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Sthoo (intj) (to animal) Clear off, Shift him: Cur sthoo da'n vooa shen! DF

sthoo chase: Cur sthoo da'n vooa shen! DF

Inexact matches:

caghlaa sthoo transubstantiation

sthoo brishlagh scrapped material

sthoo dhone browning

sthoo feayree coolant

sthoo glennee cleanser, detergent

sthoo kyrloghee local anaesthetic

sthoo lheeys medicament

sthoo thie contents

sthoo ynlostey combustible

Cur sthoo da (intj) Shift him

cur sthoo da chase: Cur sthoo da'n vooa shen! DF

browning (n.) sthoo dhone

cleanser (n.) glenneyder, sthoo glennee

Clear off2 (intj) (to animal) Sthoo

coolant (n.) sthoo feayree

detergent (adj.) glennee; (n.) sthoo glennee

scrapped material (n.) sthoo brishlagh

Shift him2 (intj) (to animal) Sthoo

transubstantiation (n.) caghlaa sthoo, transubstanshaghey

chase cloh, cloghey: If you chase two hares you will catch neither - My chloys oo daa waagh cha dayr oo unnane jeu. JJK idiom; cur sthoo da; eiyrt er; grainnaghey; magher; shelg: They are coming from the chase - T'ad cheet veih'n chelg. DF idiom; sthoo; thalloo shelg

derivative frauee; tayrn-sthoo; toarey

local anaesthetic (n.) anloaghtan, sthoo kyrloghee

medicament (n.) lheeys, lheihys, sthoo lheeys

primary matter (n.) bun-sthoo

Shift him1 (intj) Cur sthoo da

bun-sthoo primary matter

tayrn-sthoo derivative

combustible (n.) conney; (adj.) so-ghreesaghey, sthoo ynlostey, yn-lostey

contents (n.) cummal: These are the principal contents - T'ad shoh yn ard-chummal DF idiom; lanid; rolley dy chooishyn; cooishyn; sthoo thie

furniture (n.) cooid hie; stoo thie: Room crowded with furniture - Shamyr lung lane jeh sthoo-thie. DF idiom

bransal dash, dash out, smash; (to) throw violently: Hug paart da'n 'eallagh aeg sthoo da, bransal claghyn as ceabyn moaney er. NNS


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