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stain (n.) cron, daah; (v.) daaghey, faagail cron er, smeyrey, sollaghey

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biological stain (n.) cron bea-oaylleeagh

walnut stain (n.) daah galchro

cron bea-oaylleeagh biological stain

daah galchro walnut stain

smeyrey picking berries, stain; daub

faagail cron er scar, spot, stain, stigmatise, stigmatize

cron 1 blemish, scar, speck, spot, stain, stigma a: ayns yn eill vio loshtee cron sollys Bible; 2 draw, job lot, lot, portion: reynn eh yn thalloo oc orroo liorish cron Bible; 3 frame

daaghey colour, colouration, dye, dyeing, stain: mpey shiis ayns my gharri, as kurrym my ghassyn oriusyn ayns my iumuiys as bii yn uill acksyn spreit er my ydin, as shen mar niims my ghomrey ully y daghy. PB1610

daah (=Ir. dath) pl. daaghyn colour, colouration, dye, hue, paint, pigment, scorch, singe, stain, suit, tincture: e chooat jeh caglaaghyn daah va mysh Bible

sollaghey (sexually) assault; begrime, besmear, besmirch, contaminate, contamination, corrupt, defile, defilement, dirty, grime, muck, muddy, pollute, pollution, soil, soiling, stain, sully: ta ny branlaadee shoh sollaghey yn eill Bible


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