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state (v.) abbyr, gra; (n.) ashoon; cheer: Every state was represented - Va chaghter ass gagh cheer ayn. DF idiom; state; staydoilys: We dined in state - Dee shin ayns staydoilys. DF idiom; foaynoo; stayd: I want to hear the actual state of things - Saillym clastyn stayd firrinagh ny reddyn. DF idiom; stait: Divorce church from state - Yn agglish y scarrey veih'n stait. DF idiom; steat: Weighed down with the affairs of state - Laadit lesh currymyn steat. DF idiom

state state: hie eh ersooyl dy trimshagh: son va state mooar hallooin echey Bible

Inexact matches:

buffer state stait eddyraneagh

satellite state (n.) fo-staait

state pension (n.) penshyn-steat

state reception (n.) failt oikoil

unmarried state (n.) neuphoosey

change of state (n.) caghlaa–stayd

good state of plumpness (n.) ayns callin vie

Secretary of State (n.) Screeudeyr Steat

state-hallooin farm, possession: cha der shiu state-hallooin daue ayns Israel Bible

failt oikoil state reception

fo-staait satellite state

neuphoosey unmarried state

penshyn-steat state pension

stait eddyraneagh (f.) buffer state

state-aided coonit liorish y staet

state-managed fo reir yn steat

caghlaa–stayd change of state

Screeudeyr Steat Secretary of State

coonit liorish y staet state-aided

fo reir yn steat state-managed

stait (f.) body politic; state: Agglish y stait. DF

abbyr (=Ir. abair) 1 say, state, phrase a: abbyr rish cloan dty phobble Bible; 2 (Geometry) assume; 3 tell

exhaustion (n.) jeeigeyrys: To be in a state of exhaustion - Dy ve jeeigit. DF idiom; soo

farm (n.) balley hallooin, state-hallooin; gowaltys: Go over a farm - Gowaltys y hooyl. DF idiom; (v.) gerinagh

naturally (adv.) dy dooghyssagh: For I have no man likeminded, who will naturally care for your state - Son cha vel dooinney erbee aym wheesh gys m'aigney, vees cha dooghyssagh imneagh er nyn son eu. Bible E2M; son shickyrys

spiritual (adj.) (ny) hanmey; anmey: Spiritual life - Bea ny hanmey. DF idiom; spyrrydoil: Our spiritual state - Nyn stayd spyrrydoil. DF idiom

ashoon (=Ir. náisiún) pl. ashoonee, ashoonyn nation, people, state: veih mac yn inney-veyl trog-yms seose ashoon mooar Bible

ayns callin vie good state of plumpness, in condition: Ta nyn lheiyee ayns callin vie Bible

Bulgarianee Bulgarians: hooar shin cooilleen-aigney fondagh, son ren ny hAbaree wheesh cheddin rish state çhiarn elley ta bentyn da ny Bulgarianee. CnyO

cheer (=Ir. tír) (f.) pl. cheeraghyn country, home, land, shore, state, territory: ta mee er choyrt diu cheer ayn nagh ren shiuish laboragh Bible; region

foaynoo avail, availment, consequence, essence, fame, fettle, function, import, importance, order, reputation, state, utility, value, worth: bee ad er beggan foaynoo dhyt. Bible; (sport.) form; condition

gra (=Ir. ) articulate, express, order, phrase, state; say, saying: Shimmey tayn ta gra jeh mannym Bible

stayd (=Ir. stát) calling, circumstanced, condition, degree, domain, estate, pomp, position, situation, state, vocation: Ny share ta eshyn, ta ayns stayd injil Bible

steat 1 (housing) estate: Eeasaght argid y ghoaill er steat. DF; 2 pl. steatyn (nation) state a: va'n chengey Chatalonagh currit fo chosh, goll rish ny myn-chengaghyn elley sy steat Spaainagh. Carn

possession (n.) shelloo: It is in my possession - T'eh ayns my helloo. DF idiom; shellooderys, soylley, eirys; possession, cummal; state-hallooin

cha der 1 shall not give a: cha der shiu state-hallooin daue ayns Israel Bible; 2 shall not put a: cha der ad moo red erbee ta jannoo ollish. Bible


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