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Still (intj) Agh fuirree ort

still1 choud's shoh; foastagh, kinjagh; feagh, kiune, neuvio; (ny) yei shen as ooilley; goni; (v.) cur fea er; foast: I am still to the fore - Ta mee er mayrn foast. DF idiom

still2 (n.) (apparatus) sthill, poht ghoo, poht losseree

Inexact matches:

Sit still (impv) Fark ort

stand still er-troggloo; er troggloo; shassoo sthill: When ye are come to the brink of the water of Jordan, ye shall stand still in Jordan - Tra vees shiu er jeet gys oirr awin Yordan, nee shiu shassoo sthill ayns Jordan BNible; (impv) shass-jee: stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord - shass-jee, as cur-jee my-ner yn saualtys neen Chiarn soilshaghey diu Bible; fuirree-jee: Stand still, and I will hear what the Lord will command concerning you - Fuirree-jee tammylt, as neem clashtyn cre neen Chiarn sarey mychione eu. Bible; shass raad tou: stand still, and consider the wondrous works of God - shass raad tou, as smooinee dy dowin er obbraghyn yindyssagh Yee Bible

still-born animal (n.) slink

still house (n.) thie sthill

still room (n.) stoyr

still worm (n.) keyrrey cham

whisky still (n.) (illicit) pot ghoo

sthill (adv.) still: nee shiu shassoo sthill ayns Jordan Bible; (f.) (apparatus) still

Agh fuirree ort (intj) Still

keyrrey cham (f.) still worm

neuvio dead, still

poht ghoo (apparatus) still

poht losseree (apparatus) still

thie sthill still house

living1 beaoil; mayrnagh: He is still living - T'eh mayrnagh. DF idiom; beaghey: They are living a cat and dog life - T'ad beaghey bwoalley er kayt as bwoalley er moddey. JJK idiom; er mayrn: He is still living - T'eh er mayrn foast. DF idiom

stock-still (adj., adv.) gyn lheihll

cur fea er settle, still

shass raad tou stand still

slink still-born animal

shass-jee stand still: Shass-jee ayns aggle, as ny jean-jee peccah Bible

abed (adv.) er y lhiabbee, 'sy lhiabbee: They are late abed - Hannee ad 'sy lhiabbee. DF idiom; ny lhie: They are still abed - T'ad foast nyn lhie. DF idiom

active1 gastey: Their grandfather is still lively and active - Ta'n shennayr (shaner) oc bioyr as gastey. JJK idiom

arm1 (n.) arm; roih: by the greatness of thine arm they shall be as still as a stone - liorish niart dty roih cha gleashee ad ny smoo na clagh Bible; (v.) armal; eillaghey

continue (v.) beaynaghey, farraghtyn, freayll goll, goll er, marraghtyn, tannaghtyn, fannaghtyn, tuinaghey, tannee; chummys; (to); (dy) hannaghtyn; freayll: They still continue the custom - T'ad foast freayll y cliaghtey er bun. DF idiom

coupler (n.) cubbyl: The coupler is still holding - Ta'n cubbyl cummal foast. DF idiom

cousin1 (n.) dooinney mooinjerey: His cousin is still far from his native country - Ta e ghooinney-mooinjerey (ben-vooinjerey) foddey veih cheer e ghooie (cheer e dooie) foast. JJK idiom; cosan; cussan

escape (v.) scapail; shaghney; cosney roish: I still had hopes of his escape - Va foast jerkallys aym dy gosnagh eh roish. JJK idiom

good way doaie mie er: He is in a good way - Ta doaie mie er. DF idiom; raad liauyr: You still have a good way to go - Ta foast raad liauyr ayd ry-gholl. DF idiom

grandfather (n.) jed mooar, jishag mooar, jishig vooar, shaner, shenn-ayr; shennayr: Their grandfather is still lively and active - Ta'n shennayr (shaner) oc bioyr as gastey. JJK idiom

impetus (n.) garrey: The boat still had impetus - Va foast garrey er y vaatey. DF idiom

of the night (n.) (ny) hoie: In the still of the night - Ayns kiuney ny hoie. DF idiom

poorest (adj.) by velley, s'melley; s'boghtey: My brother is poor, my sister is still poorer, but I'm the poorest of all - Ta my vraar boght, ta my huyr ny s'boghtey, agh ta mish s'boghtey na ooilley. JJK idiom

remaining er mayrn: I am still remaining - Ta mee foast er mayrn. DF idiom; faagit: I have four remaining - Ta kiare faagit aym. DF idiom

sisters (npl.) shayraghyn; shuyraghyn: Are your sisters still unwell? - Vel ny shuyraghyn eu laglayntagh foast? JJK idiom

choud's shoh still, this far: Agh cre'n boayl? Cha nel fys ec peiagh erbee choud's shoh. Carn

er troggloo bedridden, decrepit, dog-tired, exhausted, helpless, prostrated, unable to rise, worn out, stand still: ny gymmyrkey lesh shen ta er-troggloo Bible

er-troggloo stand still: ny lheihys adsyn ta doghanit, ny gymmyrkey lesh shen ta er-troggloo Bible

Fark ort (impv) Hold, Stop; Sit still: Eisht dooyrt ee, Fark ort, my inneen, derrey hee mayd kys hed y chooish Bible

feagh at rest, calm, composed, docile, patient, restful, still: Bee-jee feagh eisht Bible; piano, quiet; sedate

foast (=Ir. fós) besides, even, furthermore, hereafter, moreover, notwithstanding, still, thus far, too, yet: As duirree eh foast shiaght laa elley Bible

foastagh (=Ir. fós) moreover, still, yet: Foastagh, ta sidooryn currit gys Nerin dy yannoo cragh Carn

fuirree-jee stand still: My jir ad myr shoh rooin, Fuirree-jee derrey trig mayd hiu ; eisht shass mayd raad ta shin Bible

goni always, still: goni ayns my phaidjraghyn ully er nan son shiuss, as ta mi praiel rish bogey. PB1610

kinjagh (=Ir. cinnteach) constant, continual, continuous, definite, incessant, invariable, persistent, regular, steady, still, unceasing, unfailing, uninterrupted, unvaried, unwavering: chum ee kinjagh marish mraane aegey Boaz Bible; (of person) ballast; perpetual; everlasting

pot ghoo (f.) (illicit) whisky still: Ta mee er chlashtyn dy ren eh keayrt dy row goaill ayns laue ymmyd y yannoo jeh 'pot ghoo' as va 'poteen' er ny imbyl echeysyn. Dhoor

shassoo sthill stand still: Tra vees shiu er jeet gys oirr awin Yordan, nee shiu shassoo sthill ayns Jordan. Bible

sonnish (f.) whisper; susurrate; inkling; still: Sonnish veign my lhie ec my aash; dy kuine veign my chadley ayns shee as ec fea, 4 Marish reeaghyn as mooaralee yn thallooin, hrog lhiaghtyn daue hene ayns y Bible

stoyr asset; deposit, depot, fund, hoard, repertory, repository, stock, supply; store: Bee mollaght er dty vaskad, as dty stoyr Bible; storage; still room, storehouse, storeroom

yei shen as ooilley (ny) nevertheless, still: Agh ny yei shen as ooilley, cheayll shin Gàidhlig dy liooar ayns bar ayns Doon Veagan. Carn

able (adj.) cummeydagh; fondagh: I don't know, but I think you'll be able to get some at C- - Cha saym, agh ta mee smooinaghtyn dy vod oo geddyn paart ec C-. JJK idiom He was able to speak Manx - Oddagh eh loayrt Gaelg. DF idiom Before I was able - Roish my doddin. DF idiom; (v.) jargal: Still, I hope you will be able to make a good breakfast - Foast, ta mee treishteil dy bee shiu jargal dy vrishey yn trostey eu dy-mie. JJK idiom Were you able to do that? - Row shiu jargal shen y yannoo? DF idiom; abyl: You are able - T'ou abyl. DF idiom; foddee: You are able - Foddee oo. DF idiom I think he'll be able to do that, and even more, without the least difficulty - Er lhiam dy vod eh jannoo shen, as eer ny smoo, fegooish yn doilleeid sloo. JJK idiom

existence (n.) ayn: It came into existence - Haink eh dy ve ayn. DF idiom; er mayrn: Is she still in existence? - Vel ee foast er mayrn? DF idiom; beays; bioys; (er) mayrn; seihll: In all my existence - Ayns ooilley yn seihll aym. DF idiom

hairy (adj.) foltagh, fynnagh, garroo, gruagagh; geayshteenagh; geyshteenagh: And the first came out red, all over like an hairy garment - As haink y chied er magh ruy ooilley harrish, myr garmad geyshteenagh B ible; renaigagh: and the hairy scalp of such a one as goeth on still in his wickedness - as claigin renaigaghlheid y fer as ta goll kinjagh er e hoshiaght ayns e vee-chraueeaght Bible

undone feayslit: My shoe has come undone - Ta my vraag feayslit. DF idiom; gyn jannoo: Leave work undone - D'aagail obbyr gyn jannoo. DF idiom; millit; millt; neeu; neuyeant: It is still undone - T'eh foast neuyeant. DF idiom; spooillit

gyn lheihll impotent, inactive, stock-still: Son ghow eh kiarail er y hon, nagh duittagh eh; toiggal dy row eh red gyn lheihll (son cha vel eh agh jalloo, as eh hene feme cooney). Apoc

kiune (=Ir. ciúin) See kuine calm, composed, flat, pacific, quiescent, sedate, serene, still, tranquil, unruffled: As dirree eh, as smaghtee eh yn gheay, as dooyrt eh rish y faarkey, Gow fea, bee kiune: as ghow yn gheay fea, as va kiuney vooar ayn. Bible; Halcyon days


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