claghyn Field of Stones

Magher ny Claghyn Baney White Stones Field

Ooig ny Claghyn Baney White Stones Cave

ceau claghyn throwing stones: Ceau claghyn er ny cabbil. DF

claghan cluster of houses, hamlet; small stone, stepping stones

carn (n.) carn: A large heap is made from little stones - Ta carn mooar jeant jeh claghyn beggey. DF idiom; carnane: Sand bank - Carnane geinnee. DF idiom; lhiaght

colours (npl.) daaghyn, daahyn; cullyryn: I will lay thy stones with fair colours - neems layal dty chlaghyn dy chullyryn aalin Bible

costly (adj.) costal: All these were of costly stones - Vad shoh ooilley jeant jeh claghyn costal Bible; costalagh, costallagh, costyllagh, deyr, leaghar

heap carn, carnane: A large heap is made from little stones - Ta carn mooar jeant jeh claghyn beggey. DF idiom; (n.) butt, crannag, dash, torr; (v.) carnanaghey, chummal, torry

castey appease, assuage, beat back, censor, check, choke back, contain, counter, cure, defeat, end, hitch, inhibit, preclude, staunch, stave off, suppress; (as loan) freeze; cast out: teh castey drogh spyrrydyn Bible; throwing stones; cut off

claghey stone, stone throwing, throwing stones: As nee ooilley deiney e ard-valley claghey eh dy baase Bible

claghyn stones: As dooyrt Jacob rish e vraaraghyn, chaggil-jee claghyn; as ghow ad claghyn, as ren ad carnane, as d'ee ad ayns shen er y charnane. Bible

claghyn sniaghtee hail stones: Hugg e dau klaghyn snaghti erson flaghy : as losseryn d'ainil ayns nan dallu. Psalm1610

claghyn yn ooig stones of the pit: Agh t'ou uss tilgit magh ass dty oaie myr bangan loau, as myr coamrey ny merriu ta roight trooid lesh y chliwe, ta ceaut sheese fo claghyn yn ooig Bible

grenns loin; testicle; stones: Ny dooinney cam-chassagh, ny khyrloghe, Ny fer cruittagh, ny fer faase, ny fer cam-hooillagh, ny ta fo taghys-chirrym ny screbbagh, ny ta'n grenns echey brisht Bible

keimyn (f.) stepping stones, steps: Uinnagyn as tree keimyn goll seose huc. DF; degrees: Foddee shiu keimyn ollooscoill y gheddyn trooid Catalonish. Carn

hair1 (n.) folt: Her hair is tinted - Ta'n folt eck mynghaahit. DF idiom; gruag; renaig: every one could sling stones at an hair breadth, and not miss - dy voddagh dagh fer jeu clagh y hilgey ass sling, gys lheead renaig, gyn missal Bible; rinneig: was an hair of their head singed - chamoo va rinneig jeh nyn ghing daahjit Bible; fynney: and the hair thereof be not turned white - as nagh vel y fynney echey er jyndaa bane Bible; (gen.) fuilt: Her wealth of hair - E cooid fuilt. DF idiom

plenteous (adj.) palchagh, soogh; palchey: And the king made silver and gold at Jerusalem as plenteous as stones - As hug y ree er argid as airh ec Jerusalem dy ve cha palchey as claghyn Bible; feoilt: long-suffering, plenteous in goodness and truth - surranse-foddey, feoilt ayns mieys as firrinys. Bible

precious (adj.) braew, ennoil, leagh mooar, leaghar, leagharagh; costal: he gave also to her brother and to her mother precious things - hug eh myrgeddin dan vraar as y voir eck cowraghyn costal Bible; goaun: And the word of the Lord was precious in those days - As va goon Chiarn goaun ayns ny laghyn shen Bible; deyr: because my soul was precious in thine eyes this day - er-yn-oyr dy row my vioys deyr ayns dty hilley er y laa shoh Bible; costalagh, costallagh: with the precious stones - marish ny claghyn costalagh Bible; mooar-leagh: and the adultress will hunt for the precious life - as nee ben adultrinagh shelg son y vioys mooar-leagh Bible

rows (npl.) coorsyn: even four rows of stones - eer kiare coorsyn cloaie Bible; roaghyn: And he built the inner court with three rows of hewed stone - As hrog eh yn chooyrt sodjey stiagh lesh three roaghyn dy chlagh cummit Bible

set1 beoyn, reaghey; chymsaght; cuirr; goll dy lhie, goll fo; jesheenaghey, kiartee; laare; lhejey; reaghys; sett; settit; soiagh: And the priest shall set the woman before the Lord - As neen saggyrt soiagh yn ven kiongoyrt y Chiarn Bible; soiaghey: and the door of the ark shalt thou set in the side thereof - as dorrys yn arg nee oo soiagheysy lhiattee echey Bible; soit; starkaghey; taah; troa; hoie: And God set them in the firmament of the heaven - As hoie Jee ad ayns yn aer fo niau Bible; hoit; (to); (dy) hoiaghey: And in cutting of stones, to set them - As ayns giarey claghyn, dy hoiaghey ad Bible; soiaghey jeh; soit: And there was set meat before - As va bee soit roish Bible; soie: Son of man, set thy face against Zidon - Vac y dooinney, soie dty eddin noi Zidon Bible

stubble (n.) giare-choonlagh: Behold, they shall be as stubble - Cur-my-ner, bee ad myr y yiare-choonlagh Bible; stubble: and wilt thou pursue the dry stubble? - as jed oo geiyrt er y stubble chirrym? Bible; stubbyl: gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, stubble - airh, argid, claghyn costal, fuygh, traagh, stubbyl Bible; coau: and the whirlwind shall take them away as stubble - as gowee yn gheay-chassee ersooyl ad myr y coau Bible

subdue (v.) cur fo chosh: I will subdue all thine enemies - neems myrgeddin ooilley dty noidyn y choyrt fo-chosh Bible; cur sheese: He shall subdue the peoples under us - Ver eh sheese y pobble foin Bible; goaill yn varriaght: and subdue with sling stones - as yiow ad yn varriaght lesh claghyn-sling Bible; injillaghey: to subdue nations before him - dy injillaghey ashoonyn kiongoyrt rish Bible; reill: replenish the earth, and subdue it - jean-jee yn seihll magh lesh cummaltee, as reill-jee harrish Bible


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