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stad arrest, intermission, stage, stand, standstill, station, stationary, stay, stoppage, stop sign; pull up, stop, stopping place, stop point: Ta'n stad er ve ayns Straid Christeen rish kuse dy hiaghteeyn, lurg da goll er garraghey veih'n stashoon-barroose, kyndagh rish cooishyn-sauçhys. BS; rank

Inexact matches:

Eua Stad Yngvi's Farm [Scand]

gyn stad steadily: Dooyrt eh gyn stad ad ny ayrnyn ry-yannoo. Dhoor

stad barroose bus stop

stad bus bus stop

stad cab cab rank

stad-greiney souree summer solstice

stad jerree terminus

stad shuddyragh scissors stop

stad taksee taxi rank

bus stop (n.) stad barroose, stad bus, ynnyd hassoo

cab rank (n.) stad cab

intermission (n.) scuirr; stad

rank (adj.) gort; jiarg-: Rank poison - Jiarg nieu. DF idiom; (n.) rank: The front rank - Yn chied strane. DF idiom; rhenk; stad: Taxi rank - Stad taksee. DF idiom; strane; (v.) oardaghey, ooashley

scissors stop (n.) stad shuddyragh

standstill (n.) stad

stationary (adj.) (ny) hassoo; stad

stopping place (n.) stad

stop point (n.) stad

stop sign (n.) stad

taxi rank (n.) stad taksee

terminus (n.) kione-stashoon, stad jerree

Yngvi's Farm (n.) Eua Stad

semicolon (n.) lieh-stad

stoppage (n.) lhiettalys; stad, sthappal, stholk

stopwatch (n.) stad-ooreyder

lieh-stad semicolon

stad-ooreyder stopwatch

pull up lhieggey seose, scuirr, tayrn neese; stad, stap

summer solstice (n.) shass greiney souree, stad-greiney souree

arrest cummal; goaill: He is under arrest - T'eh goit. DF idiom; goaill seose; gow seose; stad

stage (n.) ardan: To be on the stage - Dy ve er yn ardan. DF idiom; keim; laaragh; skallan; stad; ynnyd; (v.) cur er ardan, cur er bun

stand (n.) ardan, boayl, bwaane, shasstan, soiaghan, sorghyn, stad, ynnyd; (v.) cur ny hassoo, irree ny hassoo, shass, shassoo

station keim; purt; soiaghey; stad; stashoon: To pass a station without stopping - Dy roie trooid stashoon gyn scuirr. DF idiom; sthollal; ynnyd

steadily (adv.) dy corrym, dy rea, gyn stad, neuchorragh; dy neuchorragh: Walking steadily - Shooyl dy neuchorragh. DF idiom

stay bac; corsad; cur staiy rish; fariagh; farkaghey; farkaght; fuirraghtyn; furriaght; keayrt; lhiettalys; stad; staiy; tannaghtyn: We cannot stay any longer - Cha nodmayd tannaghtyn ny sodjey. DF idiom; tannee: Stay there - Tannee myr t'ou. DF idiom; fuirree: Stay there - Tannee myr t'ou. DF idiom

stop cur stap er; scuir, scuirr: He came to a full stop - Scuirr eh ayns e vraagyn. DF idiom; shassoo; stap, sthap; stappal; tannaghtyn: To stop at home - Dy hannaghtyn 'sy valley. DF idiom; scuirrys; jeigh; tannee: Stop there! - Tannee myr t'ou! DF idiom; doon: Stop that hole - Doon y towl shen. DF idiom; (n.) stad; stoppal


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