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steel1 (v.) cur beeal staillinagh er; (n.) staillin, steillin, steillyn; staillin foyragh; (adj.) staillinagh: Tincture of steel - Tinshoor staillinagh. DF idiom

steel2 (v.) (heart) creoighey

Inexact matches:

bar steel (n.) bar-staillin

rolled steel (n.) staillin rollit

steel bow (n.) bow staillin

steel edge (n.) beeal staillinagh

steel engraving staillin-ghrainney

steel helmet (n.) bayrn caggee

steel plate (n.) plait staillinagh

steel wire (n.) snaie staillinagh

steel wool (n.) ollan staillinagh

tungsten steel (n.) staillin tungsten

vanadium steel (n.) staillin vanaadiu

tincture of steel (n.) tinshoor staillinagh

bar-staillin bar steel

beeal staillinagh steel edge

bow staillin steel bow

ollan staillinagh (f.) steel wool

plait staillinagh steel plate

snaie staillinagh steel wire

staillin foyragh steel

staillin-ghrainney steel engraving

staillin rollit rolled steel

staillin tungsten tungsten steel

staillin vanaadiu vanadium steel

chrome-steel (n.) staillin kroym

hand-steel (n.) ferrish

steel-clad fo choodagh staillinagh

steel-engraved staillin-ghrainnit

steel-engraver (n.) staillin-ghrainneyder

steel-faced staillin-chraitnagh

steel-grey staillin-lheeah

steel-maker (n.) staillinagh

steel-making (v.) jannoo staillin

steel-plated (adj.) staillin-phlaitit

cur beeal staillinagh er steel

jannoo staillin steel-making

staillin-chraitnagh steel-faced

staillin-ghrainneyder steel-engraver

staillin-ghrainnit steel-engraved

staillin kroym chrome-steel

staillin-lheeah steel-grey

staillin-phlaitit steel-plated

tinshoor staillinagh tincture of steel

creoighey anneal, annealing, indurate, induration, toughen, toughening; (heart) steel

fo choodagh staillinagh steelclad, steel-clad

staillinagh steel: Tinshoor staillinagh. DF; steel-maker

steillin steel: nee'n bow-steillin eh dy woalley trooid Bible

steillyn steel: Jean yiarn yn yiarn twoaie as y steillyn y vrishey Bible

grip cummal; doarn; goaill greim jeh; greim: He has a grip of steel - Ta greim yiarn echey. DF idiom; greimman; greimmey; greme

bayrn caggee helmet: va echey bayrn-caggee dy phrash er e chione, Bible; steel helmet

staillin (=Ir. staillinn) (f.) jumper; steel: Trooid stiagh, agh cum shiu ersooyl veih ny dellyn staillin; ta danjeyr ayndoo ayns sterrym gollrish shoh. JG

ferrish pl. ferrishyn elf, fairy: "Jee bannee mee," dooyrt eh, "she ny ferrishyn va mooie riyr as she ferrish mie va my yeih." GB; naughty child; hand-steel


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