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station keim; purt; soiaghey; stad; stashoon: To pass a station without stopping - Dy roie trooid stashoon gyn scuirr. DF idiom; sthollal; ynnyd

Inexact matches:

bus station (n.) stashoon barroose, stashoon bus

Castletown Station (n.) Stashoon Valley Chashtal

central station (n.) stashoon meanagh

coaling station (n.) purt gheayil

dressing station (n.) stashoon kianglee

filling station (voc.) stashoon pedryl

fire station (n.) stashoon aile

generating station (n.) ynnyd-gientyn

harbour station (n.) stashoon purt; stashoon purtey

Hydro Station (n.) Stashoon Pooar-ushtey

lifeboat station (n.) stashoon baatey sauailagh

listening station (n.) post eaishtaght

military station (n.) post armee

mission station (n.) stashoon sushtallagh

naval station (n.) purt chaggee

on station er e hynnyd

passenger station (n.) stashoon troailtee

pay station (n.) (motorway) ynnyd-eeck

petrol station (n.) thie pedryl

power station (n.) stashoon lectraghys

pumping station (n.) stashoon pumpal, ynnyd-pumpal

railway station (n.) stashoon traenagh, stashoon traen

receiving station (n.) stashoon glackee

rectifying station (n.) stashoon jeeree

service station (n.) stashoon jeshee

sheep station (n.) stashoon keyrragh

signal station (n.) stashoon cowree

space station (n.) stashoon spoar

station sign (n.) cowrey stashoon

station signal (n.) cowrey yn stashoon

tube station (n.) stashoon fo-halloo

atomic power station (n.) stashoon chesh-veanagh

Castletown Railway Station (n.) Stashoon Raad-Yiarn Valley Chashtal

Douglas bus station (n.) stashoon-barroose Ghoolish

Douglas Fire Station (n.) Stashoon Mooghee Ghoolish

First Aid Station (n.) Ynnyd Kied Chouyr

Marine Biological Station (n.) Stashoon Bea-oaylleeaght Varrey

Ramsey Police Station (n.) Stashoon Meoiryn-Shee Rhumsaa

station playing field (n.) magher-cloie yn stashoon

Cronk y Station Lookout Hill

cowrey stashoon station sign

post armee military station

post eaishtaght listening station

purt chaggee (f.) naval station

purt gheayil (f.) coaling station

stashoon barroose bus station

stashoon bus bus station

stashoon cowree signal station

stashoon fo-halloo tube station

stashoon glackee receiving station

stashoon jeeree rectifying station

stashoon jeshee service station

stashoon keyrragh sheep station

stashoon kianglee dressing station

stashoon meanagh central station

stashoon pedryl filling station

Stashoon Pooar-ushtey Hydro Station

stashoon pumpal pumping station

stashoon purt harbour station

stashoon purtey harbour station

stashoon spoar space station

stashoon sushtallagh mission station

stashoon traen railway station

stashoon traenagh railway station

stashoon troailtee passenger station

sthollal stall, station

thie pedryl petrol station

ynnyd-eeck checkout; (motorway) pay station

ynnyd-gientyn generating station

ynnyd-pumpal pumping station

Lookout Hill (n.) Cronk y Station

cowrey yn stashoon station signal

er e hynnyd on station

stashoon aile fire-quarters, fire station

stashoon baatey sauailagh lifeboat station

stashoon-barroose Ghoolish Douglas bus station

stashoon lectraghys power-house, power station

Stashoon Valley Chashtal Castletown Station

magher-cloie yn stashoon station playing field

Stashoon Bea-oaylleeaght Varrey Marine Biological Station

Stashoon Mooghee Ghoolish Douglas Fire Station

Stashoon Raad-Yiarn Valley Chashtal Castletown Railway Station

purt (=Ir. port) (f.) pl. puirt, purtyn harbour, jig, port, seaport, station: Nee Zebulun cummal ec purt ny marrey; as bee eh son purt lhuingey Bible; creek; (in street) island

soiaghey determine, establish, fix, implant, let, letting, mounting, pitch, place, plant, repose, seat, set, setting, settle, set up, situate, synchronize: dy voddym soiaghey my hooillyn er Bible; incursion, installation, posture, situation, station

stashoon (=Ir. stáisún) pl. stashoonyn station, trading post: Ta'n traen shassoo ec dagh ooilley stashoon DF

stashoon chesh-veanagh atomic power station: Mannagh vees drogh-haghyrt feer vooar cheet ayns stashoon chesh-veanagh ennagh, son shickyrys bee yn earroo dy stashoonyn chesh-veanagh sy teihll goll seose goll rish yn jouyl hene. Carn

ynnyd (=Ir. ionad) pl. ynnydyn centre, locale, locality, location, pitch, place, position, post, quarter, resort, spot, stage, stand, station: hug Joseph ynnyd da e ayr as e vraaraghyn Bible; (spot) place; (of government) seat; stead, substitute

keim (=Ir. céim) (f.) 1 COMPARE keym amble, caste, degree, of high rank, pace, phase, pitch, position, shortcut, stage, standard, station, step, stile; 2 (academic) degree; 3 grade a: Tra v'ad briaght jeh kiare feed scollagyn ayns yn cheyoo keim, cha row agh shey jeu smooinaghtyn er g'obbragh myr fir-ynsee kyndagh rish drogh 'aill, drogh cheimmeeaght as drogh staydyn-obbyr. Carn; 4 (of speech) register; 5 peg

stad arrest, intermission, stage, stand, standstill, station, stationary, stay, stoppage, stop sign; pull up, stop, stopping place, stop point: Ta'n stad er ve ayns Straid Christeen rish kuse dy hiaghteeyn, lurg da goll er garraghey veih'n stashoon-barroose, kyndagh rish cooishyn-sauçhys. BS; rank


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