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stiuree (gen.) controlling, directing, governing, guiding, steering: va ny deiney schleïoil ayd hene dty gheiney-stiuree Bible

Inexact matches:

baatey stiuree pilot boat

ben stiuree (f.) conductress, directress

bing stiuree (f.) administration committee, management committee

boayrd stiuree directorate

booie stiuree buoy

cabbane stiuree pilot's cabin

combaase stiuree steering compass

croan stiuree steering column

cullee stiuree (f.) steering gear

fer stiuree coxswain, helmsman, steersman: Ta mish y fer stiuree ayns shoh. DF

glassey stiuree wheel lock

greie stiuree steering engine

keesh stiuree (f.) pilotage

kerrooane stiuree quadrant

linnaghyn-stiuree aavioghee (f.) resuscitation guidelines

lught stiuree directorate

maidjey stiuree control lever, joystick, steering oar, tiller

pinn stiuree pintle, rudder post, tiller

queeyl stiuree (f.) steering wheel, tiller wheel

teaddyn stiuree tiller-lines

tead stiuree guy rope, tiller-rope

thie stiuree wheel house

toor stiuree conning tower

towl stiuree cockpit

yiarn stiuree pintle

linnaghyn-stiuree yn reiltys government guidelines

directorate (n.) boayrd stiuree, lught stiuree, stiureydaght

pintle (n.) pinn stiuree; yiarn stiuree

steering stiurey; (gen.) stiuree: Steering pillar - Croan stiuree. DF idiom

tiller (v.) cur reuyreyder er; (n.) greie traauee, maidjey stiuree, pinn stiuree, reureyder

conductress (n.) ben stiuree

conning tower (n.) toor stiuree

control lever (n.) maidjey stiuree

controlling (adj.) stiuree

coxswain (n.) fer stiuree; stiureyder

directing gurneilagh; stiuree

directress (n.) ben stiuree

governing stiuree

guy rope (n.) tead stiuree

helmsman (n.) fer stiuree; stiureyder

joystick (n.) maidjey stiuree

management committee (n.) bing stiuree

pilot boat (n.) baatey stiuree

pilot's cabin (n.) cabbane stiuree

quadrant (n.) kerroo-chiarkyl, kerrooane stiuree

rudder post (n.) pinn stiuree

steering column (n.) croan stiuree

steering engine (n.) greie stiuree

steering gear (n.) cullee stiuree

steering wheel (n.) queeyl stiuree

steersman (n.) fer stiuree, stiureyder

tiller-lines (npl.) teaddyn stiuree

tiller-rope (n.) tead stiuree

tiller wheel (n.) queeyl stiuree

wheel house (n.) thie stiuree

wheel lock glassey stiuree

code of conduct (n.) coad-stiuree

controlling stake (n.) ronney-stiuree

control system (n.) coarys-gurneil, coarys-stiuree

control zone (n.) ard-gurneil, ard-stiuree

guidelines (npl.) linnaghyn-stiuree

resuscitation guidelines (npl.) linnaghyn-stiuree aavioghee

sign post (n.) post-stiuree

ard-stiuree control zone

coad-stiuree code of conduct

coarys-stiuree control system

deiney-stiuree pilots

linnaghyn-stiuree (f.) guidelines

niart-stiuree control

post-stiuree sign post

ronney-stiuree controlling stake

administration committee (n.) bing reill, bing stiuree

cockpit (n.) cabbane y stiureyder, towl stiuree; laaragh troddan-kellee

government guidelines (npl.) linnaghyn-stiuree yn reiltys

guiding (adj.) bentyn rish ny benaeglee; stiuree

steering compass (n.) combaase airdeylagh, combaase stiuree

steering oar (n.) maidjey cassee, maidjey stiuree

pilotage (n.) faill yn stiureyder, keesh stiuree; tushtey yn stiureyder, schlei yn stiureyder; stiureydys

buoy (n.) booie: Put down a buoy - Booie y chur magh. DF idiom; (n.) booie stiuree, mollag; (v.) cur magh booieyn

lunjeaney sway, swaying, swing, swinging, wobble, wobbling: Veih'n thie stiuree dys y funnyl lunjeaney choud's v'eh goll, as feddan sheeaney lesh gagh lunjean. Dhoor

control1 gurneil; cramman; smaght; niart-stiuree; (v.) jean gurneil, freayll fo, smaghtey, streeaney; stiurey: Under government control - Fo stiurey yn reiltys. DF idiom

pilots (npl.) pilotyn: the mariners, and all the pilots of the sea - ny shiolteyryn, as ooilley pilotyn ny marrey Bible; deiney-stiuree: thy wise men, O Tyrus, that were in thee, were thy pilots - va ny deiney schleïoil ayd hene dty gheiney-stiuree, O Tyrus Bible

peiagh erbee anyone, any person: Ta fir-stiuree Oik Postagh Ellan Vannin gra dy lajer nagh bee peiagh erbee coayl yn kiartey oc BS; nobody

traastey mooar high pressure: Richard Senior, y Stiureyder jeh Lught-Stiuree Steatyn as Thieys, t'eh gra dy vel y jeadys-troggal fo traastey mooar. BS


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