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stock1 crouw; kiap; kiap lhuingys; kynney; pink; sheelrey; stang; stoyr: Stock a house with coal - Stoyr geayil y chur ayns thie. DF idiom; (v.) cur bun er, cur sthock er, sthockal

stock2 (n.) (culinary) sthock

Inexact matches:

breeding stock (npl.) sluight troggee

Brompton stock (n.) blaa yn 'Eaill Eoin

fat stock (n.) beiyn roauyrey, ollagh roauyrey

in stock (adj.) sthie

joint stock (n.) co-sthock

laughing stock (n.) blebbin, bock bouyran, cooish gharaghtee, sthowran

night-scented stock (n.) lus y cheeiragh

plane stock (n.) kiap lockeragh

preferred stock (n.) ard-sthock

rolling stock (n.) queeyllarys

small stock (n.) sthockan

stock account (n.) sthock-choontys

stock breeder (n.) troggeyder sthock

stock breeding (v.) troggal sthock

stock dove (n.) calmane glass, calmane gorrym

stock exchange (n.) boorse

stock farm (n.) ferm sthock

stock list (n.) sthock-listey

stock market (n.) margey ollee, sthockvargey

stock owl (n.) hullad vooar, hullad mooar

stock phrase (n.) shenn abbyrt

stock play cloie stoyr

stock size mooadys cadjin

stock up (v.) carnanaghey, tashtey

stock exchange bull (n.) bulley

stock of wheel (n.) kiap queeyl

troggal stock er ransh ranch

ard-sthock preferred stock

boorse stock exchange

calmane glass stock dove

calmane gorrym stock dove

cloie stoyr stock play

cooish gharaghtee (f.) laughing stock

co-sthock joint stock

cur sthock er stock

ferm sthock stock farm

kiap lhuingys stock

kiap lockeragh plane stock

mooadys cadjin stock size

pink stock

queeyllarys rolling stock

sheelrey breed, stock

shenn abbyrt stock phrase

sluight troggee breeding stock

sthockal stock

sthockan (f.) body, small stock

sthock-choontys stock account

sthock-listey stock list

sthockvargey stock market

troggal sthock stock breeding

troggeyder sthock stock breeder

anchor-stock (n.) crossag akeragh

stock-still (adj., adv.) gyn lheihll

tail-stock (n.) sthock jerree

crossag akeragh (f.) anchor-stock

kiap queeyl stock of wheel

ollagh roauyrey (f.) fatstock; fat stock

stang (=Ir. stang) (f.) dowel, gudgeon, pillory, stock

sthock jerree tail-stock

ranch (n.) ransh; (v.) ranshey, troggal stock er ransh

blaa yn 'Eaill Eoin Brompton stock, gilliflower

bock bouyran blockhead, ignoramus, laughing stock

bulley bull, stock exchange bull; (bowls) wood

lus y cheeiragh (f.) evening primrose, night-scented stock

margey ollee cattle market, stock market

shall I fall down duittym: shall I fall down to the stock of a tree? - duittym sheese roish bun billey? Bible

shall not take cha gow: their stock shall not take root in the earth - cha gow yn bun oc fraue ayns yn ooir Bible

beiyn roauyrey fat stock: As myr shen ve, tra v'adsyn va gymmyrkey arg y Chiarn, er n'gholl shey kesmadyn, dy heb eh dew as beiyn roauyrey ayns oural. Bible; fatlings

blebbin buffoon, laughing stock, pawn, silly person, simpleton, sucker, zany: Ren ee blebbin jeh. DF

carnanaghey accumulate, clamp, heap, lump, stock up: Neeym carnanaghey ooilley my chlouagyn cooidjagh. DF; (of earth) pack

crouw (f.) bunch, bush, dwarf tree, shrub, stick, stock, wide spreading tree: ayns yn aer foshlit eeanlee bishagh ghow, dagh cronk, dagh dress, dagh billey as dagh crouw, keylljyn as coanyn ooilley swarmal lhieu. PC; Masonic lodge; (of society) branch; (of river) tributary

cur bun er construe, expound, interpret: As cha voddagh ad ayns three laa cur bun er y raa-dorraghey. Bible; stock

hullad mooar (f.) eagle owl, stock owl: Yn hullad beg, as yn hullad mooar, as yn ollay Bible

hullad vooar (f.) eagle owl; great owl: Ayns shen nee yn hullad vooar yn edd eck y yannoo Bible; stock owl

kiap pl. kip :1 pl. kiapyn 1 (for burning) block, butt, log a: Tra ta kiap [cainle] lostey ec dagh kione cha jean ee shassoo agh tra gherrid. EF; 2 pad, pillow, snag, socle, stock; 3 (of tree) trunk, tree stump

kynney pl. kynnee, kynnaghyn breed, connection, family, folk, genus, kin, kind, kindred, lineage, people, race, species, stock, tribe: cordail rish thie ayraghyn kynney nyn bobble Bible

sthie (=Ir. istigh) indoors, inner, inside, in stock, interior, internal, inwards, within: eer gys y chooyrt sthie Bible; herein

sthock 1 pl. sthockyn butt-end, chimney stack, foot of bed, livestock, pack of cards, post, scape, winter store, stem; 2 stock a: hug eh eh ayns ny sthockyn va liorish ard-yiat Venjamin Bible

sthowran bust: Ec nane jeh ny kialteenyn shoh, dooyrt y saggyrt dy bare leshyn gyn y sthowran y ve sy woalley jeh'n cheeill echey, red feer phaganagh. Carn; laughing stock; statue

stoyr asset; deposit, depot, fund, hoard, repertory, repository, stock, supply; store: Bee mollaght er dty vaskad, as dty stoyr Bible; storage; still room, storehouse, storeroom

surrym I will suffer: Nee shid y stock oc ta dy ghoaill my rooym ayns rheam ny maynrys; torchagh, aile as pian neem's choiee y hurranse, roish my surrym shen. Bible

gyn lheihll impotent, inactive, stock-still: Son ghow eh kiarail er y hon, nagh duittagh eh; toiggal dy row eh red gyn lheihll (son cha vel eh agh jalloo, as eh hene feme cooney). Apoc

maarleeys marauding, stealing, theft: va sleih ny beiyn goll trooid lossanyn ny h'aileyn Voaldyn shirrey lheihys, ny slaynt vie, ny palchid, ny coadey veih drogh spyrrydyn, buitchyn, na'n vooinjer veggey, ny noi maarleeys nyn sonnys as nyn stock as stoyr. Dhoor

tashtey cache, deposit, dump, dumping, hoard, keep, lay up, put by, save, saving, stockpile, stock up, store, stow: Ga dy vel eh tashtey seose argid myr joan Bible; (n.) pl. tashtaghyn treasure, fund, stowage, lodgement: Ta carrey mie tashtey vooar. JJK; reserve price; gather up: As nee dooinney glen chymsaghey leoie yn cholbagh, s tashtey seose eh cheumooie Bible; damp, dew


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