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stir foostyr; gleashagh; gleayshaghey; grees; greesaghey; lheil; mestey; seiy; gleashee; gleaysh: Don't stir from the place - Ny gleash veih'n voayl. JJK idiom; (n.) musthaa; doindyr

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shall stir gleayshee: through his riches he shall stir up all against the realm of Grecia - trooid e verchys, gleayshee eh seose ooilley noi reeriaght Ghrecia Bible; greinnee: he shall stir up jealousy like a man of war - greinnee eh seose e ghunnallys myr dooinney-caggee Bible

stir up (v.) broddey, doostey, foostyral, greesaghey, greinnaghey, seiy; (to); (dy) ghreeasaghey; (n.) gleashaght

lheil stir

doindyr (=Ir. doinneann) continual noise, racket; stir

greesaghey (=Ir. gríosú) abet, accelerate, agitate, drive, egg on, excite, foment, foster, incentive, incite, instigate, press, prod, provoke, stir, urging; stir up: Ta smooinaghtyn er olk ayns nyn greeaghyn: as dy kinjagh greesaghey seose anvea. Bible; (enthusiasm) fire; kindle: ooilley shiuish ta greesaghey aile Bible; excitation, excitement, fomentation, provocation; abetting

seiy agitate, bear down, churn, churning, foment, fomentation, knife, litter, lunge, mixing, mixture, prod, propel, propulsion, protrusion, push, pushing, shove, shoving, stick, stir, stir up, thrust, tilt, tilting, transfix; (of bull) gore; upstroke; dipped: varr ad mannan jeh ny goair, as seiy ad yn cooatsyn uill Bible; troubled: ny diunidyn myrgeddin vad er nyn seiy Bible; wallow, muddy: jean aanrit-sack y chryssey mood, as seiy oo henesy leoie Bible; mingle, mix up: nee ad seiy ad hene fud sluight deiney Bible; stab: Lesh y chied seiy dy chosney yn varriaght DF; trouble: ren oo seiy ny ushtaghyn lesh dty chassyn Bible; mingled

foostyr fidget; stir: Boayl lane dy foostyr. DF

foostyral stir up; bustling: Foostyral stiagh as magh. DF

gleashee (impv) stir: gleashee seose dty niart, as tar as cooin lhien. Bible

gleayshaghey stir: va tharmane ry-chlashtyn, as cur-my-ner gleayshaghey Bible

gleayshee shall stir: gleayshee eh seose ooilley noi reeriaght Ghrecia Bible

from the veih'n: Don't stir from the place - Ny gleash veih'n voayl. JJK idiom

broddey goad, jab, nudge with nose, poke, prick, prickle, pierce, probe, rouse, stir up, thrust: t'ad broddey gys grunt y chree Bible

doostey (=Ir. dúiseacht) arouse, awaken, freshen, raise, start, stir up, switch on: cha jean ad doostey, ny troggal ass nyn gadley. Bible

ghreeasaghey (dy); (to) stir up: Ta'n dean smoo dy chur Albinish as y cultoor Gaelgagh er y hoshiaght dy hroggal creeaght-hene y sleih sy Ghaeltaght as dy ghreeasaghey cooishyn tarmaynagh as sheshoil. Bible

gleashagh affecting, moving, stirring, touching; move, stir: As hooar dy chooilley chretoor baase ren gleashagh er y thalloo Bible; locomotive; mobile

gleashaght (f.) drift, locomotion, motion, movement, play, stir up, move: yn faarkey as ooilley ny ta gleashaght ayn Bible; circulation

grees stir: As eisht doaltattym ren eh brishey as bleaystey lesh grees as jeeanid feer vooar GB

greinnaghey 1 abet, activate, activation, coach, coaching, encourage, goad, incite, induce, move, prompt, provoke, stimulate, urge, urging; 2 stir up a: ren y Chiarn greinnaghey spyrryd Cyrus Bible; 3 encouragement, inducement

greinnee urge: Greinnee-jee seose ny ashoonyn noi eck Bible; shall stir: As greinnee eh seose e niart Bible

mestey (=Ir. meascadh) compound, confuse, cross-breed, dispense, garble, hybridize, jumble, mash, mingle, mix, shuffle, stir: Shoh Gaelg ta mestey Gaelg y Vible as Gaelg ny loayrtee dooghyssagh. Carn; miscellany, mixture; promiscuity; stirring

musthaa bustle, carry on, display, excitement, flap, fluster, fuss, hullabaloo, muster, row, rumpus, shindy, stir, strife, tumult, upheaval, uproar: Ren ee musthaa mychione y dobberan eck. DF; pomposity, pompousness; anarchy

foot1 bun: At the foot of the table - Ec bun y voayrd. DF idiom; cass: He couldn't stir a foot - Cha dod eh gleashagh cass. DF idiom; (n.) kass; trie: Three foot long - Tree trie er lhiurid. DF idiom; (v.) goll er chosh; cosh

hypocrite (n.) crauee-oalsey: for an hypocrite shall not come before him - son cha jig yn crauee-oalsey ny enish Bible; fer crauee foalsey: That the hypocrite reign not - Nagh lhisagh yn er-crauee-oalsey reill Bible; foalserey; kialgeyr: For what is the hope of the hypocrite - Son cre ta treishteil yn chialgeyr Bible; fer foalsey; hipikrat; molteyr: and the innocent shall stir up himself against the hypocrite - as ver yn dooinney ynrick eddin dan molteyr Bible


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