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Stand (impv) Shass

stand (n.) ardan, boayl, bwaane, shasstan, soiaghan, sorghyn, stad, ynnyd; (v.) cur ny hassoo, irree ny hassoo, shass, shassoo

Inexact matches:

barrel stand (n.) cleeah stoandee

jewel stand (n.) shasstane cliejeen

music stand (n.) shastan kiaull

news stand bwaane pabyragh

shall stand hassys: how then shall we stand? - kys eisht hassys shinyn? Bible; shassee: And the Lord shall stand by them, and save them - As shassee yn Chiarn lioroo as sauee eh ad: Bible

Stand aside (intj, impv) Shass steirg

stand aside (v.) shassoo gys un cheu; shassoo ry-lhiattee

stand away (v.) tannaghtyn magh voish

Stand back (impv) Shass magh

stand back (v.) shassoo er ash; tannaghtyn ergooyl

stand beside shassoo lesh: And I will go out and stand beside my father - As hems magh as shassym liorish my ayr Bible; shassoo ry-lhiattee

Stand by (impv) Bee ullee, Er-arrey

stand by fuirraghtyn; shassoo rish: thou shalt stand by the river's brink - nee uss shassoo rish oirr ny hawin Bible; shassoo liorish: and shall stand by the post of the gate - as shassoo liorish pillar y yiat Bible; shass er: O inhabitant of Aroer, stand by the way, and espy - O chummaltagh Aroer, shass er y raad, as jeeagh magh dy gyere Bible

stand down (v.) cheet neose; tayrn er ash

Stand easy (impv) Er soccaraght

Stand fast (impv) Shass dy chionn

stand for (v.) goaill yn ynnyd jeh; shassoo er son; shassoo son: And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people - As ayns y laa shen vees fraue jeh Jesse, nee shassoo son cullee dan pobble Bible

stand off (v.) lhie hug y cheayn; tannaghtyn magh

stand out (v.) lhie magh: To stand out to sea - Dy lhie magh er y cheayn. DF idiom; shassoo magh

stand over (v.) cur ergooyl: Let the question stand over - Yn feysht y chur ergooyl. DF idiom

stand still er-troggloo; er troggloo; shassoo sthill: When ye are come to the brink of the water of Jordan, ye shall stand still in Jordan - Tra vees shiu er jeet gys oirr awin Yordan, nee shiu shassoo sthill ayns Jordan BNible; (impv) shass-jee: stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord - shass-jee, as cur-jee my-ner yn saualtys neen Chiarn soilshaghey diu Bible; fuirree-jee: Stand still, and I will hear what the Lord will command concerning you - Fuirree-jee tammylt, as neem clashtyn cre neen Chiarn sarey mychione eu. Bible; shass raad tou: stand still, and consider the wondrous works of God - shass raad tou, as smooinee dy dowin er obbraghyn yindyssagh Yee Bible

stand to (v.) cur rish; fuirraghtyn fo armyn; (ny) lhie rish

stand together (v.) cohassoo; shassoo cooidjagh; shassoo seose noi-ry-hoi: who will contend with me? let us stand together - quoi nee streeu rhym? lhig dooin shassoo seose noi-ry-hoi Bible

stand towards shassoo lesh

stand up (v.) irree; shass seose: Awake, awake, stand up, O Jerusalem - Dooisht, dooisht, shass seose, O Yerusalem Bible

stand with shassoo lesh; shassoo marish: these are the names of the men that shall stand with you - shoh enmyn ny deiney nee shassoo mêriu Bible

stand without (v.) shassoo mooie: it is a time of much rain, and we are not able to stand without - tan emshyr feer fliugh, as cha vel shin abyl shassoo mooie Bible

umbrella stand (n.) shasstan fascaidee

wash stand (n.) boayrd niaghyn, boayrd oonlee

would stand hassagh

I could stand shassin

I will stand shassym; shass-yms: I will stand before thee there upon the rock - shass-yms kiongoyrt rhyt ayns shen, er y chreg Bible

stand up fight (n.) caggey corrym

Wheresoever you throw it, it will stand See Quocunque Jeceris Stabit Raad erbee cheauys oo eh, hassys eh

shassoo ry-lhiattee stand aside; stand beside

shassoo lesh come up; stand towards: va ushtey geill magh fo laare y dorrys lesh y niar: son va eddin y thie shassoo lesh y niar Bible; countenance, stand with: Chamoo nee oo shassoo lesh y dooinney boght ayns cooish aggairagh. Bible; stand beside

Shass magh (impv) Stand back; Stand forth: As dooyrt eh rish y dooinney lesh y laue shyrgit, Shass magh.

boayrd niaghyn wash stand

boayrd oonlee wash stand

cheet neose2 stand down

cleeah stoandee (f.) barrel stand

Er-arrey (impv) Attention, Stand by

Er soccaraght (impv) Stand easy

irree ny hassoo stand

Shass steirg (impv) Stand aside

shasstan stand; mount

shasstane cliejeen jewel stand

shasstan fascaidee umbrella stand

shastan kiaull music stand

soiaghan stand

sorghyn stand

stand-camera (n.) shamraig hasstan

stand-in (n.) ynnydeyr

stand-pipe (n.) piob hassoo

bwaane pabyragh news stand, newsstand

caggey corrym stand up fight

fuirraghtyn fo armyn stand to

piob hassoo (f.) stand-pipe

shamraig hasstan (f.) stand-camera

Shass dy chionn (impv) Stand fast

shassoo cooidjagh stand together; consist

shassoo er ash stand back

shassoo stiagh appearance; (v.) stand near: lhig daue shassoo stiagh, as eisht loayrt; lhig dooin tayrn dy cheilley ayns briwnys. Bible; stand in: As tra v'ad er chur orroo shassoo stiagh, denee ad jeu, Liorish cre'n phooar y cre'n ennym ta shiu er n'yannoo shoh? Bible

shass raad tou stand still

ynnydeyr stand-in

Bee ullee (impv) Be prepared, Stand by

hassys shall stand: kys eisht hassys shinyn? Bible

lhie hug y cheayn stand off

shassoo er son champion, stand for

shassoo gys un cheu stand aside

tannaghtyn ergooyl hang back, stand back

tannaghtyn magh keep out, stand off

tannaghtyn magh voish stand away; keep away

hassagh would stand: derrey hassagh seose saggyrt lesh Urim as Thummim Bible

shassee shall stand: shassee Michael seose yn ard-phrince Bible

shassin I could stand: quoi va mish, dy shassin magh noï Jee? Bible

shass-jee stand still: Shass-jee ayns aggle, as ny jean-jee peccah Bible

shassoo rish stand by: Neeym shassoo rish yn uinnag. DF

shass-yms I will stand: Cur-my-ner, shass-yms kiongoyrt rhyt ayns shen Bible

circle1 (n.) carkyl, kiarkil; fainey: Stand in a circle - Shass ayns fainey. DF idiom; kiarkyl: This is a vicious circle - Ta shoh kiarkyl olk. DF idiom; (v.) goll mygeayrt, combaasal

collar (n.) brilleig, mwannal; coillar: Stand-up collar - Colliar ard creoi. DF idiom; (v.) cur coillar er

erect1 (ny) hassoo jeeragh; (v.) jeeraghey; (adj.) jeeragh: To stand erect - Dy hassoo jeeraght. DF idiom

estimate briwnys; ooley; priceil: as the priest shall estimate it, so shall it stand - myr neen saggyrt priceil eh, shen myr vees eh Bible; prioseil; prioseilys

fall under (v.) tuittym fo: that they shall not be able to stand: but fall under my feet - derrey nagh vod ad shassoo: agh tuittym fo my chassyn Bible

forced eginit, êginit; eiginit: I was forced to stand - Va mee eignit dy hassoo. DF idiom; Deign, Deignee; deiyr

I will give verym; ver-yms: I will give thee places to walk among these that stand by - ver-yms dhyt ynnydyn dy hooyl orroo mastey yn slane eanish Bible

manslayer (n.) dunver; marrooder: that the manslayer die not, until he stand before the congregation in judgment - nagh been marrooder er ny choyrt dy baase, derrey nee eh shassoo fenish y cheshaght ayns briwnys Bible

procrastinators (npl.) fallogyssee: Let now the astrologers, the stargazers, the monthly prognosticators, stand up - hig da nish ny fir-yssyree, ny rollageydee, as ny fallogyssee meeagh, shassoo seose Bible

salute (v.) bannaghey, jannoo curteish, oltaghey, goltaghey; (n.) bannaght; curteish: To stand at the salute - Dy hassoo er curteish. DF idiom

spade (n.) kiebbey: Stand the spade against the wall - Cur y kiebbey ny hassoo rish y voalley. DF idiom; (v.) reuyrey

ardan COMPARE ardane :1 platform, stage, stand: Cloie y chur er yn ardan. DF

cohassoo stand together, subsist: Jih firrinagh as duyney firrinagh, d'anym resunagh, as d'eal duyney, kujaght cohassu. PB1610; subsistence

cur ergooyl repulse, stand over; let; abandon: My vees sleih laccal cur ergooyl arraghey-chengey, shegin dauesyn kinjagh cooinaghtyn dy vel ad laccal nyn jengey ennoil dy ve currit veih sheeloghe dys sheeloghe elley Bible

cur ny hassoo pose, raise, stand, up-end, upend: Cur ny hassoo rish yn voalley. DF

cur rish add to, apply, commit, deal with, do, implement, practise, stand to, supplement: adsyn ta cur rish yn olk Bible

er troggloo bedridden, decrepit, dog-tired, exhausted, helpless, prostrated, unable to rise, worn out, stand still: ny gymmyrkey lesh shen ta er-troggloo Bible

er-troggloo stand still: ny lheihys adsyn ta doghanit, ny gymmyrkey lesh shen ta er-troggloo Bible

fuirraghtyn (=Ir. fuirech) 1 stand by, stay, tarry, wait, tarrying: cha row tra oc son fuirraghtyn Bible a: Hannee mee my hoie fuirraghtyn ort. Bible

fuirree-jee stand still: My jir ad myr shoh rooin, Fuirree-jee derrey trig mayd hiu ; eisht shass mayd raad ta shin Bible

goaill yn ynnyd jeh displace, stand for, supersede: Va faaue er ve ayn dy jinnagh y scoill noa goaill yn ynnyd jeh Scoill Lhiennoo Ballacloan as Bunscoill Magher y Vargee. BS

lhie magh lay out, lean out, stand out: Ny lurg oc shoh, choamree ny Tekoiteyn ayrn elley, harrish noi'n toor vooar ta lhie magh, eer gys voalley Ophel. Bible

lhie rish 1 (ny) stand to; 2 lying on a: Myr veh eisht ny lhie rish oghrish Yeesey, dooyrt eh rish, Hiarn, quoi eh? Bible

Raad erbee cheauys oo eh, hassys eh Quocunque Jeceris Stabit , Wheresoever you throw it, it will stand

Shass (impv) Halt; Stand: Shass-jee shickyr er-y-fa shensy reamys ta Creest er chosney dooin Bible; (to horse) Whoa

shass er stand by: O chummaltagh Aroer, shass er y raad, as jeeagh magh dy gyere Bible

shassoo (=Ir. seasamh) attitude, erection, lean, halt, hang, hold, hold out, hold up, keeping, rampant, represent, stance, stand, standing, stop, tumescence: va three deiney nyn shassoo er-gerrey da Bible; situated

shassoo liorish stand by: As doardee Ananias yn ard-saggyrt ad syn va nyn shassoo liorish, dy woalley eh er y veeal. Bible

shassoo magh prominent, stand out: Va'n daa hooill shassoo magh ass yn chione echey. DF; persevere; come out, oppose: Ga dy vel shiu foast shassoo magh m

shassoo marish stand with: as tra v'ad er ghoostey, honnick ad yn ghloyr echey, as y daa ghooinney va nyn shassoo marish. Bible

shassoo mooie stand without: ta dty voir as dty vraaraghyn nyn shassoo mooie, shirrey loayrt rhyt. Bible

shassoo seose noi-ry-hoi stand together: lhig dooin shassoo seose noi-ry-hoi; quoi ta m'oï;? PB1765

shassoo son stand for: Eisht lhig da shassoo son tammylt; eisht lhieen seose y claare lesh vroit gys t'eh thanney dy liooar dy ve shirveishit magh ayns plateyn er y voayrd. Dhoor

shassoo sthill stand still: Tra vees shiu er jeet gys oirr awin Yordan, nee shiu shassoo sthill ayns Jordan. Bible

shass seose stand up: Dooyrt eh lesh ard-choraa, Shass seose dy jeeragh er dty chassyn. Bible

shassym I will stand: hem's magh as shassym liorish my ayr 'sy vagher raad t'ou follit Bible

ynnyd (=Ir. ionad) pl. ynnydyn centre, locale, locality, location, pitch, place, position, post, quarter, resort, spot, stage, stand, station: hug Joseph ynnyd da e ayr as e vraaraghyn Bible; (spot) place; (of government) seat; stead, substitute

contract1 (n.) bargane; conaant: The contract will stand - Shassee yn conaant. DF idiom; coonrey: Enter into a contract - Coonrey y yannoo. DF idiom; (v.) barganey, troggal, tuittym fo; cheet dy ve ny s'girrey, craplaghey; conaantey; crapley; cribbey; girraghey, glooaghey, jannoo coonrey, shirgaghey

firm (adj.) beayn, fondagh, gloo, jeelys, roauyr, shassooagh, trean; chionn: Stand firm - Shass dy chionn. DF idiom; shickyr: To hold firm - Dy hassoo dy shickyr. DF idiom; (n.) colught: We do business with that firm - Ta shin dellal rish y cholught shen. DF idiom

lovers (npl.) gliminee, maarderyn; caarjyn: My lovers and my neighbours did stand looking upon my trouble - Hass my chaarjyn as my naboonyn jeeaghyn er my heaghyn Bible; gimmanyn; graihderyn: All thy lovers have forgotten thee - Ta ooilley dty ghraihderyn er dty yarrood Bible; ainjyssee: among all her lovers she hath none to comfort her - mastey ooilley e ainjyssee cha vel unnane dy gherjaghey Bible

watchtower (n.) toor arrey; toor yn arrey: I stand continually upon the watchtower in the daytime - ta mee dy kinjagh shassoo er toor yn arrey fey-ny-laa Bible; toor y watch: Prepare the table, watch in the watchtower - Soie-jee magh y boayrd, freill-jee arrey ayns toor y watch Bible

boayl (=Ir. bólaí) pl. boayllyn, buill centre, indentation, location, pitch, place, scene, spot, stand: ta shin ayns shoh ayns boayl faasagh Bible; where: son ta Jee er choyrt eh gys syn laueyn; boayl ta messoil ayns dy chooilley nhee ter y thalloo Bible; locality

bwaane booth, cabin, cottage, hovel, hut, kiosk, outhouse, shack, shanty, shed, shelter, stall, stand: My va'n chleaysh follit shoh currit sy bwaane dyn yss da'n Oik Post Goaldagh, ta turneyryn as sleih elley gra dy row shen jeant noi'n leigh. Carn; (on barge) cuddy

irree1 (=Ir. éirí, éirigh) 1 accrue, arise, ascent, awake, climb, get off, get up, heave, lift, lilt, rise, stand up, step up, swarm, tip, turn out, upgrade, up-grade a: Va'n ghrian er n'irree er y thalloo tra hie Lot stiagh ayns Zoar. Bible; 2 (as plane) take off; 3 emotion, passion

stad arrest, intermission, stage, stand, standstill, station, stationary, stay, stoppage, stop sign; pull up, stop, stopping place, stop point: Ta'n stad er ve ayns Straid Christeen rish kuse dy hiaghteeyn, lurg da goll er garraghey veih'n stashoon-barroose, kyndagh rish cooishyn-sauçhys. BS; rank

tayrn er ash draw back, draw off, pull back, retract, retractation, revocation, stand down, unsay, withdraw, withdrawal: Ta Mainshtyr Gelling goaill ynnyd Richard Corkill, oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Kione Droghad, ren tayrn er ash tra va eshyn as e ven goit ec meoiryn-shee ta ronsaghey toyrtyssyn-turrysid hooar ad son nyn gottyn laghyn seyrey ec Balley Cain ayns Skyll Connaghy BS


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