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stone (n.) clagh: A rolling stone gathers no moss - Cha nel clagh rolley chaglym keynnagh erbee. JJK idiom; liack, goayl; (v.) claghey, cur clagh er; (gen.) cloaie: Hunger breaks through stone walls - Brishee accyrys trooid boallaghyn cloaie. JJK idiom

Inexact matches:

altar stone (n.) clagh oural

alum stone (n.) clagh ollym

arch stone (n.) clagh ogheragh, clagh-aae

baking stone (n.) losht

bannock stone (n.) clagh soddag

Big Stone (n.) Clagh Wooar

bladder stone (n.) clagh uaill

blue stone (n.) clagh ghlass

border stone (n.) clagh chaglee

boundary stone (n.) clagh chaglee

cap stone (n.) clagh vullee

carborundum stone (n.) clagh charbrym

chalk stone (n.) clagh chelk

cherry stone (n.) clagh hillish

church stone (n.) clagh ny killagh

cobbler's stone (n.) clagh ghreasee

coffin stone (n.) kistey

cope stone (n.) clagh vullee

crushed stone mynchlagh

drip stone (n.) clagh heelee

Dun Stone (n.) Clagh Ouyr

foundation stone (n.) bun-chlagh, clagh undinagh, clagh vun; clagh undin: a stone for a corner, nor a stone for foundations - clagh chorneilagh, ny clagh undin Bible

green stone (n.) clagh ghlass

Heritage Stone (n.) Clagh yn Eiraght

High Stone (n.) Clagh Ard

holy stone (n.) clagh scooiree, clagh-scooirey

kidney stone (n.) clagh eayl

ledger stone (n.) clagh oaie

of stone cloaie: Wall of stone - Boalley cloaie. DF idiom

paving stone (n.) (flat) leac pheamadagh

pillar stone (n.) clagh hoit

precious stone (n.) clagh chostal: every precious stone was thy covering - dy chooilley chlagh chostal va dty choodagh Bible; cliejeen; jewel costal: A gift is as a precious stone in the eyes of him that hath it - Ta gioot myr jewel costal ayns ny sooillyn echeysyn ta goaill eh Bible

pumice stone (n.) shligar, shliggyrt

putting stone (n.) clagh niart

quarry stone (n.) clagh wharral

rocking stone (n.) clagh chorragh

rope stone (n.) bwoid suggane

Rough Stone (n.) Garroo Clagh

round stone (n.) bwaag

rubbing stone (n.) clagh foyr, clagh rubban

scratching stone (n.) clagh screebee

sea-worn stone (n.) mooirlaig

sharpening stone (n.) clagh shleeuee, striggyl

small stone (n.) claghan

soap stone (n.) clagh heeabinagh

standing stone (n.) clagh hoit; lhiaght; liagh

Stone Age (n.) (The); (Yn) Eash Chloaie; Eash ny Claghyn

stone axe (n.) teigh chloaie

stone bramble (n.) smeyr ghreiney

Stone Bridge (n.) Droghad Cloaie

stone built (adj.) cloaie

stone coal (n.) clagh-gheayl, geayl creoi

stone cold cha feayr as clagh; slane feayr

stone crusher (n.) brisheyder clagh, brisheyder cloaie

stone curlew (n.) crottag ny glagh

stone dead (adj.) cha marroo as skeddan

stone dresser (n.) seyir cloaie

Stone Enclosure (n.) Close ny Clagh

Stone Field (n.) Magher ny Clagh

stone floor (n.) laare chloaie, pemmad

Stone Fold (n.) Clagh Woaillee, Bwoaillee ny Clagh

stone fort (n.) caaghyr

stone fruit (n.) mess claghagh

stone hard (adj.) cha creoi as clagh; clagh-chreoi

Stone Hedge (n.) Cleigh Clagh

stone hedge (n.) bun-chleighan, cleigh cloaie

Stone House (n.) Thie Cloaie

stone lichen (n.) faasaag ny greg, scryss ny greg

stone loach (n.) caillagh ruy

Stone Mill (n.) Mwyllin y Cloaie

stone monument (n.) clagh

Stone Pillar (n.) Golane

stone pillar (n.) carrey

stone pine (n.) juys millish

stone pit (n.) slogh cloaie

stone quarry (n.) quarral cloaie

stone road (n.) raad cloaie

stone thrower (n.) clagheyder

stone throwing claghey

stone trough (n.) ammyr cloaie

stone wall (n.) boalley cloaie

stumbling stone (n.) clagh-snapperal: I lay in Sion a stumblingstone - ta mee soiaghey ayns Sion clagh-snapperal Bible

White Stone (n.) Clagh Vane, Clagh Bane

Assembly Stone Pillar (n.) Lhiack ny Wirragh

chief corner stone (n.) ard-chlagh chorneilagh

Dead Man's Stone (n.) Clagh y Dooinney Marroo

Grey Stone Rocky Place (n.) Creggan Creg Lheeah

Hill of the Stone (n.) Cronk Lhiack

Onchan Heritage Stone (n.) Clagh Eiraght Kiondroghad

stack of stone (n.) carn

Standing Stone Meadow (n.) Lheannee Golane

Stone Horse Field (n.) Giat y Cabbyl Clagh

Stone of Scone (n.) Lhiaght Fail

Stone of the Basin (n.) Clagh y Veilley

tables of stone (npl.) buird chloaie

Two Meeting's Stone (n.) Clagh y Daa Heet

White Stone Croft (n.) Croit ny Cloaie Bane

White Stone Farm (n.) Balley Clagh Bane

White Stone Field (n.) Magher Clagh Bane

White Stone Fold (n.) Bwoaillee Clagh Bane

White Stone Hill (n.) Cronk y Chlagh Bane

White Stone Slope (n.) Liargee ny Glagh Bane

White Stone Wall (n.) Clagh Vane Voalley

cloaie (gen.) of stone, stone, stone-built, stone built: Huitt paart er thalloo cloaie Bible

clagh chaglee (f.) border stone, boundary stone

clagh vullee (f.) cap stone, cope stone

clagh ghlass (f.) beryl, blue stone, green stone, jade, nephrite

clagh hoit (f.) memorial pillar, menhir, pillar stone, standing stone, stele

Eary Stein Stein's Enclosure [Scand steinn, stone, rock, boundary stone]

clagh (=Ir. cloch, Sc.G. clach) (f.) pl. claghyn 1 stone, stone monument a: dy voddagh dagh fer jeu clagh y hilgey ass sling Bible; 2 testicle [O.Ir. cloch]

claghey stone, stone throwing, throwing stones: As nee ooilley deiney e ard-valley claghey eh dy baase Bible

ammyr cloaie (f.) stone trough

brisheyder clagh stone crusher

bun-chlagh (f.) foundation stone

bwoid suggane rope stone

caaghyr stone fort

clagh-aae (f.) arch stone

Clagh Ard High Stone

Clagh Bane White Stone

clagh charbrym (f.) carborundum stone

clagh chelk (f.) chalk stone

clagh chorragh (f.) rocking stone

clagh-chreoi (f.) stone hard, stony

clagh eayl (f.) kidney stone

clagheyder stoner, stone thrower

clagh-gheayl (f.) stone coal

clagh ghreasee (f.) cobbler's stone

clagh heelee (f.) drip stone

clagh hillish (f.) cherry stone

Clagh Ouyr Dun Stone

clagh rubban (f.) rubbing stone

clagh-scooirey (f.) holy stone

clagh screebee (f.) scratching stone

clagh soddag (f.) bannock stone

Clagh Vane White Stone

clagh wharral (f.) quarry stone

Clagh Wooar Big Stone

Cleigh Clagh Stone Hedge

cur clagh er stone

Droghad Cloaie Stone Bridge

Eash Chloaie (f.) (Yn); (The) Stone Age

Garroo Clagh Rough Stone

Golane Stone Pillar

juys millish stone pine

laare chloaie (f.) stone floor

leac pheamadagh (f.) (flat) paving stone

mess claghagh stone fruit

mynchlagh (f.) crushed stone, pebble

pemmad pavement, stone floor

quarral cloaie stone quarry

raad cloaie stone road

shligar pumice stone

shliggyrt (f.) pumice stone

slane feayr stone cold

slogh cloaie stone pit

teigh chloaie (f.) stone axe

Thie Cloaie Stone House

net-stone (n.) clish

stone-blind (adj.) slane doal

stone-built (adj.) cloaie

stone-dead (adj.) cha marroo as skeddan

stone-deaf (adj.) slane bouyr

stone-dresser (n.) seyir cloaie

upper-stone (n.) clagh eaghtyragh

brisheyder cloaie stonebreaker, stone crusher

bun-chleighan fell dyke, stone hedge

Bwoaillee ny Clagh Stone Fold

caillagh ruy (f.) loach, stone loach

clagh eaghtyragh (f.) upper-stone

clagh foyr (f.) rubbing stone, whetstone

clagh ny killagh (f.) church stone

clagh oaie (f.) gravestone; ledger stone

clagh ogheragh (f.) arch stone, voussoir

clagh ollym (f.) alum stone, alunite

clagh oural (f.) altar, altar stone


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